Kid Icarus: Uprising review
Sorry to keep you waiting!

The good:

  • Stunning environments with amazing detail!
  • Features full voice acting instead of Nintendo's typical grunts and yells.
  • All-Star Cast for the characters! Great actors playing funny characters, leaving for a great time!
  • Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack. You can never go wrong when listening to such a great composer's great music.
  • Fast, upbeat gameplay! This is an on-the-go game, meaning you'll always be on the go, whether you're sitting down or not!
  • Varied difficulty levels. You can make it so that you are invincible, or you can make it where you're killed in one shot. This appeals to both casual or hardcore gamers!
  • Great story mixed in with a funny group of characters! When the characters talk, you'll laugh.
  • Huuuuge amounts of variation for your weapons and powers, allowing for many different game plans.
  • Vast online gameplay! Allowing for big tournaments, strategies and so much more, you can always have fun when playing multiplayer!

    The bad:

    None! This game is definitely worth the $40 and so much more. It's extensive, and I can guarantee you'll love this game no matter which crowd you fit into - the harder, perfectionist crowd, or the easier, relaxed crowd playing for fun.


    Kid Icarus: Uprising is the game that every Kid Icarus fan has been waiting for since the release of Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters so many years ago. Luckily, they've done this so very right! By completely re-imagining the series and putting it on the best Nintendo handheld to date, this company has done right in every fan's eyes. Instead of the original's vertical-scrolling screen, jumping around and beating down a few monsters, this game provides a full 3D environment, first-person OR third-person shooting (which is a great gift to all fans!) and many different ways to battle. Overall. this game's a great experience.

    Whoa...look at that tree!

    This one's pretty simple in itself. The detail put into the graphics are amazing. For most gamers, even if they say otherwise, this is a big part of all games. This game really is just pleasing to the eye, and there's nothing that can change that. From the light, luscious environment of the first part of Chapter 1 to the dark, apocalyptic Underworld featured in the later chapters, everything seems to make you want to stop and stare. However, due to the fast-paced action, that isn't allowed. Luckily, everything just falls into place when another gorgeous picture shows up immediately afterwards!

    Pit fighting off the first boss, Twinbellows!

    From this picture, you can see just how detailed everything is! However, you can't be 100% sure until you see it for yourself. After seeing that boss in 3D, you will never want to go back. Heck, you may even think you have a fiery dog in your room...just don't let it bark. It breathes fire too.

    I feel like I might possibly know that voice...maybe...what did they just say?!

    Chances are...you do. To replace the grunts from Nintendo games like Legend of Zelda, or the powerful, but silent protagonist from Pokémon, we have a wonderful group of voice actors! Snooty, courageous, upbeat, bratty, wise, ready for bloodshed...they can put on any kind of voices. Featuring Ali Hillis as Palutena and Cree Summer as Medusa, you can be ready for a good time when listening to the fun little skits all of the characters have. They all have humor in this game, and are definitely all willing to show it!

    By the way, all of the characters love to play video games. Very rarely do you go by without getting a reference to an old Nintendo game - Nintendogs, Metroid...you'll find it all. And if you pay careful attention, you can pick up some subtle humor in just the enemy designs - a few of them are throwbacks to old games. For example, one enemy looks suspiciously like a Metroid...

    My ears...they are cheering!

    Cheering the return of the music god, Motoi Sakuraba! This guy knows how to make some rockin' tunes, and that's all that there is to say. Here's an epic piece to keep you entertained:

    Everything about this just screams, "WOW!", doesn't it?

    Listen, and pay attention to the music. You'll notice so many great things, both for common listeners and the hardcore music lovers! It's just a fun song that's full of heart and power, and it definitely fits this game! Another one that is well known among the fanbase would have to be this one (slight spoilers). Any song from this game is worth a listen - you'll enjoy it!

    Weapons! Oh man, all the weapons!

    You'd be amazed at how great the weapon customization for this game is! The basic gist of the matter is this - if you want it, it's yours. Bows? We've got 'em. Blades? Got those too. Orbitars? Haha, not a problem at all. Palms? Those require rent. They're here. This game has every type of weapon you could ever want.

    All of these weapons are so different though, even if they fall under the same category! They all have a different range, rating, and shot type. Every weapon is so unique that it makes this next part so complicated and yet so fun.

    Weapon fusing. That's right. We enjoy melding weapons together to get...well, better weapons! Two higher valued weapons obviously produce a higher leveled weapon, and that's a great deal to anyone having trouble with a chapter that wants to try something new out.

    But the best part? Each weapon has different powers. These powers...well, they change everything up. If you have a weapon with the ability to burn, your enemies are going to set on fire and be drained of their health. It's a nice little gift for whenever you feel the urge to go on a crazy angel rampage. However, Lady Palutena typically doesn't approve...but she's not in charge! When you fuse weapons, the weapon powers get a little jumbled...some end up in the fused weapon, some don't. Either way, they're there!

    And the even better best part? Pit can get powers too! Not just the weapon powers - he can get a customized set of powers. Like jumping on his own, a super huge mega laser beam of death, a meteor storm...every power is typically beneficial. You can sneak, poison...anything you want. You have the power. And you're free to abuse it as much as you'd like.

    And the even better bestest best part? When you change your difficulty (in this game, Intensity), you can always have a great weapon to play with, and you can try any weapon out! Intensity 1 means you're virtually invincible, while Intensity 9 means...well, just prepare for the worst. That requires a lot of powers, a great weapon and a bunch of preparing. Recklessness works...if you're trying to get killed.

    Weapon and character customization makes the game. It's so much fun just knowing how free you are with your character, and with how you play the game. It really abides with the "To each his own!" saying, allowing every player to pick a different style of play.

    Um, excuse me. I'd like to request a rampage.

    So, you finally want to go out into the big world, huh? No problem. Go and take out all of the other warriors, and you can become the best! Online multiplayer features so many great things, and two awesome ways to play. You can either do Free-For-All or Light vs. Dark. Either way, it'll be a great experience.

    Free-For-All allows six rowdy players to just go at it. If you don't want to strategize, you don't have to - it's gonna be a mess anyways! The good thing is, it's a beautiful mess. There are so many stages that you'll probably never get tired of it, and it really is entertaining to just knock the crud out of everyone who crosses your path. It's a good stress reliever.

    Light vs. Dark requires a bit of coordination. While still featuring six players ready to go, they're now split into two teams: Light vs. Dark (clever, right?)! Each team has a life gauge, that, when depleted, calls in the angel for that team. The last member of a team to be killed becomes the angel, and that team's lifeline. As soon as the angel goes, the battle's over!

    Multiplayer in action!

    Final thoughts...

    This game is good. Like...really good. The first line in the game is pretty much the best. "Sorry to keep you waiting!" is all that can be said to all of the Kid Icarus fans out there. Nobody should've had to wait for such a great game, especially one featuring corny speeches and awesome music. I'd more than recommend this game to you - I'd buy it for everyone if I had any money. It's definitely worth picking up, even if you aren't a fan of shooters. I wasn't, and this is my favorite 3DS game. Check it out as soon as you can!

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    Fluidity May 24, 12
    I love categorizing with subtitles and you came up with some good ones. I thought "Um, excuse me. I'd like to request a rampage." was about intensities though- would have fit it perfectly. Anyway, nice review Max.
    1 thumbs!
    Kubrick May 25, 12
    I guess I'll have to look at this game after all. ^^;
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