Kameo: Elements of Power FAQ/Walkthrough v0.60
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Kameo: Elements of Power FAQ/Walkthrough

by StryderOmega   Updated to v0.60 on
KKK KKK     AAA AAA    MMM MM   MM MMM EE     OO   OO  :::
KKK  KKK AAA       AAA MMM    M    MMM EEEEE   OOOOO   :::

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PPPPPP      OOOOOOO    WWW                         WWW EEEEEEE RRRRRR
PPP PPP    OOOO OOOO    WWW                       WWW  EEE     RRR RRR
PPP  PPP  OOOO   OOOO    WWW                     WWW   EEE     RRR  RRR
PPP  PPP OOOO     OOOO    WWW         W         WWW    EEE     RRR RRR
PPPPPP   OOOO     OOOO      WWW     WWWWW     WWW      EEE     RRR RRR
PPP       OOOO   OOOO        WWW   WWW WWW   WWW       EEE     RRR  RRR
PPP        OOOO OOOO          WWW WWW   WWW WWW        EEE     RRR   RRR
PPP         OOOOOOO            WWWWW     WWWWW         EEEEEEE RRR   RRR

By StryderOmega

Table of Contents

I.     Updates
II.    Introduction
III.   Legal
IV.    Story
V.     Controls
VI.    Characters
VII.   Items
VIII.  Move List
IX.    Walkthrough
 1.  Thorn's Castle
 2.  Enchanted Castle
 3.  Badlands
 4.  Forgotten Forest Glade
 5.  Forgotten Forest Dungeon
 6.  Badlands
 7.  Mountain Falls
 8.  Water Dungeon
 9.  Badlands
 10. Snow Village
 11. Badlands
 12. Snow Dungeon
 13. Forgotten Forest
 14. Swamp
 15. Thorn's Pass
 16. Thorn's Airship aka Airship Battle
X.     Elemental Fruit Locations
XI.    Riddle Signs
XII.   Elixers of Life Locations
XIII.  Crystal Eyes
XIV.   Unlockables
XV.    Achievements
XVI.   Credits
XVII.  Contact Info
XVIII. Allowd Sites

I. Updates

December 16, 2005 :

Remodled dividers, added new section: "Riddle Signs", new allowd website
spaced out walkthrough better, changed mispelled areas, added Forgotten Forest
Glade, added Forgotten Forest dungeon, added a bunch more fruit, added more 

December 15, 2005 : 

Spelling errors, Allowed sites section

II. Introduction

Hello, this is a guide for those fortunate to own
a Xbox 360 and own Kameo. This will go through the
details from level to level and also go over the basic
story and know how of the game. I hope this game was as
enjoyable as it was for me.

III. Legal

This FAQ is (c) Copyright 2005 to Ryan McKeon, also known as StryderOmega.
This is for personal use only; you may not put this on your site or use it 
to make a profit. If you do wish to use this FAQ, contact me at my mail 
and I will consider it. Do not distribute this document, or alter it in 
any way shape or form. It can be printed out for personal private use 

Please contact me if you found this FAQ on a site other than 
GameFAQs.com, Cheatcc.com, 1up.com, cheathappens.com, Neoseeker.com

IV. Story

Trolls, as everyone knows, are nothing but trouble.

Long ago, so the tribal elders say, they were welcome inside Elfin borders.
But while other tribes respected the leadership of King Solon and his Elves,
the Trolls decided that there was more to be said for sheer physical size
and aggression than wisdom and magical trickery. And so it was that Thorn,
by far the strongest of his generation, rose quickly through the Troll
ranks to become their own King.

Nobody suspected that behind Thorn's impressive size was a mind to match,
and he took advantage of this blindness to begin conquering the other tribes.
Perhaps King Solon could have seen what was happening, but as fate would
have it, he was away on the traditional quest of the Elfin Royal line - the
search for the Elemental Warriors, living natural forces gifted to the Elves
in a time long past.

Since the day that those Warriors were seized by a higher power and scattered
to the winds, the Elves had been duty-bound to seek out and return them to
the pages of the fabled Wotnot Book. Solon was even more determined than most
since he had inherited the Element of Power, which granted its wielder the
ability to take on the forms of the Elemental Warriors themselves.

In times Solon returned to his Kingdom in triumph, where he discovered
Thorn's actions and used the power of the Warriors to vanquish the Troll
King, sending his treacherous race into exile. Sadly that day would bring
curses and blessings in equal measure, as King Solon also vanished in
the wake of battle. His fate would be anxiously disputed for years, but
nobody could ever say for sure what had happened.

History moved on, and Solon's wife Theena was left to rule the Kingdom
with what remained of her family. At least there was peace once more
in the tribal lands, and while some said that Thorn had not been killed,
merely somehow confined, these doubts were not enough to keep folk
from falling back into the simple pleasures of everyday life.

Eventually attention turned to Kameo and Kalus, blossoming daughters of
the Elfin Royal Family. All in the Kingdom knew that when they
reached adulthood, one of these two Princesses would claim the throne,
the Kingdom itself and the Element of Power, that which once
commanded the Elemental Warriors and tamed the most infamous Troll
of all. Surely such things could only bring joy...

