Kakyuusei (Import) Tina Scenario Translation v2.1
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Kakyuusei (Import) Tina Scenario Translation

by DingoEnderZOE2   Updated to v2.1 on

		     Tina Scenario Translation/Walkthough
				Version 2.1.
Copyright 2005 Tenchi(Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com) As always please respect all my
hard work by asking for permission if you would like to post this on WebPages
or any kind.

This faq contains a few Japanese text in S-Jis encoding.

Kakyuusei by Elf Corporation

I'm not trying to be fluent in Japanese. I'm just trying to learn and
understand it more. Since I'm not perfect or Japanese I do not Guarantee a 100
% accurate translation so I welcome any comments and suggestions that you feel
would help improve this File. I'm doing translations for both the fun of it, to
hopefully improve my Japanese more and to give you a better understanding on
what's going on and what's being said during the scenarios I translate. Of
course its also better to own the game and enjoy the experience while playing
as well instead of just reading. Please feel free to send your comments or
suggestions to Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com.

Once again you can name the main character anything you want. But I prefer to
use the default name which in this case its Kentarou.



Ver 1.1 03.06.2005
-Decided to make a Scenario Translation/Walkthough for Tina. Once again I'm
going slow in the beginning.-

Ver 1.5 03.13.2005
-Updated up until the 5th spring encounter.-

Ver 2.0 03.18.2005
-Added three more spring encounters.-

Ver 2.1 08.19.2005
-Long time no update guys. Unfortunatly it's not a big update. For right now
I'm going to just leave it with the grammer "Your" to "You're" corrections for


Who is Tina?(For those who don't know.)
She's a deeply tanned blond girl with green eyes. She usually always wears a
two piece swimsuit. She also has a habit of levitating instead of walking. She
is alot different then the other girls in the game. To complete the game with
her instead of dating her you have to go the Doukyuusei style: Just meet her at
the right places at the right times. ALSO and this is important: YOU CANNOT GET
LAID AT ALL. If you get laid once, kiss your chances with Tina goodbye.

Spring events/conversations

First meeting
Place of the event:School
Time and date:It automactly starts on April 22nd
Condition:Like I said you have no choice but to see this.

{Kentarou}:Wha- What the!? .........Was that......an earthquake? ........ Oh
who the hell cares.....back to sleep.

{Kentarou}:Fuwaaaaa.....It's morning already. ........For some reason I'm not
as well rested like I usually am.......Maybe its because I had to wake up in
the middle of the night.

{Kentarou}:On Monday mornings.....Theres a lot of people with depressed looks
on their faces.

-School gossip-
{Minoru}:Hey....That was a pretty big earthquake yesterday.
{Kentarou}:Yeah I know, thanks to that it woke me up.
{Minoru}:I even heard that it might have been a meteorite crashing
down......Although I don't know whether or not its true.
{Kentarou}:A- A meteorite!?
{Minoru}:The end is near.....This could be a omen for the earth's destruction.
You should get a proper girlfriend before you die so you won't have any regrets.
{Kentarou}:...........Tsk, Man Minoru's been reading too many books.

{Haruhiko}:Hey, don't you lay a hand on her.
{Haruhiko}:I'm saying don't lay a finger on the transfer student....You
{Kentarou}:Who's the transfer student?
{Haruhiko}:Hmph....Well anyway don't forget what I just said to you.
{Kentarou}:........What the hell was that guy talking about?
{Kentarou}:Now what, first Haruhiko now Reiko?.........Today just isn't my day.
{Reiko}:Oh, you seem to be awfully calm.
{Kentarou}:Well duh, I would never get all nervous talking to you.
{Reiko}:Are you telling me...that you don't know?
{Reiko}:That there's going to be two strange transfer students in our
class.....If any more people like you arrive, the schools public morals are
going to get even worse.
{Kentarou}:.........Strange transfer students? .....How strange?

