Kid Chameleon

  • Released on Jun 12, 1992
  • By Sega for GENESIS

Kid Chameleon Cheats

Kid Chameleon cheats, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.


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Shortcut to Pyramids of Peril
Take the telepad in Highwater Pass II and then, get the helmet of Cyclone. Now it's a bit difficult. You have to arrive to Isle of the Lion Lord with that transformation.
There, search for a hidden telepad near the flag and take it. In Elsewhere, take the telepad again and... you are in Pyramids of Peril (about 15 levels ahead)!
Warp to the last boss
At the end of Blue Lake Woods II, there are some item boxes above the flag. Jump to the very last one and press down, right, special and jump simultaneously. You'll be warped to Plethora, where you can fight Heady Metal, the final boss.
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