So we open to the cut scene of Kameo running across the closing draw
bridge escaping from Trolls. Her evil sister Kalus has reawakened
the Troll King Thorn and captured the royal Family. And that is
where the guide begins...

V. Controls

L Trig + R Trig   Character-Specific attacks and abilities
Left Thumb stick  Move Kameo; Aim projectile; Click to toggle map on/off
Back Button       Access Options menu; Resume game
D-PAD             Adjust cameras distance (up/down); Navigate menus
Right Tumb stick  Rotate and pitch camera; Click to enter/exit first-person
Start Button      Check Wotnot Book; Resume game
A Button          Action (context); Morph to Kameo; Scroll text; confirm option
B, x, Y Button    Morph into Warrior (hold down for Warrior Wheel)
Xbox Guide        Opens Xbox 360 profile blade

VI. Characters


The younger of the Queen's heirs, Kameo's confidence, competence and
honesty has sealed her destiny as successor to the throne. Even
with her morphing powers still in their infancy, Kameo's
determination and courage are second to none


From a selfish child to a spiteful adult. Kalus burns with
resentment at Kameo's popularity and charm. Overlooked as the
rightful heir to the Element of Power, rage has led her to
dedicate all her malice and magic to the quest for retribution.

The Mystic:

Although her attitude and apperance may be a little rough
around the edges, the Mystic's Sight makes her a useful ally
in Kameo's quest. The Princess and the crone may seem an unlikely
partnership, but they'll both have to learn to adopt...


Kameo stands to learn a great deal from Ortho (if she can bear
his pompousness) as her path winds into distand and unfamiliar lands.
Firmly enchanted into the Wotnot Book, the irritable wizard will
always be on hand to offer advice.

The Ancestors:

Boisterous Lenya, courageous Halis and wizened old Yeros - Kameo's
three Ancestors have fallen under Thorn's control, along with Queen Theena
herself. Will her mother's decision to favor Kameo tragically prove the
undoing of them all?

Warrior Trainer:

Although his principal duty is to train the elite Elfin fighters, this
calm, commanding figure will also test Kameo's resolves for that quest ahead.
Palace gossip suggest that he may be financing himself with secret enterprises
out on the Badlands.


The masked stranger's identity and motives are unknown, through the soldiers
speak in awe of his Troll-slaying skills. As he steps up to lead the Elves
in place of Kameo's kin, this man of mystery's place in history will soon be


Sealed in stone at the end of an historic life-or-death struggle, Thorn-
self-appointed King of the Trolls- now finds himself free to cause havoc
once more. This time, only the annihilation magic and total mastery of
the tribes will satisfy him!

Pummel Weed:

A hot-headed boxer with a long reach and a short temper. Any Troll still
standing after a combo should watch out as Pummel rears up from the earth for
the knockout blow.


With strong magical bonds ensuring that all body parts return after
an attack, Rubble can hurl rocks to stun targets from a distance or simply
self-detonate in a tight spot.


A hot-blooded and hungry dragon, Ash's fireball blasts will drive off all
but the most fearless foes - in particular anyone raising the touchy
subject of those undersized wings!

Deep Blue:

While tentacles may not be best suited to movement on land, Deep Blue's
twin jet streams pack similar stopping power to the torpedoes that can
be fired underwater.

Major Ruin:

Passed down to Kameo along with the Element of Power, the heavily armored
Major Ruin is keen to stretch those muscles and prove that there's life in
the old warhorse yet.

40 Below:

When 40 Below gets worked into a spin, entire hordes of Trolls can be
mopped up with ease. Stragglers are considered fair game for a snowball
flung with bone-breaking force.


Few things are big or fast enough to escape there mighty jaws, and once
caught, enemies make good ammunition - if Snare can resist the temptation
of a good hard bite.


Not one for subtle methods, Chilla is a born brawler. This single-minded
yeti is equally happy launching spear into the fray from afar or clubbing
one Troll unconscious with another.


The most agile of the Warriors, Flex's versatile form can make light
work of seemingly impossible feats, such as clearing wide ravines
or skating unaided across bodies of water.


Don't be discouraged by Thermite's size, as the lava bombs launched
from this Warrior's fiery cauldron can destroy some of the toughest
obstacles in Kameo's path.

VII. Items


Usually found at the spot where a Troll is put out of its misery,
these appropriate pick-ups will restore some of Kameo's energy.


The closest thing to a common currency amongst the tribes. Should
Kameo be unable to talk others into helping her, she may have to resort
to some old-fashioned shopping.

Elixir of Life:

One of the Mystic's more exotic potions, this Elixir actually increases
the maximum energy levels of Kameo and he Elemental Warriors.

Elemental Fruit:

Kameo can use this Elfin delicacy to unlock dormant techniques within
the Warriors. But choices must be made carefully as Elemental Fruit are
extremely rare!

Crystal Eyes:

The power of these relics lies in the enhancement of natural abilities.
Kameo can use them to boost her combat prowess, at a cost. Legend states
that Crystal Eyes are hidden in and around the Enchanted Kingdom...

