Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition

Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition Unlockables

Secret Bonus Unlockables
Meet the following Secret Bonus requirements in the relevant stages to unlock various rewards
UnlockableHow to unlock
Aim Cut PaymentPerform 15+ Adrenaline Bursts
Alice Bug PaymentDon't take damage from bugs
Beam PaymentAvoid all of Dolly's laser attacks
Beast PaymentDon't get hit by large spikey enemy
Bend and Stretch PaymentSquat 20+ times
Blood PaymentAbsorb 100,000+ fl. oz. of blood
Destruction PaymentDefeat all enemies
Exhumation PaymentFind all vintage wines
Gentleman's PaymentDon't take any damage
Ghost PaymentClear stage without defeating many enemies
Guard Break PaymentPerform 30+ Guard Breaks
Head Shot PaymentPerform 15+ Head Shots
Just Guard PaymentPerform 15+ Just Guards
Obliteration PaymentUse Sub Weapon less than 50 times
Overheat PaymentClear stage without overheating turret
Rescue paymentAvoid all of Tokio's bullets
Revenge PaymentOnly attack David
Scarlett PaymentMeet Scarlett 3 times
Shadow Demolition PaymentKill 15+ Women's Shadows
Stun Allowance PaymentDon't get stunned by the Skyplane's beam plasma
Toughness PaymentClear stage without dying