{Mizuho}:Good morning.
{Kentarou}:He- hey.
{Mizuho}:Everyone's just been talking about the transfer students.
{Kentarou}:Say, just what are these strange transfer students like?
{Mizuho}:There was a crowd of people in front of the office this
morning.....Since I was just passing by I couldn't tell what they were like.
{Kentarou}:......... Hmmmm, Are they that strange that they would attract

:School bell rings:
{Shizuka-Sensei}:With that said, there will be be two new classmates attending
our classroom........Tina and Tim enter the classroom.
{Girls voice}:OOOOKAY!
{People in Class):The sounds of whispering:
{Kentarou}:(Tina and Tim? Are they Foreigners?)
{Kentarou}:(Geh......Sh- She's floating!?)
{Shizuka-Sensei}:The girl is Tina and the boy is Tim.....It looks like rumors
have already beens spreading about them but these 2 have come from a far away
land to study overseas.
{People in class}: :The sounds of whispers:
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Even if our countrys are different from them, we're not any
different from them.....So everyone you must welcome them as normal transfer
{Kentarou}:(Wha- What the hell do you mean no different.....Is- Isn't that girl
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Now onto the matter of their seats.....
{Haruhiko}:Sensei(Teacher), I will look after Tina. It would be an
embarrassment as a Japanese not to mention rude not to look after a girl who's
come all this way from another country.
{Shizuka-Sensei}:True, You do have a empty seat next to you....
{Haruhiko}:That's correct, When it comes to assets and wisdom just leave all of
that to...
{Tina}:Teacher, I want that seat!
{Tina}:Over there, that seats empty too isn't it?
{Kentarou}:(Geh....I- I kinda get the feeling shes pointing at me!?)
{Tina}:I've decided with that spot!
{Kentarou}:(Do- Don't come over here!!)
{Tina}:I'm Tina.....Nice to meet you.
{Kentarou}:Ye- Yeah.
{Tina}:Hey, tell me your name.
{Kentarou}:Ki- Kimi!?
-(She said Kimi(Which is another way of saying you in Japanese) to him. I think
its supposed to be used when you're pretty close with someone. I guess since
they just met its weird its kinda weird to say Kimi instead of Anata(A more
proper thing to say to someone you just meant.)-If anyone wants to correct me
{Tina}:"Kimi" means "Anata" right?
{Kentarou}:Yeah it does but......when you normally go talking like that?
{Tina}:I really would like to know your name.
{Shizuka-Sensei}:My my....It looks like shes already decided where she wants to
{Haruhiko}:Sensei.....I- It's just too dangerous for her to sit next to him!!
{Tina}:I'm just fine with this.
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Oh well can't be help....Well then Tim, you can just sit next
to Haruhiko.
{Tim}:Tsk, I don't really care either way.....I just gotta bear with this for a
year anyway.
{Haruhiko}:O- Oh man.
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Both of you, Make sure you look after them. Both Tina and
Tim's customs and another things are alot different from ours.
{Kentarou}:(Wha wha.....I don't have the time to be looking after someone other
then myself!!)

{Mizuho}:My name is Mizuho....Nice to meet you Tina.
{Haruhiko}:Tina-san, You already know my name right?
{Haruhiko}:O- Oh come on....I introduced myself this morning when I met you in
the principals office with my dad.
{Minoru}:I- I'm Minoru.....You'll remember that right?
{Haruhiko}:Minoru, I was talking to Tina....Don't get in the way.
{Minoru}:Haruhiko, That colon stinks when you're this close.....You might get
Tina Sick or something.
{Haruhiko}:NO matter how much my Fragrance may attract girls, it would never
make them sick....Your nostrils must just be bad.
{Tina}:Ah ha ha This planet....I mean this countrys people all seem like nice
interesting people.
{Mayumi}:But you know, there are some bad people too so you should be
{Haruhiko}:He- Hey....Would you mind not looking at me?
{Kentarou}:(Tsk, well not are they the popular ones.)
{Minoru}:Hey you know I've been wondering about this for a bit but....What are
you two to each other?
{Tim}:You're so annoying, I hate people who like to get all up into peoples
{Minoru}:Oh....I see.
{Tina}:We're siblings.....And twins too.
{Mizuho}:Wow, I thought you two looked the same.
{Tim}:Tsk, My sister will talk about anything.
{Kentarou}:(That Tim guy over there feels like a stubborn little brat already.)
{Tim}:Big sis just how long are you going to talk?
{Tina}:O- Oh yeah.
{Tim}:Let's go to the lunch room already.....I'm hungry.
{Haruhiko}:Tina-San would you like to have lunch with me in the principals
office?.....Of course I will prepare food that you could call first class.
{Tim}:S- Sis...where you going?
{Kentarou}:Wha- what is it?
{Tina}:Aren't you going to go eat?
{Kentarou}:I promised that I would eat out with Minoru.
{Tina}:Well then I'll go with you.
{Kentarou}:Yo- You know.....Why are you such a over-familiar person?
{Kentarou}:First of all, whats with that over exposed outfit? Is that a native
{Tina}:Yeah all of the girls in my country wears this.....It's been decided
there that if you're a girl you have to wear this.
{Kentarou}:And floating in the air must be a law in your country
right?.....Just by looking at you I can't tell if I'm dreaming or not.
{Kentarou}:He- Hey whats with that glance?
{Tina}:It's because.....I'm sick.
{Kentarou}:Si- sick?
{Tina}:Yeah its a sickness called "The Opposite gravity body outbreak disease"
{Kentarou}:Hey, I never heard of a disease like that.
{Tina}:You wouldn't know because It's a special disease from my country.
{Tim}:Sis would you give it a rest already.
{Kentarou}:You got a problem?
{Tim}:Tsk, Why did she go though all the trouble for this guy.
{Tim}:I hate you....Be sure to remember that.
{Kentarou}:........What was with that guy? He pisses me off.