Rune Pouches:

Can be bought at local shops at the cost of runes. It will increase the
size of the amount of runes you may hold at once.

Fruit Finder Newsletter:

A "Newspaper" for giving clues on where you can find Elemental fruits.
Can buy one in every town.

VIII. Move List

Pummel Weed

MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Jab (Left)            - Punches with left hand
Jab (Right)           - Punches with right hand
Weed Creeper          - Avoid certain attacks or Obstacles by going underground
Shredder              - Take control of empty spiky Troll shells (Creep Mode)
Uprooter              - Uppercut an enemy (need to be in Weed Creeper mode)
Razor top             - Makes Pummel Weed's upper leaves grow thorns
Wildrush              - Smash through shields and delivers damage
Weedkill              - Charged uppercut, causes mondo damage
Spirit Up*            - Increases spirit bar for Pummel Weed


MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Sling Stone           - Launches fast, but low to the ground rock
Stone Chip            - Fire a high, but slow-moving arc rock
Gravel Blast          - Fires Rubble's body in all different directions
Razor Stone           - Gives Rubble's body parts spikes to cause more damage
Rapid Charge          - Makes charging shorter for Rubble's Gravel Blast
Stone Storm           - Shoots Rubble's body parts rapidly in one direction
Spirit Up*            - Increases spirit bar for Rubble


MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Fire Blast            - Fire fireball, runs up and along obstacles
Fire Blaze            - Fire breath, lights things on fire, tip = most damage
Inferno               - Increases the length of the flam produced by Fire Blaze
Wildfire              - Improves Fireblast, three fireballs instead of one.
Incinerator           - Lay as trap, release for fire pillar
Spirit Up*            - Increases spirit bar for Ash

Deep Blue

MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Aqua Cannon           - Jets of water, dispose of flames
Hydro Thrust          - Allows Deep Blue to travel under water
Aqua Blaster          - While under water, acts as torpedoes
Dragpool              - Sinks into a puddle-like state, dragging any Troll in
Slick Jet             - Oil slick or douse enemies
Splash Down           - Puddle with tentacles, can bash enemies together
Spirit Up*            - Increases spirit bar for Deep Blue

Major Ruin

MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Boulder Rush          - Rapidly spins to vault gaps or bash enemies
Rock Hop              - Charges up so Major Ruin can perform a hop
Razor Back            - Grows spikes, can make enemies stick
Cyclone Spin          - Spins to bash into enemies or fling stuck enemies
Hyper Cyclone Spin    - Grants more control to Cyclone Spin
Spirit Up*            - Increases spirit bar for Major Ruin

40 Below

MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Frostbite             - Icy blast from his mouth to give damage to nearby Troll
Snowball              - Magically summons an enormous, spiky snowball
Wrecker Ball          - Spins around, bashing enemies off cliff
Snow Blower           - Fires mini snowballs at a bone-crushing speed
Snow Roller           - Rolls the Snowball like a bowling ball
Icequake              - Creates a quake when Snowball is thrusted to ground
Spirit Up*            - Increases spirit bar for 40 Below

<Secret ability> In the Snow town, he can use the Ancestor's paths and destroy
icy chests


MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Bite                  - Lunges forward, grasping anything in its path
Spit Baddy            - Flings whatever in mouth until it hits something
Root Tremor           - Tree root summon while moving
Root                  - Plants roots, fling objects easier
Roam                  - Uproots, allows you to roam around once again
Lockjaw               - Spits the enemy into air, then is eaten by Snare
Toxic Bile            - Spews poison over any enemy nearby (Need to be rooted)
Rootquake             - Greatly upgrades the distance of Root Tremor
Spirit Up*            - Increases spirit bar for Snare


MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Aim                   - Goes into First Person Mode for better aim
Ice Spike             - Remove a spike from his back to hurl at enemies
Ice Pick              - Allows you to climb up ice covered walls
Spike Back            - Puts enemies on back for ammo or used as a club up to 3
Deep Chill            - Charges ice spear to instantly freeze foes
Spike Storm           - Summon Ice spikes from thin air
Slam Hammer           - Slams enemy that was club to ground. (Brutal bonus)
Spirit Up*            - Increases Spirit bar for Chilla


Move                    WHAT IT DOES

Smack                 - Deliver a blow from one of his tentacles
Sucka Shot            - Drags enemies toward Flex, removes Ice Troll shields
Flingshot             - Hurdles a Troll that Flex has in grasps
Sucka Slam            - Bashes enemies onto ground
Shocker               - Charges to give a killer blow to a foe in Flex's clutch
Slapstorm             - Slaps wildly in all directions
Super Shocker         - Upgrades the Shocker technique to decrease time
Spirit Up*            - Increases Spirit bar for Flex


MOVE                    WHAT IT DOES

Mortar                - Prepares for array of bombs and strafing
Firecracker           - Releases a spray of tiny firecrackers
Lava Bomb             - Shoots a grenade out of magma bowl
Blast Shield          - Invulnerability from pretty much everything (even lava)
Fire Burst            - Upgrades Lava Bombs to leave a pool of fire in wake
Atom Splitter         - Upgrade Lava Bomb for more bombs after explosion
Backblast             - Drags Trolls to Thermite's magma bowl
Spirit Up*            - Increases Spirit bar for Thermite

*Note - Spirit bars only upgrade for that Warrior and that Warrior alone.
Kameo and the other Warriors don't reap from benefits.

