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[edit] Background

The latest installment in the Katamari series, Touch My Katamari, is the debut of the beloved franchise on PlayStation®Vita. The King of All Cosmos has a whole new bunch of weird and wonderful missions in store as you once again step into the shoes of his son, the prince. Use the PlayStation Vita touch screen controls or dual analog sticks in conjunction with the rear touch pad to squeeze, stretch and roll your Katamari ball around the environments gathering up every possible object to make it grow. The King will send you to the four corners of the earth to complete your oddball missions and restore his very particular kind of Katamari order to the universe.

[edit] Game Play

In Touch my Katamari, the ever-growing ball of bits and bobs is controlled by touching the screen to roll it in any direction. A completely new Katamari game play feature allows players to use the rear touch pad of the PS Vita system to stretch the ball either horizontally or vertically to pick up more objects at once or squeeze through a narrow gap. With a lot more details yet to be revealed, the Prince is already limbering up in the wings to bring a dose of irresistible Katamari oddness to the PS Vita system.

[edit] Features

  • Innovative Gameplay – Roll the Katamari in any direction using the multi-touch screen or dual analog sticks of the PSVitaTM, while for the first time ever the console’s rear touch pad lets you stretch or squeeze the Katamari to gather more objects at once or fit through a narrow space.
  • Go Shopping – Collect candy and use them as money to buy items for the King, get extra music tracks and unlock new game modes.
  • The King’s Bonus Mission – Playable once a day, replay one of the missions to get your hands on loads of extra candy.
  • Membership System – Leaderboards rank players according to the amount of candy they earned in the previous three week period.
  • “near” features – With the “near” virtual communication system for PSVitaTM, exchange information with other players and receive “Buddy Requests”. Try to beat other players’ top scores and earn extra candy!

This game is also known as Katamari Damacy No-Vita in Japan.

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