{Minoru}:Hey what were you talking with Little Tina about?
{Kentarou}:What's with the Little Tina stuff? You sound stupid.
{Minoru}:She's a very misforunante girl. She has this disease called  "Body
hydrogen fermentation  syndrome" That causes her to produce gas that makes her
{Kentarou}:Oh, That sounds completely different from what she told me.
{Minoru}:You're so lucky Kentarou....To be sitting next to her.
{Kentarou}:Well then do you wanna switch?
{Minoru}:That would be bad....I get the feeling that shes interested in you.
{Kentarou}:.....Tsk, Don't mess around. Why would she be interested in me?
{Mizuho}:What were you talking about with Tina-chan?
{Kentarou}:Damn everyones been asking me that.
{Mizuho}:Don't you think that girls pretty cute?
{Kentarou}:I'll pass on that girl who wears something in public that shows no
modesty at all.
{Mizuho}:She says its a native dress so I don't think it can be helped....Even
if she is staying in Japan she shouldn't have to change her style to Japanese
{Kentarou}:........Would that....be a problem?

{Haruhiko}:Hey....Tell me the truth.
{Haruhiko}:Did you really not know about the Transfer students?
{Kentarou}:I didn't know at all.
{Haruhito}:Hmph, That's just utter bull crap.
{Kentarou}:Oh oh, That's some strong words coming out of the mouth of the noble
son of the Satake clan.
{Haruhiko}:What was with that friendly mannar she gave you?......If you intend
to say that was your first time meeting her you could be the worlds.....No the
biggest liar in the universe.
{Kentarou}:..........Tsk, Why do I have to say this crap to everyone?.....I'm
just sitting next to her.

{Girl's voice}:Kentarou-Kun.
{Kentarou}:Yes yes who is it now?
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Good, you didn't go out to eat yet.
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Oh, Where did Tina and Tim go?
{Kentarou}:How should I know?.....I'm not those strange peoples babysitter.
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Oh honestly....Don't you think its a little harsh to call them
{Kentarou}:She's a girl who wears a swim suit in class, and she floats all over
the place. If you were to ask anyone they would say "WEIRD".
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Listen this is just between you and me but....
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Tina's a princess in a small country in the southern countries.
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Yes, The principal and I are the only ones who know this
so.....refrain from telling anyone else.
{Kentarou}:Wh- Why are you telling such an important thing to me??
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Because if I don't tell you the person who will be living next
door....it would be too late if Something careless were to happen.
{Kentarou}:Li- living next door.....You don't mean..
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Correct starting today those two will be living in the Uzuki
Dorms....The room will be next door like I said.
{Kentarou}:Yo- You're joking right!?
{Shizuka-Sensei}:Relax, Tina and her brother came here enjoy their lives as
Citizens of Japan.....So be sure to use proper lanaguage and theres no need to
be acting strange around them.
{Kentarou}:...........I- I can't relax at all!! What about me who just wants to
enjoy his final life as a high school student!!?

