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A criminal organization lead by the dangerous Kun Lan corrupts the streets of America. Harman Smith, a mysterious assassin with 7 different personalities, is hired to assassinate his deadly rival. Smith must use the various special powers that dwell in his different personas to hunt down Kun Lan and bring down his orginization.

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  • A compelling tale of fate, revenge and altering personas
  • Play as one assassin's 7 different personalities
  • Assassinate an underworld kingpin
  • Distinctive art-shaded environments
  • For 1 player

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Sep 9, 11 2:21am

The thirty-fourth round was a killer (cue crowd moan?) with the winner of Articles of Excellence being Monterey Jack for his review of Killer 7. Describing it as a game with more under the hood than first appears, Killer 7 sets itself apart through an interesting storyline, decent gameplay and a nice set of graphics and sound to seal the deal. Yet it may not be a game for everyone...

 Killer 7     Score: 3.8/5
 Genre: Action Adventure

 In spite of every single flaw it has, it is a game that must be experienced at least once. With most games, you can already tell if you're going to enjoy it or not because everybody wants to copy each other and not offer much, if anything new, exciting or refreshing to the table – not this game.

quote Monterey Jack
When you make a game, you can go about it in three different ways. You can make what everybody else is making and hope for the best. You can make something that feels like what everybody else is making but clearly isn't. Better yet, you can make something completely different and off the wall. Killer7 falls under the middle category, because in the most basic sense, it feels like Resident Evil with it's “gotta stand still while aiming” mechanic and puzzles while in a horror setting, but then you tamper with the personalities – that being this game's main selling point – and then it really starts to feel like its own game.

Killer7 has quite possibly the weirdest story out there. It starts off rather sensibly, with world peace having been achieved. Unfortunately, for the world to work, there must be conflict, and this is where it starts getting weird. Enter a terrorist group known as the Heaven Smile, who are invisible mutants that can and will blow up. The thing about these buggers is that nobody can detect them. The Killer 7 is contacted to take them down. To make weird things even weirder, the Killer 7 are actually just split personalities that exist in the body of this guy named Garcian Smith, except these split personalities aren't just different in behaviour; they're also different in looks! This "squad" of killers is run by a decrepit old wheelchair bound man named Harman Smith... must be a rich *bleep*er to be able to hire somebody like Garcian... oh wait, Garcian is just a mental projection of Harman's seven personalities? Wow.
Read the rest of this review and leave feedback

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Monterey Jack
Aug 14, 11 5:31am

Seven ways to kill.
When you make a game, you can go about it in three different ways....

Apr 26, 09 12:32pm

Unusual. That's one word you could use to describe Killer7. Published by Capcom, who...

May 19, 05 12:21am
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  • Australia: Aug 5, 2005
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