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Kid Icarus: Uprising Unlockables

Unlockable Non-Zodiac Chamber Weapons
There's more than just the zodiac weapons to unlock! This is a list of Weapons that you can unlock from the Treasure Hunt. Some may require unlocking the Viridi and/or Hades Treasure Hunts in order to unlock them. Viridi's Treasure Hunt is unlocked after clearing Chapter 11. Hades' Treasure Hunt is unlocked after beating the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Palutena BladeClear Chapter 9 within 28 minutes
Poseidon CannonClear Chapter 8 within 20 minutes
Aurum PalmClear Chapter 16 without switching grind rails during the battle between the Aurum Generator
Aurum BowDefeat Aurum Pyrrhon while in Crisis mode in Chapter 17
Aurum OrbitarsClear Chapter 16 using claws
Aurum BladeDestroy 8 of the Aurum Core's guns in Chapter 15
Viridi PalmAcquire 5 different palms (ones that are fused with other weapons and are converted into hearts still count)
Boom OrbitarsClear Chapter 25 within 15 minutes
palutena bowclear ch. 24 in 11 min.
centurion orbitarsbeat ch. 19, beat the boss in crisis mode.
viridi clawsclear ch. 22 without dying [5.0 intensity or higher]