{Minoru}:S- say....
{Kentarou}:What now about Tina again?
{Kentarou}:Why is everyone asking me about her when I just live next to her? If
you want to know something about her ASK HER YOURSELF!!
{Minoru}:Don't get so upset. It's only for the beginning anyway.
{Kentarou}:Only for the beginning?
{Minoru}:Yeah, right now everyones asking about her but...eventually she too
will be just like another classmate.
{Kentarou}:Is that right?
{Minoru}:Plus for some reason she seems hard to approach....Although I can't
explain it into words because its too difficult.
{Kentarou}:(Could it be because....she's a princess?)
{Minoru}:What's more I didn't come to you to ask about her anyway.
{Minoru}:You know what.....there might be a girl whos fallen for me.
{Minoru}:Last saturday, when I was leaving the school.....There was a girl
staring at me from under the century tree.
{Kentarou}:(Wait a second....This sounds Familiar.)
{Minoru}:Right after she was looking at me she just averted her gaze away from
me in a heartbeat......For some reason this sweet & sour feeling filled my
heart....and my heart was trembling.
{Kentarou}:.........When it was me she didn't look at me....she ran away.
....... Could Minoru be talking about that same girl?

Spring Events and meetings(From 4/27 to 6/15)

First encounter
Place of the event: 屋上 The school rooftop
Time and Date: 12:30 Pm to 3:00 Pm Saturdays

{Girls voice}:It looks like we caused a huge shockwave......Everyone thinks it
was an earthquake too.
{Boys voice}:I told you that the approach rate was too fast. Because of that we
almost crashed onto the earths surface.
{Kentarou}:(Ugh...She's floating again.)
{Tina}:Were you searching for me by any chance?
{Kentarou}:Hey stop being so friendly.
{Kentarou}:Anyway what do you guys mean by shockwaves? ....What were you
talking about?
{Tim}:Don't just eavesdrop on our conversations.
{Kentarou}:If you don't want anyone to listen how about you go talk in the
bathrooms when noones around?
{Tim}:Tsk, Just who do you think we're going though all this trouble for anyway?
{Kentarou}:.......Hmmm, it looks like I won't be able to get along with
Tim.....Each and every word he says has thorns.

Next encounter
Place of the event: 保健室 The nurses office
Time and Date:12:30 to 3:00 Pm Saturdays

{Girl's voice}:Hey!!
{Kentarou}:(Oh no....That voice...)
{Tina}:Yay, I knew it.
{Kentarou}:Hey, use your legs and walk on the ground...What you are doing defys
the laws of gravity.
{Tina}:I can't help it....Since I'm sick.
{Kentarou}:Then let me hear your disease again.
{Tina}:Ummm I'm pretty sure its "Four weather sky floating syndrome" wasn't it?
{Kentarou}:(Is this weirdo really sick?)
{Tina}:Hey, Is this country fun?
{Kentarou}:Is this country fun? I have been living in this country since the
day I was born.....Are you trying to tell me to compare?
{Tina}:Oh....o- okay.
{Kentarou}:By the way Tina you're a princess in your country right?
{Kentarou}:Thats what Shizuka-Sensei said.
{Tina}:Ye- Yeah.
{Kentarou}:Hey, whats the country you were born from like?.....Is it a place
thats surrounded by nature and as no signs of electricity or gas or anything
like that?
{Tina}:Its a very beautiful place.....I'm sure you would like it.
{Kentarou}:........Hmph, If you're going to say all that then invite me. If you
don't charge me I could go just once.

Next encounter
Place of the event:テニスコート The Tennis court
Time and Date:12:30 to 3:00 Pm Saturdays
{Kentarou}:Hey, what are you doing here?
{Tina}:Say whats everyone doing?
{Kentarou}:This is where we play a sport called Tennis...And what sort of a
sport is tennis ? It's a game where you hit the dropped ball with a racket and
compete for points.
{Tina}:You can't lie to me.
{Kentarou}:(Tsk, So she knew.)
{Tina}:Hey, I just remembered something.
{Tina}:You have alot of female friends don't you?
{Kentarou}:You think so?
{Tina}:Yeah, You talk to girls alot in class.
{Kentarou}:Now look, I hate people who like to get nosy.....Don't just anaylize
me over a small thing like that.
{Tina}:Well it's not like I'm anaylizing you or anything.
{Kentarou}:........What did you frown for?.....Weirdo.

Next Encounter
Place of the event:卯月町駅 Uzuki Train station
Time and Date: 3:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm Saturday or Sundays

{Tina}:Well well...
{Kentarou}:Tina, What are you doing here?
{Tina}:Were you looking for me?
{Kentarou}:Do- Don't be stupid....I just happened to be passing by.
{Tina}:Oh, how boring.
{Kentarou}:(What the hell is going on in this girls head?.....Does she think
I'm like her attendent or something?)
{Tina}:.....I just noticed something.
{Tina}:You have a pretty regular living style.
{Tina}:I mean it looks like you go to sleep at 11.
{Kentarou}:What the....Were you observing me or something?
{Tina}:Well I can hear you.
{Kentarou}:What's more why are you living in dorms? .....Since you're a
princess how about you go live in  a high class mansion.
{Tina}:Do you....dislike living next to me?
{Tina}:You must...hate me I bet.
{Kentarou}:.........It's not like I hate her its just there are times when I
feel oddly annoyed with her.....and I don't know why.

