Kameo: Elements of Power

  • Released on Nov 8, 2005
  • By Rare for Xbox 360

Kameo: Elements of Power Cheats

Kameo: Elements of Power cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Found Pummel Weed (20)Kameo can transform into one Elemental Warrior.
Found Rubble (20)Kameo can transform into two Elemental Warriors.
Found Ash (20)Kameo can transform into three Elemental Warriors.
Freed Halis (100)Kameo rescued Halis from the Forest Temple.
Found Major Ruin (20)Kameo can transform into four Elemental Warriors.
Found Deep Blue (20)Kameo can transform into five Elemental Warriors.
Found Chilla (20)Kameo can transform into six Elemental Warriors.
Freed Lenya (100)Kameo saved Lenya from the Water Temple.
Found Flex (20)Kameo can transform into seven Elemental Warriors.
Found 40 Below (20)Kameo can transform into eight Elemental Warriors.
Found Snare (20)Kameo can transform into nine Elemental Warriors.
Freed Yeros (100)Kameo brought Yeros home from the Snow Temple.
Found Thermite (20)Kameo has command of all the Elemental Warriors!
Beaten Thorn (100)Kameo defeated the Troll King Thorn!
Game Complete (50)The game has been fully completed!!
Beaten Old Mawood (Co-Op) (10)Defeated Old Mawood in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Corallis (Co-Op) (10)Defeated Corallis in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Queen Thyra (Co-Op) (10)Defeated Queen Thyra in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Lord Drok (Co-Op) (10)Defeated Lord Drok in a Co-Op Quest.
Beaten Thorn (Co-Op) (10)Defeated Thorn in a Co-Op Quest.
Thorn's Castle Co-Op 'A' (0)Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Castle
Thorn's Airship Co-Op 'A' (0)Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Airship
Thorn's Pass Co-Op 'A' (0)Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Pass
Snow Temple Co-Op 'A' (0)Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Snow Temple
Forgotten Forest Co-Op 'A' (0)Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Forgotten Forest
Water Temple Co-Op 'A' (0)Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Water Temple
Thorn's Castle ranking (50)'A' ranking on Thorn's Castle.
Thorn's Airship ranking (50)'A' ranking on Thorn's Airship.
Thorn's Pass ranking (50)'A' ranking on Thorn's Pass.
Snow Temple ranking (50)'A' ranking on Snow Temple.
Forgotten Forest ranking (50)'A' ranking on Forgotten Forest.
Water Temple ranking (50)'A' ranking on Water Temple.
10 Live Co-Op games (0)You've hosted 10 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!
20 Live Co-Op games (0)You've hosted 20 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!
50 Live Co-Op games (0)You've hosted 50 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!
Thorn's Castle Expert (0)Beat Thorn's Castle in Expert Mode
Forgotten Forest Expert (0)Beat Forgotten Forest in Expert Mode
Water Temple Expert (0)Beat Water Temple in Expert Mode
Snow Temple Expert (0)Beat Snow Temple in Expert Mode
Thorn's Pass Expert (0)Beat Thorn's Pass in Expert Mode
Thorn's Airship Expert (0)Beat Thorn's Airship in Expert Mode
Castle Time Attack 'A' (0)'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Castle)
Forest Time Attack 'A' (0)'A' rank on Time Attack (Forgotten Forest)
Water Time Attack 'A' (0)'A' rank on Time Attack (Water Temple)
Snow Time Attack 'A' (0)'A' rank on Time Attack (Snow Temple)
Pass Time Attack 'A' (0)'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Pass)
Airship Time Attack 'A' (0)'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Airship)
Treasure Hunter (0)You've found a mythical Mystery Gem! (Rune Battle)
Rune Champion (0)You earned 5000 runes in a single battle!
And the winner is... (0)You've downloaded the winning skins from the Kameo Design-A-Skin competition!


