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Kessen II cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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battle of xu help
in the batle of xu when you start get zhang fei to stop liu beito go to zhanfei and guan yu to go to zhangfei then when yue jin attacks surround him then he willdie in about 1 or 2 minutes then get guan yu and zhang fei to attack lidian and liu bei stay still

then himiko and xiahou yuan will appear and zhao yun get zhao yun guan yu and zhang fei to attack himiko and liu bei to atack xiahou yuan after himiko is defeated you have to good options

1 you can cross he bridge and destroy the store house and beat xiahou yuan

2 or you can get liu bei to loose but hen everyone one will gain troops expierience and new mves you can keep doing this as many times a you want

then if u chose option 2 restart batle if you didnt you go o the political screen if you did the cheat for loads of troops do a morale booster if you didnt recruit troops for the next battle
Easy battle
For an easy battle in any mode, follow these steps.

Shu:Have Guan Yu go defeat any officer and then send Zhang Fei to weaken another general and have Guan Yu finish them off. (This migt not work in every level.)

Wei:Do the same except have Xiahou Dun defeat a general and Xiahou Yaun weaken one.
easy duel
I have found that, when challenging someone to a duel, if you press triangle rapidly, you have very little chance of losing, even if your army is near to be defeated!
easy experiance (2)
this works in all dificulties, but can only be used by Liu Bei's forces again

In battle 4, the battle at Chang Ban Po, all you have to do is defeat all the enemy units (this isn't easy) then, when all enemy's are beaten, (remembering to beat Himiko who is at the escape point) then halt all units and then allow for the time to run out. because all the enemies are beaten, you will gain a lot of experiance. I found this a good way to train all of the new members to your army.
easy experiance!! (1)
(normal difficulty only)

In the first battle for Liu Bei's forces, the battle of Xu, have Zhang fei halt his troops, and run Liu bei next to him, have Guan Yu run around the back ( do not have him keep going forward or this will not work as well) await the arrival of Zhao Yun's forces, when they arrive, have move them next to Guan Yu, then have all four armies attack Yue Jin. When he is defeated, use the same process on Li Dian, after the scene where Himiko arives with Xiahou Yuan, have all units defeat her, then have any unit other than Liu Bei destroy the supplies to the north, then have Liu Bei bre defeated by Xiahou Yuan, this will mean that the battle is a loss, but when you redo the battle, you will have more men, and experiance! And the best part is, because Xiahou Yuan is only fought in that battle, you can repeat this as many times as possible, and have some very powerful generals and near unbeatable troop numbers in all of the later battles!!
For best results...
Make sure you have 2 save files when in a hard battle. One file for while your battling, and the other for the war council.
Siege Levels
Some siege levels are difficult to pass if you are the side that has to break through. So when one general is attacking the gate, have another climb the wall and then ambush the General that is reinforcing the gate, so that both generals could easily defeat the enemy. Note: Do Not try this if there is a second general at the foot of the stairs as you could be trapped.


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Battle of Chang Ban Po (Wei forces)
I found out a trick that can make your officers extremely powerful and raise there stats more quickly.

Note:This can be done in any mode but is more effective in Expert.

1:Select Xun Yu's plan in the war council.

2:Grant permission for Xiahou Ba to attack Zhang Fei.

3:Follow this chart:
Cao Cao and Xun Yu attack Luo Luo
Yu Jin and Zhang Liao attack Guan Yu
Himiko and Cao Ren attack Huang Zhong
Hu Zhi attack Guan Ping

4:Make sure to not lose any officers. Make sure they win all the battles.

5:Save before every duel so they will always win and make their fame increase.

6:Let Liu Bei escape.

7:When the option to continue shows up, click yes.

8:Repeat as many times desired.

This way, all you officers will gain tremendous experience and more troops. They may also upgrade in class.
Easy duel
Save in a file before you duel. There will be different outcomes in duels everytime. If the same result keeps happening, lower the enemy morale a little.
Extra level
Play on hard as ethier Shu or Wei and you will be able to play an extra level at the end.
Fight with Sun Quans forces
Allows you to play with Sun Quans forces. Even one not shown at Chi bi.
Beat the game 20 times with Liu Bei.
Play With Either Side
To gain the ability to play as either the Cao Cao or Lui Bei forces, simply finish the game. Then, at the main title screen, you will have the option to select either side when you choose New Game.
Winning All Duels
To do so you must get your morale higher then ur oppenents(even if it is just a little). Then select the special abilitiy duel and you will surely win.