Next Encounter
Place of the event:ハッピーストライク Happy strike
Time and Date: 3:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm Saturday or Sundays

{Kentarou}:Whats this have you decided go back to your island home?
{Tim}:I see, so what big sis said was true.
{Tim}:You told sis to leave the dorms didn't you?
{Kentarou}:She said something that made it seem she was observing me so I just
complained.....you said so yourself Tim that you hate nosy people.
{Tim}:Is there some sort of inconvenience you would encounter because we live
next to you?
{Tim}:It must be about moments when you would bring a girl to your room I
bet.....That would be something for someone who thinks about nothing but that
stuff to worry about wouldn't it? Geez.
{Kentarou}:........For someone who has such a baby face he sure says some
pretty mean things.

Next encounter
Place of the event:土下座 Coffee shop
Time and Date: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM Saturdays or Sundays

{Kentarou}:Hey, Don't just greet me in a voice and style like Mayumi's.
{Tina}:But Mayumi told me that this is the official way to do it.
{Kentarou}:(I wonder what else that Mayumi told her.)
{Kentarou}:Wha- What is it?
{Tina}:Is that a Pendant?
{Tina}:You know, that gold metal around your neck thats showing a little bit.
{Kentarou}:Ho- How annoying....You don't need to worry about stuff like that.
{Tina}:Have you had it for a long time?
{Kentarou}:Like I said its none of your business.
{Tina}:Let me see.
{Kentarou}:No way.
{Tina}:Let me see.
{Kentarou}:Di- Did I not just say "No way"?
{Kentarou}:......I guess Tina has moments where she can be pushy
sometimes......It must be because she's a princess she has a big ego.

Next encounter
Place of the event:スターシップ Starship Arcade
Time and Date: 3:00 TO 7:00 pm Saturdays or sundays

{Kentarou}:Hey now Hey now, Stop breaking the law of gravitiy.
{Tina}:But this way is much easier.
{Tina}:U- Uhhh....It's nothing at all.
{Kentarou}:(Did this girl just say...."easier" just now?)
{Tina}:Ah....You're wearing the Pendant.
{Kentarou}:C'm- C'mon....Give it a rest.
{Tina}:I'm sure it must be an important Pendant.
{Tina}:Hmm mm mm, Was it a present from your girlfriend or something?
{Kentarou}:Say....Can I ask you something?
{Kentarou}:Why did you sit next to me?
{Tina}:Why? Because the seat was empty.
{Kentarou}:Tsk, But the seat next to Haruhiko was empty too.
{Tina}:Because you have such beautiful eyes.....I think that may be the reason
why I decided to sit next to you.
{Kentarou}:.......My eyes are beautiful?  .........Uggggh...yuck I'm going to
be sick. I've always been very uncomfortable with words like that."

Next encounter
Place of the event:ラブラブ Love love hotel
Time and Date: 3:00 TO 7:00 pm Saturdays or sundays

{Tina}:Hey hey, Look look!!
{Kentarou}:Ha- Haah!?
{Tina}:.....You see? I'm using both my legs to walk on the ground.
{Kentarou}:Don't brag about it. It's a natural action.
{Tina}:You know what, I think I've gotten pretty accustomed to this countrys
lifestyle. Just recently I cooked with Tim.
{Kentarou}:Do you mean the time when you were being Loud inside your room?
{Tina}:That was because in the middle of it, Tim tried to opened the rice
cooker lid....Even though I told him it was a bad idea.
{Kentarou}:Now look, You don't have to get all excited over just cooking simple
{Tina}:You may think its simple but I think its pretty difficult.....Because at
that time fumes started coming out of the rice cooker too.
{Kentarou}:Why would fumes be coming out of it? Anyone can add water to the
rice cooker and wash uncooked rice.
{Tina}:Ah....You gotta add water?
{Tina}:Ah ha ha ha.....That was resourceful. Thank you.
{Kentarou}:.......Tha- That's too dangerous......If I leave them to fend for
themselves, sooner or later this Dorm may catch on fire.

									To be continued....