IX. Walkthrough

1. Thorn's Castle

You start off learning the extreme basics. You have no time to waste, as you
are being shot by two Cannon Trolls. So quickly leap up the Ice Wall by pulling
the Right Trigger and holding the up direction. Pull the Left Trigger to
release the wall when you get over safely.

Once you get off, you will be greeted with a cut scene of two Trolls
fighting on a Wyvern. Once they hop off and are starting to attack, change
back into Chilla and use his Grab attack. Then throw them off the ledge, or
if possible at the two Wyverns flying around. Another Troll will pop out of
the hole once the other two are disposed of. Just charge up your Rush attack
with Major Ruin and let the Troll have it.

Take care of the Wyverns if they are still left alive by throwing Ice Spears
with Chilla. Another couple of Trolls will pop out eventually. Finish them
quickly with your summon of choosing, but try to not take damage, for you will
want as many points as possible.

Charge up Major Ruin's rush attack on the ramp and go into the pipe. As you
continue down the pipe, a steel door will be blocking your path. Charge up Rush
and let go. You will fall into a big basin. There will be arrows on the metal
pointing to the direction you need to go. From there, charge rush up the ramp
and into the pipe.

At the end of the pipe, you will fall into a big area. On your right near the
gate should be a ramp. Charge rush up it and over it, and rush into the
spiders. Once again there will be a ramp in the same spot. Charge rush over it.
Once you go out a little bit, you will meet your first Shell Troll. These are
the easiest Troll of them all. Walk up to the Shell, and it will produce
spikes. Careful, don't get hit. Dodge him, and usually after three attempts at
hitting you, the spikes will disappear. But since this is a tutorial, it mainly
stays in one spot. Wait for the spikes to go away, pull both triggers to go
into Creeper mode and move up to it. Pull the right trigger to uppercut the
shell off, then give the Troll a jab combo.

After the Troll is Defeated, the wall will slide down and a Troll with shields
will appear. Wait for the shields to go down and when he is about to throw a
bomb (DO NOT TOUCH IT) give him a Jab Combo. Three more Trolls will jump down,
this time with a bit more health, just use Chilla and throw them into the

Charge rush over the ramp to meet up with a two Trolls and a Fire Imp. Fire
Imps are nasty little buggers, so finish the Trolls quickly and use Major Ruin
to take out the Fire Imp. Use Charge Rush on him and if he gets stuck, cyclone
him off the ledge. Charge rush either ramp onto the ledge. Kill the spider and
charge rush the ramp into the pipe and charge the spider inside. Once outside
of the pipe, there will be a surprise attack from another Fire Imp, take Chilla
and use Ice Storm and stun him then grab the Imp and throw him off the ledge.
Charge rush the ramp towards the pipe, and when your just above the entrance,
charge rush in the air to get inside.

Once in, you will meet the Metal Ball Trolls. Use Major Ruin for this, charge
and hit them to make them curl into a ball. Then Charge them again either off
the ledges or into the Lava pool. Forget about the Cannon Troll for he can not
die. He will shoot three more Trolls out. Once they are disposed of, take out
Chilla and hit the red ruby on top of the gate to open it. It will only open so
much, so take out Pummel Weed and go into Creeper mode to get past the gate.
Change forms back into Kameo and Hover across the bridge as quickly as
possible, for the bridge will soon get knocked into pieces behind you.
A Troll will try and ambush you, use Chilla and grab him. Throw him at the
Wyvern and hit the other with an ice spear. Then hit the Ruby on the gate and
use Pummel Weed to get in.

Kill all three spiders. Every two windows you will get jumped by an enemy.
First one is a Troll, the other is a Fire Imp. Kill the Troll easily with
Chilla and stun the Imp with Ice Storm and then grab him and throw them both
out the window. Then another Troll will pop out. Do the same to him that you
did with the other two enemies. Once again, there is a gate.
Hit the Ruby with an ice spear and creep under it.

Once your are past the gate, do not go too far out. Take Chilla and Ice Spear
the three Trolls, otherwise you will lose precious points to a Fire Ball. Use
Major to get across the gap, and the same with the second gap. Use Chilla and
Ice Spear the chains of the Chandeliers and they will fall on Troll and a
Cannon Troll. Giving you 2x Carnage and Brutal. When near the ramp,
take caution. Dodge the bombs rolling down the ramp and flip kick the Cannon
Troll. Hit the Ruby on the Gate and creep under it.

In this part, you will get ambushed by eight Trolls and a Fire Imp. Take all
the Trolls you can on Chilla's back and throw them into one another. Then save
one for the Fire Imp, which he is conviently hiding in a box near the edge. So 
when he pops out, throw a Troll at him to knock him off, then spear
the Troll. Now three Shell Trolls will come out for a fight. This time, they
move around. So be careful. When they stop moving, usually after three
attempts, creep and uppercut the shells off. Then jab combo
them to death.

