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[edit] Background

The War against the Helghast still rages on. Two months after the events recounted in Killzone, Helghast General Armin Metrac, supported by his ruthless armies still holds Southern Vekta, threatening the civilian population of Rayhoven city.

As the ISA throw everything they have against the murderous General in an attempt to evacuate Rayhoven, Metrac opts to change the rules of engagement by taking a number of high profile hostages. Threatening the unspeakable and causing the ISA to tread very carefully indeed.

Jan Templar, hero of the Battle for Vekta, is tasked with evacuating the city and liberating the hostages, ensuring their safe return and simultaneously seriously undermining Armin Metrac's foothold on Vekta. The troops are ready to take on the Helghast again, they want to, they just need someone to clear the way.

Templar has no illusions - this will be a mission fraught with danger and the stakes are high. Failure spells disaster for the ISA and will allow the opportunistic Metrac to consolidate his Helghan armies as a permanent presence on Vekta. However, Templar is not alone and has support from his old comrades in arms: walking tank Rico Velasques and the deadly Shadow Marshal, Luger.

The liberation of Vekta starts with the safe return of the ISA hostages. Templar must succeed.

[edit] Features

  • Unique Third Person Camera: This new intelligent camera system gives the player the best overview capturing all of the intense action, enabling them to make tactical decisions before engaging in a firefight.
  • New and Returning Characters: The player reprises the role of the battle hardened Templar (although other familiar characters appear including Rico) as he attempts to save ISA hostages taken captive by the evil General Metrac and leads the battle to gain the liberation of Southern Vekta. The player will have to overcome all new Helghast enemies including bodyguards (complete with riot shield defence) and trained killer dogs.
  • Missions: The fight against the new, sinister General spans over 16 missions in a variety of new environments.
  • Weaponry: Players will be able to utilize a wide range of weaponry including sniper rifles and a crossbow with explosive tipped arrows and more.
  • Tactical Command System: At specific points in the game, players will be able to use a new Tactical Command System to give orders to an AI buddy during frantic firefights.
  • Vehicles: Killzone: Liberation also allows players to drive vehicles including tanks and hovercrafts to help defeat the powerful and intelligent enemy.
  • Challenge Games: Players can compete in challenge games to sharpen their skills and earn new abilities.
  • Multiplayer Functionality: The multiplayer functionality in Killzone: Liberation takes full advantage of the wireless capabilities of the PSP hardware, with two distinct styles of gameplay: 1) Two player cooperative gameplay in the single player mission 2) One to six player games over six multiplayer maps.
  • Gameshare Mode: Killzone: Liberation will feature gameshare mode where players can share demo levels of the game with other PSP system owners.

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Killzone Liberation

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