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It's like playing as modern day Chuck Norris!


As everybody knows, LJN had published quite a lot of poor quality games for the NES. They also published a few decent games here and there, but they're mainly known to publishing games that are pretty bad. Karate Kid is a fine example of the former and one of the best known LJN games since it was the first that they had published, plus it was based on a very famous movie that could've made for a damn good game! Unfortunately, it was more like getting defecated all over your face – from the poor design choices to the unpolished feel of it all, Karate Kid was a lame game that was destined for...


It's not that bad...but damn it's cheap!

The good:

Gameplay physics are executed decently enough
Mini-games found in the levels are kind of fun to play
Graphics look decent enough
Soundtrack is decent enough

The bad:

Cheap and frustrating
Contact with the enemy makes both of you fly backwards
Bosses are too easy to defeat
Controls are stiff


Back in the NES days, movie-based games were often mistreated and people always gave them heaps of hate because they were poorly programmed and frustrating to play. For that reason (plus ET on the Atari-2600 causing the video game crash of the early 80's), all movie-based games are automatically shit in the eyes of...damn near everyone, unless it's Goldeneye for the N64. I like some movie-based games, but aside from Goldeneye, Batman and Journey To Silius, they're on the PS2. Shows improvement over the years, huh? But the most infamous has to be LJN. If you've ever played Back To The Future...

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