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Sloppy and unrefined, but invaluable


Most games are made classics because of what they do and how they do it. Super Mario Brothers wouldn't have saved the console gaming market if it didn't provide its sidescrolling platforming in a way that feels refreshing next to a warm glass of Pitfall 2. Mega Man wouldn't be worth a damn had it not been for how its levels were designed and how its soundtracks were composed. However, some games slip by the cracks and only become classics through virtue of just doing something, or being there at the right time – and that's if it's not just childhood nostalgia (because 20 is the new 65, appa...


A very ambitious game let down by sloppy execution

The good:

Looks and sounds alright, plus it was quite ahead of its time...

The bad:

...but it has lame levels, boring bosses, tons of money grinding, the Eggplant Wizard, and it generally feels underwhelming.


Released in 1986 by Nintendo, Kid Icarus is a sidescrolling platformer that was actually quite ambitious for its time. While most games were content with one style like overly linear sidescroller and large open world overhead game, this game opted to combine elements of platforming, running and gunning, and exploration. Sure, in this day and age, such a fusion would be seen as standard and ordinary, but in the 80s, this was a pretty big deal. Keep in mind that this was pre-Contra and pre-Mega Man, since those games – particularly Mega Man – had platforming and shooting in them. Nevertheless...


Man, these bosses are a joke!


Back in the late 80s, somebody over at Nintendo decided to have a look at the three biggest games Nintendo had going for them then - Super Mario Brothers, Legend Of Zelda, and Metroid. That same person also took a bit of a look at Ice Climber and Gradius. Then an idea popped into that person's head: What if there was a game that combined the five together!? Thus, Kid Icarus was born. What sounds like the best of all worlds, at least for a game back in the late 80s anyway, it's actually just a pretty good game... although you wouldn't think that then, because it was one of those games that a...

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