Kickle Cubicle Cheats

Kickle Cubicle cheats, and Codes for NES.


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Boss Passwords
gMgP GICG-1st Boss Koke
XDXI EKBY-2nd Boss Piro
ELGh hHBh-3rd Boss Kapan
LYSe bFBa-4th Boss Wizard King (Final Boss)
Easter Egg-Kid Niki Cameo
Hold A on Controller 2, and turn on the game. Continue to hold A until the title screen appears, and Kid Niki Radical Ninja will appear.
Fight First Boss
Hold Down and turn on the NES. The screen will be solid white. Then press Left, Up, or Right on Controller 2.
SNNC BBCJ-Level 30
FbgJ IYAX-Special Game
JVYD GKAe-Toy Land
Sound Test
At the title screen, hold A + B on Controller 2, and press Reset.