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It's great to be back


You know, Kid Icarus kind of got the short end of the stick. True, Pit got to star in the Captain N cartoon, there was a Kid Icarus sequel on the Game Boy that nobody talks about and at least that was that, meaning that Kid Icarus couldn’t be run bone dry. I mean why keep going when there wasn’t anywhere else to go with it? At the same time, other Nintendo series like Mario, Zelda and Metroid got to enjoy loads of time in the sun with each successive sequel, and even Contra and Mega Man had their moments of glory when their post-Super Nintendo sequels were actually good (Mega Man Legends an...


this game would rock if the controls weren't so shit


Kid Icarus on the NES was a game that was so ambitious, that it toppled under its own weight. True, people enjoyed it back when they were kids because they didn't know any better and it had familiar enough elements, plus it was made by Nintendo – how could Nintendo do wrong? Well... anyway, after some Game Boy sequel nobody played came out, Kid Icarus stopped being a thing until Pit became a playable character in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Then the fans screeched as loudly as possible for a new Kid Icarus game. Could you blame them, though? Like I said, Kid Icarus was ambitious; it wasn't ...


The action packed humorus shooter

The good:

The levels are fun, and filled with characters that have unique personalities, and challenging bosses. After just a few levels you will get instantly addicted and fall in love with the characters.

The bad:

The controls are so poor you need a stand.


Kid Icarus: Uprising is my all time favorite game. In the game you play as a flightless angel named Pit. He can only fly if he is gifted the power of flight by the goddess Palutena, but it can only remain for five minutes at a time. The chapters are divided into different sections composed of land battle and air battle, each with its own unique twist and strategies.

This game has great graphics in both 3D and 2D. This has to be the best 3rd person shooter i've ever played. What i like is that if you don't like 3rd person shooters, you can play this in a first person view mode also! The game ...


I want to make a joke about hand cramps uprising but this is actually a good game


As much as I feel like saying "holy shit it's Capsized all over again", I can't, because I gave this game more of a chance than I did Capsized. Why? Because Kid Icarus: Uprising is possible to control and at times, it's a lot of fun to play, whereas Capsized just pissed me off to no end with its horrible controls. There are some flaws here and there, but overall, this is a pretty good game despite the piss poor controls.

The story is that Pit, under the orders of Lady Palutena, has to stop the forces of darkness from destroying the world of the living. However, one of Medusa's commanders, Pa...


Control Issues Prevent Perfection

The good:

+ Excellent graphics and 3D effect
+ Excellent sound track
+ Excellent replay value

The bad:

-Controls awkward for land battles
-No dual analog stick support
-Lefties are at a disadvantage with controls
-The included stand is useless


This review uses a weighted total
Graphics – 20%
3D Effect – 5%
Game Play – 40%
Plot – 15%
Music/Sound – 10%
Replay Value – 10%

This game has some of the best graphics available right now for the Nintendo 3DS. Excellent colors and excellent background design cover the entire game. The game resembles a well done PS2 or Nintendo Wii game. The amount of detail from characters to weapons to enemies is remarkable. This is truly a job well done. (10/10)

3D Effect:
The effect really gives the environment true depth. This is especially true for the air battles. The effect is a little less useful d...


Sorry to keep you waiting!

The good:

  • Stunning environments with amazing detail!
  • Features full voice acting instead of Nintendo's typical grunts and yells.
  • All-Star Cast for the characters! Great actors playing funny characters, leaving for a great time!
  • Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack. You can never go wrong when listening to such a great composer's great music.
  • Fast, upbeat gameplay! This is an on-the-go game, meaning you'll always be on the go, whether you're sitting down or not!
  • Varied difficulty levels. You can make it so that you are invincible, or you can make it where you're killed in one shot. This appeals to both casual or hardcore gamers!
  • Great story mixed in with a funny group of characters! When the characters talk, you'll laugh.
  • Huuuuge amounts of variation for your weapons and powers, allowing for many different game plans.
  • Vast online gameplay! Allowing for big tournaments, strategies and so much more, you can always have fun when playing multiplayer!

    The bad:

    None! This game is definitely worth the $40 and so much more. It's extensive, and I can guarantee you'll love this game no matter which crowd you fit into - the harder, perfectionist crowd, or the easier, relaxed crowd playing for fun.


    Kid Icarus: Uprising is the game that every Kid Icarus fan has been waiting for since the release of Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters so many years ago. Luckily, they've done this so very right! By completely re-imagining the series and putting it on the best Nintendo handheld to date, this company has done right in every fan's eyes. Instead of the original's vertical-scrolling screen, jumping around and beating down a few monsters, this game provides a full 3D environment, first-person OR third-person shooting (which is a great gift to all fans!) and many different ways to battle. Overall...

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