After they are dead, a column will rise from the ground on the right. Use
Chilla to spear the Cannon Troll. Take out Major Ruin and Charge Rush the mini
ramp and while near the ice, take out Chilla and grab on. Leap up. Spear the
troll hanging on the ice and charge rush the ramp and change to Chilla and grab
on once again. Dodge the spider and the Troll that falls off the edge.
Depending how many Trolls that fall off the edge will determine how many you
fight when you get up. You may only have to fight one, or you may have to fight
all three. So take them out with Chilla by grabbing and throwing. Spear the
spider and continue your ascent up the ice path.


This is a pretty easy battle, you can defeat him one of two ways...

A. You wait till he walks under the Chandelier and you spear the chain to make
it fall on him to kill him instantly


B. Use Pummel Weed and Upper cut him then spear him in the throat till he is

Either way he will have two Trolls at the end for some extra points.

2.Enchanted Castle

You awaken in a Hut... It seems you were on the brink of death when Thorn
attacked you. Don't worry, ha-ha... You'll get revenge.

You’re supposed to go get trained by the Warrior Trainer and get the Wotnot,
lucky for us, they are both tied in together. So go outside and go up the path
a bit. A cut scene occurs; you obviously aren’t trusted by the floating Wotnot
book. So you must prove yourself in your training. No biggie. Head inside the

Inside you will find the Warrior Trainer and the Wotnot book. Talk to the
Warrior Trainer. Say yes to his question. Click the right thumb stick in and
focus your looking on the four
torches. Now you must Hover. Pull the Left Trigger. Hover for a few seconds and
land when he asks you to. Then flip kick the old fool. Then flip kick the
pumpkin. Collect the runes, then collect the Elixir of Life bottle.

Woo, now that we got the Wotnot book, go back and see the Mystic. It seems the
Elemental Warriors have been captured by Shadow Trolls... Conviently... One is
nearby. Go outside of the hut for a quick cut scene. The portal to the shadow
realm is behind the Warrior Trainer's hut. Go in and let's begin the battle!

****Shadow Troll****

This is the easiest Shadow troll of them all. Just flip kill the Lost Soul and
collect its upper half for ammo. Once collected, take aim and fire at the
Shadow Troll. Congrats, we have just received Pummel Weed.

So Halis got captured by the Troll and was absorbed in Mawood. But before we go
to the Forgotten Forest, we have to go to the First Crystal Eye of the game.
Follow the Warrior Trainer. To get under the gate, change to Pummel Weed and
creep. Instead of going inside the Dungeon, go to the left and you will see a
shop on the right. To the left will be a beach with 4 shells. Shell 2 has a 
Elemental Fruit and Shell 4 has the Crystal Eye. Now head towards the dungeon.
Go into the Warp.

3. Badlands

Well for right now, just ignore the Trolls and head out to the Forest. Use the
horse and charge right through. There is a hut just before the Forest, ignore
it for now, not much in there to do.

4. Forgotten Forest Glade

At the entrance, to your right, is a handy Elemental Fruit. Shake it off
and pick it up. Continue up the path. On your left will be Dil's house. She is
being held captive by two Trolls. Finish them off quickly and she will give you
an Elemental Fruit worth 3. Exit the house.

Hang a right at the Guardian trees. You will see a Plant Creature with 3 "?"
over his head. He needs help with moving the boulder infront of his home.
Don't worry about this now, as you will need Thermite for this later.
Instead, pick up the nifty Elemental Fruit from it's stem near his home.
Continue along the path.

The path will become blocked with vines, use Pummel Weed to creep under them.
Go up along the tree root, and you will meet some beetles, dispose of them. The
path once again will be blocked by vines, so creep under them. 

Once inside, there will be a planta spewing out beetles. Dispose of it
quickly or be overrun by beetles. Get out quickly or the plant will
rise again and spew beetles once more.

Keep following the bats, as they lead you to the Shadow Troll. You will meet
up with some beetles on the way though. Dispose of them and go on.

Once inside the Mushroom Cavern keep walking until you get to the big opening.
On the right will be a stone chest, you will not be able to open this until you
get Thermite, which unfortunatly is at the near end of the game. So keep moving

You will see a Plant Creature, he warns you not to hit that exploading shell
because it will disturb his reasearch... Who cares? Turn into Pummel Weed and
creep and uppercut it into the barricade. Jump into the portal to the Shadow

****Shadow Troll****

This time the Shadow Troll WILL move around. But he still doesn't really
attack. Soo... Flip kick the Lost Souls and gather them for ammo. Wait for
the Shadow Troll to teleport, then shoot a Soul at him. Just once more...
Flip kick another Lost Soul and shoot it at the Shadow Troll once more.

Walk up to the baby Warrior and press A on it to absorb his form. And from
this point on, we have Rubble!

