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So what is the Helghan word for interesting, because I would like to know... wait, there isn't? Never mind...


Developer: Guerilla Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

It was inevitable – the third console instalment to the Killzone franchise, only this one took a couple of years to make, as opposed to five years. To cut to the chase, Killzone 3 is Killzone 2 with more of an emphasis on the story and felt like you were in control of a human soldier instead of a Helghast soldier. I offer Killzone 3 some props, and it seems to be a bit more exciting. Unfortunately, it's still not quite... there, you know? Like, it's almost exciting, but not quite.

Taking place six months after the events of Killz...


This Is An Outrage - ously Good Game!

The good:

  • Incredible visuals.
  • Addicting multiplayer.
  • Improved variety of locations.
  • New class based online system.
  • New weapons.
  • Vehicle combat.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Local co-op.
  • Improved character animation.
  • Enhanced and refined gameplay.

The bad:

  • Feels unfinished.
  • Black out load screens and poorly time camera effects.
  • Online co-op overlooked, again.
  • Lacking plot.
  • Missing characters and drastic character changes.
  • Patchy voice work at times.



Four games later and it’s safe to say that the Killzone franchise has finally cemented a reputation for being one of the premium First Person Shooters on the market, aside for Liberation; which was third person. The first Killzone was released nine years ago and despite impressive visuals the game was quite a resounding disappointment. Liberation was the next game to be released, exclusively for PSP, and while it failed to set the gaming world ablaze it did reasonably well on a platform so underappreciated at the time. It wasn’t seven years after the original’s release that the ...

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