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[edit] Background

In this traditional samuri game, players must develop their skills and establish their reputation in the Emperor's Tournament. Increase your honor through decorum and technique in battle. There is a training mode in which you can practice with students.

[edit] Features

  • Samurai fighting game
  • Choose your fighter from cast of characters, each with different story line
  • Develop your character's physical and mental skills
  • Samurai Reputation system scores you on your honor and technique in battle
  • Game modes include training, street battle, imperial tournament, survival battle, and head-to-head

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Recreate your favorite Akira Kurosawa cinematic scenes on your Playstation 2

Jan 02, 2001, by Leo Chan | 0 comments

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Raven 2029
Jan 11, 05 5:29am
Bargain KengoMasterOfBushido
Dragon Sword
May 19, 03 8:52am

At the beginning everything is fine. Learn & fight...
After winning the first Imperial...

Jul 19, 02 8:47pm

Holy sh*t a new bushido blade! These where my first words when the cover of Kengo had...

Jul 16, 02 6:06pm

Yes fans of Kengo, the sequel to the game is out now in Japan. Its looking more...

Jul 16, 02 8:05am

My favorite game ever besides Chrono Trigger for the SNES

Jul 12, 02 3:19am

On the whole a great Samurai simulation for those prefer a more realistic fight game...

Apr 27, 01 10:18am

If you're thinking that this is Bushido Blade 3 - it's not. Gone are the death moves -...

Jan 30, 01 12:35pm

Easy to learn, difficult to master. A Great 2 player game. Slice & Dice

Dec 22, 00 8:38pm
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  • North America: Jan 2, 2001
  • Europe: Mar 30, 2001
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