Well, looks like we got ourselves a bug problem. Transform into Rubble and chip
rocks at the nest on your left. Then go towards the room behind the well and
you will see two Stone Apes. Sit on the round pattern and the Ape's mouth will
open. Chip a rock into it and get the fruit. Do the same for the elixer on the
other side.

Start to head to the exit, and the Plant Creature would like you to dispose of
the mosquitos and nests. So sling rocks at the mosquitos. The nests are in
a patter of right, left, and right. Chip rocks at those. The Plant Creature
will give you an Elemental Fruit worth 3. Exit the cave.

Once outside, walk off the edge of the root carefully. Stand in the direct
middle of the stone in between the Tree Guardians. Morph into Rubble and
use Blast. Swim across the water and into the tree with a face on it.
5. Forgotten Forest Dungeon

Walk out and ignore the Plant Creature. He just says to turn back, but we
don't need to, since we can handle trolls. There is a chest on the right.
Smash it and the pumpkin for runes. Follow the green blip on the map.

You will get vined in, and will meet the shielded Troll. Morph into Rubble
and use blast infront of the Troll. Not too close, other wise your rocks won't
go over him. When a rock hits him from behind, he will spin around and that is
your opprotunity to strike. Morph to Pummel Weed and do a Jab Combo.

Morph back into Rubble and sit on the round pattern and chip a rock into the
Ape's mouth. You will release a tiny Plant Creature, and in return, he will
summon exploading shells. Morph into Pummel Weed and creep towards the shell
and use Shredder. You will take control of the shell, and aim it the best you
can to hit the gate. Wait a couple momments and you will get ambushed by
Trolls. Time to rack up some multiplyers and points. Creaful not to get hit
by the vine on the ground.

After a while of beating up the normal Trolls, a doomed Troll will appear.
These buggers can only be seen in focus mode, and are also not slowed down by
it. Use these guys for more multiplyer points but be careful at the same time.

After when all the Trolls stop dropping from the tree, start continuing to the
next green blip on the map. You will meet up with your old friends, the spike
shell Trolls. Keep away from them until they stop moving and then uppercut
their shell off and Jab Combo them. You can also use the central flame to
light them on fire to make their shells come off quicker. Continue on to the
green blip.

These Trolls in the next areas like to play Marco Polo, except he aint saying
Polo. You will need Rubble to stun them from afar, then Jab Combo them. Watch
for the Archer Trolls, these guys can kill your Multiplyer if you are not ready
for them. You won't need to stun them, just Jab Combo them before they do any
real damage. Chip a rock over the Shielded Troll, then Jab Combo him.

Now sit on the round pattern with Rubble and chip a rock into the Ape's mouth.
The young Plant Creature will summon the plant to create a bomb shell. As well
as more Trolls, yay! More Multiplyers! :P Watch for the beetles! They will
absolutely kill your multiplyer!

Hurry and get into the bomb shell and blow the gate open. Now chip rocks over
Trolls and Jab Combo them. Once the Trolls are down, you will meet even more of
them in the next room. They will start moving, my advice is take the flames for
cover. When they are down, go near the two boxes on the left and two Trolls
will bust out. Kill them quickly. Proceed to the green blip.

In this room you will meet 3 normal trolls and a bomb thrower. Watch for the
bombs, but if you happen to get hit, change to Rubble quickly to stop the fire.
Once all four Trolls are down, destroy the spiked shells by uppercutting them
three times each. Proceed to the green blip.

The archer in this area also likes to play Marco Polo, so stun him then Jab
Combo. There will be three Trolls in the wooden crates as well, also do not
get near the shielded Troll when fighting the others. He will hit you from
behind. Once the other four Trolls are disposed of, chip a stone over the
Shielded Troll then Jab Combo. Sit Rubble on the circle pattern and chip a
stone in the Ape's mouth. You will thank me for destroying the spiked shells.
Now the White Trolls have no where to hide and are easy prey.

Wait a little while and you will get ambushed by a ton of trolls. Yay for
multiplyers! Remember every multiplyer that you have 10 of, you will get a
Doom Troll. Dispose of those FIRST, since they are not affected by focus.

Backtrack a little. You will meet your first Ogre Troll. These are powerful
but slow adversaries. Pummel Weed should be able to take care of them with
ease. Use the Shredder ability to blow open the gate.

Go through and you will get ambushed by three arches and two bomb throwing
Trolls. Use the Trolls against one another to dodge arrows and bombs.
Such as the bombs hitting the other Trolls. Or use Pummel Weed to rid of them
really quick. Once the path is cleared, go up and two Trolls will pop out from
hiding. Kill them quickly, for you are being shot at by an archer.

Chip rocks over the shielded Trolls quickly and then Jab Combo them. Make sure
to not get hit by another shielded Troll or arrows! Once they are gone, dispose
of the archer and you will have less to worry about. Chip rocks over the
shielded trolls and Jab Combo them. Two more Trolls will pop out. Jab Combo
them until dead, and head into the building.

You will now be in the Forest Temple. Creep under the vines, watch for the
mosquitos. Use rubble and sling them and chip the nest. Creep under the
next set of vines. Continue down the hallway till you get in a big open room.
Jump up the stairs on the right. To get to the chest simply chip a rock over
and the runes will come right over.

