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Memo to Guerilla Games – develop a personality


Every video game has their appeal – whether it's the story, the characters or fun gameplay, every video game always has something that makes it tick. Grand Theft Auto let you play as a guy who does whatever he wants, the Elder Scrolls series lets you explore the world and the Dragon Quest series lets you grind for six hours before beating a boss. There's always personality or even just a hook that keeps me and you engaged while playing a game, or at least remember it while discussing it by the water cooler.

Not this one. Anytime I play through a Killzone game, I keep getting the feeling that...


Years later and I'm still waiting for the punch line


Developer: Guerilla
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Killzone 2 was a game that was hyped up to kingdom come by PS3 fans. Well, not myself, because I was figuring that this would be as mediocre as the first game. Remember, the first game started by wowing us, then it finally became available for play, and it ended up rather average. Not shit, but not good, either, and at the back of my mind, I thought Killzone 2 would be the same thing - an extraordinary amount of hype for an otherwise average shooter. Well, surprise surprise, Killzone 2 is not the world's greatest shooter, nor is it th...


A damn fine shooter


Who would've thought that it could actually satisfy with all the hype behind it?
Let me say that games that get overhyped to bloody hell like Halo 3 and Kingdom Hearts 2 are generally... below expectations and leaves me screaming in agony over how disappointing it was. Halo 3 had awesome multiplayer, but a boring campaign that required one playthrough before either going online or chucking it into a bargain bin, whereas Kingdom Hearts 2 was basically a button masher with Metal Gear Solid 2 syndrome (as in an overabundance of cutscenes where they aren't needed - yes you could skip them, but t...


The Sony soldier deserves a pat on the back

The good:

> Awesome 32 player online Warzones

> Online Bots

> Gritty and awe inspiring graphics

> Emotional driven voice acting (Especially from the fantastis Brian Cox, AKA Scolar Visari)

> Moving plot points

> Great gameplay

> Staggering array of skills and weapons

> Overwhelming AI overpowers you, even on easy!

> Incredible music score

> Brilliant online class and rank system

> Full trophy support

> Near perfect character models

> Lasting life span, replay value, and value for money

The bad:

> Lack of co-op

> Game freezes to load, makes you feel like the game has broken

> Some poor special effects

> Overall campaign will only last up to maybe 8 hours


Killzone 2© Review by Extra Ammo's J.Patton

Around four years ago at the annual E3 gaming conference, Sony released pre-rendered 'target' footage of what they hoped would be the end results of Killzone 2. On the 27th of February, 2009, the game hit shelves and now we are going to find out how close the game got to the target. In my opinion, pretty damn close.

The game opens with a high quality cinema style intro where we see both sides of the game before finally taken control of Sev as the ISA lead a charge on Helghan, under the command of the first game's protagonist Captain - now Colonel - ...

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