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Karate Kid cheats, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Beginning the Game
When the game begins, you have to fight four different people: a guy in a gray uniform, then a guy in yellow, followed by a guy in blue, and finally a guy in black. As you advance in the tourney, they get stronger. A good idea is save all of your Crane Kicks for the guy in black, and just use tons of regular kicks for the earlier guys.
Chopsticks Fly Catch Mini-game
While playing this mini-game, be sure to watch the patterns of the flies. Usually they fly in a circular pattern in the same spot, but in the later levels, they move around the screen (still in circles). It's also easier to catch the flies if you adjust the chopsticks as high as they can go.
Enemies with Spears
On the final level when you're up against the men with the spears, do not attempt to just run up them. Not only do they have good reach, but they deal a great amount of damage. When you see one coming at you, you can do one of four things: a) jump on his head and run in the other direction if you are bounced that way b) jump to a higher platform than he is and he will simply pass you by c) kick him with great timing when you're at a fair distance d) (most recommended) hit him with a Drum Punch.
Final Boss Tip
When you're facing the final boss, be sure to fight him on the left side of the platform you are on. If you fight on the right side, chances are you will knock off the person sitting there, and that makes you lose a life and start from the last checkpoint.
Jump Kicking
If you're attempting to race against the time, a great way to help you advance quicker is to jump before you kick each enemy. Do not attempt this however if you are not good at jumping, especially if you're in a level with many pitfalls into the ocean.
Save the Letters
When walking through levels, it's a good idea to save the C's and D's (Crane Kicks and Drum Punches) you collect for the bosses and final level. To make sure you don't use them, hold either the left or right key on the control pad while you attack, and Daniel will execute a regular punch/kick.
Swinging Hammer Mini-game
This is the hardest mini-game of them all because it requires perfect timing in order to hit the target. You can use either A or B to hit it, but you must press the button right before it hits you. If you get one but can't react fast enough to hit the next, you can jump over the hammer when it swings down. You don't get points for jumping in the end, but it saves you some time to prepare for the next swing.
Typhoon Level Tips
In the typhoon (2nd) level, the best strategy to use is to kick the enemies while jumping (watch for pitfalls) and punch the objects flying at you. Also, try to use the upper platforms to avoid enemies.


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2 Enemy Glitch
Well, it's not exactly a "glitch"; it's more of a flaw. The maximum amount of enemies that can be on the screen at a time is two. A great strategy that I discovered is to get two enemies behind you, keep your distance and have it like that for the whole level. That way, no enemies will get in your way, and the game becomes much easier. Keep in mind this is a hard strategy, but if you can get it, you'll complete the game in no time!
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