Creep under the vines. Dispose of the mosquitos and then sit on the circle
pattern and chip a rock into the Ape's mouth. Backtrack to the big open room.
Once there sit Rubble on the glowing circle patterns, you will rise up.
From there just chip a rock into one Ape's mouth and do the same for the
other. Stairs will rise up leading you to Mawood.

****Boss: Mawood****

This is a fairly easy boss. You use the exploading shells to hit Mawood, but
becareful of the tree roots he will summon. When you hit him, he will shake his
leaves and Trolls will fall out. Once in a while he will laugh. When he is
laughing, chip a stone into his mouth and he will choke and take damage.

Rinse and repeat.

Once he is defeated, you will save Halis. You will also earn the Warrior called
Ash. You also earned a warp point to the Forgotten Forest Glade and
to the Enchanted Kingdom.

6. Badlands

You must protect the Green tower from tank attacks. You must use Pummel Weed's
special ability of Shredder and use the Bomb Shells to run into the Tanks. Once
they are destroyed, you win. :P

Go to green blip on your map.

7. Mountain Falls

<Coming Soon>

8. Water Dungeon

<Coming Soon>

9. Badlands

<Coming Soon>

10. Snow Village

<Coming Soon>

11. Badlands

<Coming Soon>

12. Snow Dungeon

<Coming Soon>

13. Forgotten Forest Glade

<Coming Soon>

14. Swamp

<Coming Soon>

15. Thorn's Pass

<Coming Soon>

16. Thorn's Airship aka Airship Battle

<Coming Soon>

X. Elemental Fruit Locations

100 Elemental Fruits

1. Under a Shell on the beach of Enchanted Kingdom
2. The shop in Enchanted Kingdom - 30 runes
3. The shop in Enchanted Kingdom - 30 runes
4. The riddle sign in Enchanted Kingdom
5. Near the Portal to the Shadow Realm in Enchanted Kingdom
6. Outside of Chamber of Living Portraits
7. Typhoon awards you in his hut in Enchanted Kingdom (A: 7, 5, 8, 5, 4, 0)
8. Entrance of Forest Glade
9-11. Dil's house in Forest Glade (first hut) help her out.
12. Near boulder enclosed home
13. The shop in Forgotten Forest Glade - 30 runes
14. The shop in Forgotten Forest Glade - 30 runes
15. The riddle sign in Forgotten Forest Glade
16. Left side of Nettle's place
17. Under a heliplant in the middle of the Guardian Trees
18. Chip a rock into the Stone Ape's mouth in Mushroom Cavern
19-21. Save the Plant Creature from the Mosquitos in Mushroom Cavern
22-24. Save Nettle from beetles. (Need ash)

XI. Riddle Signs

Enchanted Kingdom

Starts at Lenya's shrine

#1 To find my secret hidden sign, ivestigate and old man's shring

A: On the right of Yeros' Shrine near the arch

#2 Gazing on the balcony will guide you to sign number three

A: Go around the balcony that leads to the Throne Room, you will see the sign

#3 You're doing well; the next sign lies near one who'll sell you some supplies

A: Behind the shop

#4 The home of one who sees in time is near my fifth and final sign

A: Near the garden by the Mystic's hut

#5 Your brain's as sharp as any sword - take this fruit as your reward!

A fruit will appear in place of the sign

Forgotten Forest Glade

Starts across from the Boulder Enclosed home

#1 More signs are hidden near, now think - whare might the locals go for a

A: Near Jukebox in Pumpkin Café

#2 The stream that is the water's source will lead you to sign three, of course

A: On the left stump in the water infront of the Guardian Trees

#3 The branch that leads to Mushroom Cave will house my sign inside - be brave!

A: Tree root that leads to the cave with the Shadow Troll

#4 A home came under Troll attack - you'll find my next side roun the back.

A: Behind Dil's house

XII. Elixir of Life Locations

12 Elixirs of Life

1. Warrior Trainer Tutorial
2. The shop in Enchanted Kingdom -20 runes
3. Chamber of Living Portraits in front of the mirror
4. The shop in Forgotten Forest Glade - 20 runes
5. Chip a rock into the Stone Ape's mouth in Mushroom Cavern

XII. Crystal Eyes

Enchanted Castle*

These are in order of availability...

NAME                 REQUIREMENT   INFO         
Eye of Restoration - Pummel Weed - Rejuvenates health; Longer spirit regen
Eye of Spirit      - Ash         - Rejuvenates Spirit; Reduce Attack & Defense
Eye of Protection  - Chilla      - Increased Defense; Penalty on Offense
Eye of Strength    - Thermite    - Increased Strength; Penalty on Defense

NAME                 LOCATION

Eye of Restoration - Under the fourth shell on the beach
Eye of Spirit      - In the Dungeon, light the torches
Eye of Protection  - Halfway up the Ancient Tower
Eye of Strength    - Hit Thorn statue with Lava Bomb in
                     Chamber of Living Portraits

*Note - All eyes are located here. Only one can be equiped at a time.

