Killer Instinct Gold Cheats

Killer Instinct Gold cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Killer Instinct Gold cheat codes.

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Killer Instinct Gold Cheats

All Options
To unlock access to all options, press Z, B, A, L, A, Z during the story intro.

All Uniforms
To enable all colors without training, press Z, B, A, Z, A, L.

Play as Gargos
To play as Gargos, press Z, A, R, Z, A, B during the story intro.

Stealth Select
Choose "Team" or "Team Elimination", select the number of fighters you want then press Down and Start. You should see a "?" instead of your fighters face. You must be a versatile player. You will not know who your next fighter will be once your first fighter gets "eliminated".

Level Select
Level and music select: Press one of the following button combinations when selecting a character in two player mode. The first player to enter a combination will choose the level. The second player will choose the back ground music.

Level/Background MusicCode
Wolf CastleUp + QP
BridgeDown + QP
StonehengeUp + QK
DojoDown + QK
JungleUp + MP
DungeonDown + MP
MuseumUp + MK
Spinal ShipDown + MK
Space ShipUp + FP
StreetDown + FP
HelipadUp + FK
Sky Stage*Down + MK
* Both player must do this.

Freeze Your Opponent in Mid-Air
This code entitles your opponent to freeze instantly in the air. After you perform a knock-off on any stage, repeatedly press any attack button. After your opponent starts to fall down they will freeze in mid-air. This code works best at the sky stage.

Random Team Select
In either Team or Team Elimination mode, after selecting the number of team members, press and hold down on the control pad and press start. The character boxes will show question marks and you will fight with all of your characters chosen randomly by the computer.

Reach the Sky Level
When at the Character Select screen and in two player Mode (two joypads must be plugged in), hold down the analog joystick and press C-Down simultaneously. You should now be able to play in the sky.

Random Character Select
Hold Up and press Start when selecting a character.

Saberwolf submitted by Drew
Once your opponent is in red press and hold B then in a few seconds relase and you will make bats fly and kill your opponent.

View High Score Screen
Press Z at the Main Menu.

View Credits
To view the ending credits, press Z, L, A, Z, A, R during Story Mode.

Fulgors One Hit K.O

Once your opponent is in their red energy bar, use this combanation to K.O. your opponent:

412364 +MP

Then Fulgore will lazer zap the opponent. Note: Early ultimates must be on for this to work.
(4=Left 2=Down 6=Right all others are diagonal)
submitted by Drew


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Saberwulf bats calling
when you beat your opponnent to the red energy bar, go back and press B for 5seonds then release.The bats will picked your opponent up in the sky .is a fatality


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Get Gargos
On a character profile screen, press Z, A, R, Z, A, B. If you hear laughing, It worked. You will find him behind Jago in all modes except Practice, Training, and Focused Training modes.
Kill people in training!
At the profile screen press Z,Z,R,L,Z,R!You can now kill in training mode!