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Kartia cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Finding Text
Both in Toxa and Lacryma stories the ONLY way to obtain new texts is to open treasure chests, destroy barrels, kill certain enemies and clearing the stages. This means you should always break barrels, open chests (Kyau phantoms help for this task) and kill as many enemies as possible; this is due to the fact that obtaining new text kartia is crucial to surviving and becoming stronger.
Kartia combinations
Ogre Cap = Hat + Skin + Goblin
Ogre Jacket = Jacket + Skin + Goblin
Ogre Shoes = Shoes + Skin + Goblin
Quick Quake = Quake + Goblin + Fast
Power Quake = Quake + Strong + Intense
Big Quake = Quake + Mold + Big
Hell Quake = Quake + Intense + Violent
Big Disaster = Quake + Big + Disaster
Core Quake = Quake + End + World + Star + Law

Core Quake is specially powerful and very useful in the end-game battles of both Toxa and Lacryma. Also all these special combinations aren't in the normal grammar you need to mix them manually in order to cast them.
Level 20 Kyau
First complete one of the quests and make sure you have either a 15 attack
Axe or Spear. Next select Toxa quest and get to chapter 2. Once at chapter 2, Kill all of the phantoms near Garum. Garum will continue to make more.
1.Get one of the human characters up to level 20
2.Equip the 15 attack Axe or spear to the level 20 human
3.Have the human character be 3 spaces down from Garum (Assuming that Garum is on the top)
4.Have the Kyau one space down and one space right from the level 20 character.
5.End your turn
6.When it's your turn again, have the kyau kill the phantom (it will only have 1hp left after it attacks your human character)
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your Kyau is at level 20
Note: Make sure the phantom that Garum creates causes no damage to the level 20 human character.