XIV. Unlockables

Thorn's Castle


Classic Kameo Skin          - 100,000 Points
Video-Making Backgrounds    - 500,000 Points
Audio- The Troll Song       - 1,000,000 Points
Video- Trailer Concept      - 1,500,000 Points
Video- Cut scene Style Test - 2,000,000 Points
Cheats#1                    - 2,500,000 Points

Forgotten Forest


Video- Animation Creation   - 200,000 Points
Pummel Weed Skin*           - 400,000 Points
Video- The Wotnot Book      - 800,000 Points
Rubble Skin*                - 1,200,000 Points
FMV Player                  - 1,600,000 Points
Cheats#2                    - 2,000,000 Points

Water Temple


Gothic Kameo Skin           - 500,000 Points
Ash Skin*                   - 1,000,000 Points
Cut scene Extras            - 1,500,000 Points
Major Ruin Skin*            - 2,000,000 Points
Boss Battles                - 2,500,000 Points
Cheats#3                    - 3,000,000 Points

Snow Temple


Group Shot Movie Player     - 500,000 Points
Deep Blue Skin*             - 1,000,000 Points
Bonus Music Player          - 1,500,000 Points
Chilla Skin*                - 2,000,000 Points
Video- Model Gallery        - 2,500,000 Points
Cheats#4                    - 3,000,000 Points

Thorn's Pass


Coyote Kameo Skin           - 2,500,000 Points
Video- Old Chars, & Movies  - 3,000,000 Points
Old Evolve Sequences Player - 3,500,000 Points
Flex Skin*                  - 4,000,000 Points
Animatic Player#1           - 4,500,000 Points
Cheats#5                    - 5,000,000 Points

Thorn's Airship aka Airship Battle


Video- Early Years          - 500,000 Points
Other Deleted Scenes Player - 1,000,000 Points
40 Below Skin*              - 1,500,000 Points
Video- Airship Concept      - 2,000,000 Points
Video- Ending Concept       - 2,500,000 Points
Cheats#6                    - 3,000,000 Points

Quest Total


Concept Art Gallery#1        - 9,000,000 Points
Concept Art Gallery#2        - 12,000,000 Points
Snare Skin*                  - 15,000,000 Points
Animatic Player#2            - 18,000,000 Points
Video- Deleted Cut scenes    - 21,000,000 Points
Thermite Skin*               - 24,000,000 Points

*Note - These skins might be unlocked by finding them all over the world.
I know most of them are.

XV. Achievements

26 Achievements

TYPE                      HOW TO DO IT                      AWARD


Found Pummel Weed        - Defeat first Shadow Troll       - 20 Gamer Points
Found Rubble             - Defeat second Shadow Troll      - 20 Gamer Points
Found Ash                - Free Halis                      - 20 Gamer Points
Freed Halis              - Defeat Old Mawood               - 100 Gamer Points
Found Major Ruin         - Defeat third Shadow Troll       - 20 Gamer Points
Found Deep Blue          - Defeat fourth Shadow Troll      - 20 Gamer Points
Found Chilla             - Free Lenya                      - 20 Gamer Points
Freed Lenya              - Defeat Corallis                 - 100 Gamer Points
Found Flex               - Defeat fifth Shadow Troll       - 20 Gamer Points
Found 40 Below           - Defeat sixth Shadow Troll       - 20 Gamer Points
Found Snare              - Free Yeros                      - 20 Gamer Points
Freed Yeros              - Defeat Queen Thyra              - 100 Gamer Points
Found Thermite           - Defeat seventh Shadow Troll     - 20 Gamer Points
Beaten Thorn             - Defeat Thorn on Thorn's Airship - 100 Gamer Points


Beaten Mawood            - Found in Forgotten Forest*      - 10 Gamer Points
Beaten Corallis          - Found in the Water Temple*      - 10 Gamer Points
Beaten Queen Thyra       - Found in the Snow Temple*       - 10 Gamer Points
Beaten Lord Drok         - Found in Thorn's Pass*          - 10 Gamer Points
Beaten Thorn             - Found in Thorn's Airship*       - 10 Gamer Points


Torn's Castle Ranking    - Get an A on Thorn's Castle      - 50 Gamer Points
Forgotten Forest Ranking - Get an A on Forgotten Forest    - 50 Gamer Points
Water Temple Ranking     - Get an A on Water Temple        - 50 Gamer Points
Snow Temple Ranking      - Get an A on Snow Temple         - 50 Gamer Points
Thorn's Pass Ranking     - Get an A on Thorn's Pass        - 50 Gamer Points
Thorn's Airship Ranking  - Get an A on Thorn's Airship     - 50 Gamer Points


Game Complete            - Beat the entire game 100%       - 50 Gamer Points

*Note - You must beat in single player first to unlock for Co-Op.

XVI. Credits


For creating this game. Also for the Story, items, and characters
section of this guide.

StryderOmega (Myself):

For making a guide for people to go along with if they need help.

David Gonzalez:

My friend, letting me borrow the game. :P

XVII. Contact Info

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things I missed, or you perhaps see this on another website please email me at

I will get to your email as soon as possible.

XVIII. Allowd Sites

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