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Acquiring Crystal Eyes
Eye of Attack - In the Hall of mirrors, use thermite's Mortar ability to blow up the statue in the middle.
Eye of Protection - Increases Kameo's Defense; Decreases Kameo's Attack - Near the top of the ancient tower.
Eye of Spirit (hidden in a hallway behind a sheet) - Past the portal to the mainland, there is a big door that needs lit dragon heads to open, flame them and go thru another door li
[b]Eye of Restoration - as Kameo, restores health
- Under a shell in the enchanted Kingdom
Dont worrie about you health or Magic thingy before entering the shadow relem as once you enter there it will instantly heal you before you try and get the Element
Hill bounce glitch!
There are places in the kameo world where you will need to walk around a large incline just to get up it, A common example is oposite the entrance to snow top village. If you have major ruin, then use your charge attack at a wall with a diagonal slant. You should bounce up about 1 foot off the ground. Now keep charging up your RT attack until major ruin goes blue, then releasing it. It should push you up the hill. This does not work unless there is a ledge above that the game is supposed to let you go to.
Kameo Achievements
Found Pummel Weed 20
Found Rubble 20
Found Ash 20
Found Major Ruin 20
Found Deep Blue 20
Found Chilla 20
Found Flex 20
Found 40 Below> 20
Found Snare 20
Found Thermite 20
Freed Halis 100
Freed Lenya 100
Freed Yeros 100
Beaten Thorn 100
Thorn's Castle - A 50
Forgotten Forest - A 50
Water Temple - A 50
Snow Temple - A 50
Thorn's Pass - A 50
Thorn's Airship - A 50
Beaten Queen Thyra (Co-op) 10
Beaten Old Mawood (Co-op) 10
Beaten Corallis (Co-op) 10
Beaten Lord Drok (Co-op) 10
Beaten Thorn (Co-op 10
Game Complete 50
The Forgotten Forest; An Ogre Troll and an Bad/Good Giant!!!

When you get up to the bit when you just killed off tons of trolls and you go through the tunnel sometimes a giant will appear. Let him kill off all the trolls and then switch to Rubble and shoot rocks at his feet so he will take damage. Wait until he dies and ta-da!!! The giant has killed off all the trolls!!!

NOTE: The ogre troll is a bit bigger than a normal troll that hides in the spiky cups!!! The Giant, well as you go into the tunnel thing all you will see is a giant green/skin colour foot!!! That is the Giant's foot!!!
You are able to unlock these items in each 6 areas by gaining the required amount of points.

Thorn's Castle

Score: 100,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Kameo
Score: 500,000 Unlocks: Making Backgrounds Video
Score: 1,000,000 Unlocks: Troll Song
Score: 1,500,000 Unlocks: Concept Video
Score: 2,000,000 Unlocks: Test Cutscene
Score: 2,500,000 Unlocks: Cheats Set #1 (Big Head)

Forgotten Forest

Score:200,000 Unlocks: Animation Video
Score:400,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Pummel Weed
Score:800,000 Unlocks: Wotnot Book Video
Score:1,200,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Rubble
Score:1,600,000 Unlocks: Cutscene Player
Score:2,000,000 Unlocks: Cheats Set #2 (Visual Effects)

Water Temple

Score:500,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Kameo
Score:1,000,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Ash
Score:1,500,000 Unlocks: Cutscene Videos
Score:2,000,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Major Ruin
Score:2,500,000 Unlocks: Boss Fights
Score:3,000,000 Unlocks: Cheat Set #3 (Hard difficulty)

Snow Temple

Score:500,000 Unlocks: Evolution of the Characters Video
Score:1,000,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Deep Blue
Score:1,500,000 Unlocks: Music Player
Score:2,000,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Chilla
Score:2,500,000 Unlocks: Character Model Video
Score:3,000,000 Unlocks: Cheat Set #4

Thorn's Pass

Score:2,500,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Kameo
Score:3,000,000 Unlocks: Deleted Moves Movie
Score:3,500,000 Unlocks: Evolution Videos
Score:4,000,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Flex
Score:4,500,000 Unlocks: Animatic Videos
Score:5,000,000 Unlocks: Cheat Set #5

Thorn's Airship

Score:500,000 Unlocks: Early Footage Video
Score:1,000,000 Unlocks: Deleted Scenes Videos
Score:1,500,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - 40 Below
Score:2,000,000 Unlocks: Airship Concept Video
Score:2,500,000 Unlocks:End Concept Video
Score:3,000,000 Unlocks: Cheat Set #6

Overall Game Score

Score:9,000,000 Unlocks: Concept Art Set 1
Score:12,000,000 Unlocks: Conecept Art Set 2
Score:15,000,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Snare
Score:18,000,000 Unlocks: Animatic Videos 2
Score:21,000,000 Unlocks: Deleted Cutscenes Video
Score:24,000,000 Unlocks: Alternate Costume - Thermite


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Acquiring Elemental Sprites
Ash - Rescue Halis.
Chilla - Rescue Lenya.
Major Ruin - Defeat the Shadow Troll in Lobster Hollow.
Pummel Weed - Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Enchanted Kingdom.
Rubble - Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Forgotten Forest.
Alternate Costume
To unlock this, you have to get an "A" rank on all levels.