Kakyuusei (Import) Prologue Translation v4.0
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Kakyuusei (Import) Prologue Translation

by DingoEnderZOE2   Updated to v4.0 on
			    Prologue Translation
				Version 4.0.
Copyright 2007 Tenchi(Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com) As always please respect all my
hard work by asking for permission if you would like to post this on WebPages
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This faq contains Japanese text in S-Jis encoding.

Kakyuusei by Elf Corporation

I'm not trying to be fluent in Japanese. I'm just trying to learn and
understand it more. Since I'm still very new at this I do not Guarantee a 100 %
accurate translation so I welcome any comments and suggestions that you feel
would help improve this File. I'm doing translations for both the fun of it, to
hopefully improve my Japanese more and to give you a better understanding on
what's going on and what's being said during the scenarios I translate. Of
course its also better to own the game and enjoy the experience while playing
as well instead of just reading. Please feel free to send your comments or
suggestions to Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com.

Once again you can name the main character anything you want. But I prefer to
use the default name which in this case its Kentarou.



Ver 1.1 -01.24.2005
-Here we go again eh? My first new guide of the new year. Completed up until
after you first run into Shizuka-Sensei and I stopped half way thou their

Ver 1.5  -01.31.2005
-Completed the guide up to when you're talking with Minoru. Also thanks to a
very reliable source I found out that the name of the town is called Uzuki not

Ver 2.0  -02.04.2005
-Completed the guide up until the official end of the prologue. But just like
on my Kakyuusei 2 prologue translation I'm gonna keep going up until the point
where you can first move your character. So until next time.

Ver 2.5 -02.06.2005
-Completed the guide up until when you first get to move your character. Now
all thats left is to double check the guide,translate that one sentence, and do
a grammar check. Then I can consider another guide complete. Until next time.

Ver 3.0 -02.08.2005
-Got some help with that one sentence I had trouble with. Now I can consider
this guide finished. Of course you never know I could always come back to edit
if I want. Well until next time.

Ver 3.1 -08.19.2005
-No big update. Just a minor grammer correction. Changed all the incorrect
"Your" 's to the correct "You're".

Ver 3.5 -03.17.2007
-Spaced out the paragraphs and as a special bonus I added the Japanese dialogue
along with the English translations.

Ver 4.0 -04.22.2007
- Spaced out the sentences a little bit better.


Prologue Translation
{Master}: Good work, Kentaro-Kun.
-["Master" in this case is a title. It basically means the owner of a coffee

{Kentaro}: Haah haah, My hands are all soft and flabby from all that washing and

{Master}: Ahh yes, tomorrow your classes start correct?

{Kentaro}: Goddamnit, You worked me to death during my spring break, and you
even had me work until the opening school ceremony.

{Master}: That's no trouble at all, Since the opening ceremony goes on until

{Kentaro}: Don't you think that this is overkill for your young employee?

{Master}: Hahaha, Well I am your relative after all so I can do that. 
In addition to that, your parents asked me to take care of you.

{Kentaro}: Hmph, Did they ask you to work me like a dog?

{Master}: By the way Kentaro-kun, The truth is I have a favor to ask of you.

{Kentaro}: (This old guy isn't even listening to a thing I'm saying.)

{Master}: You think you could quit school?

{Kentaro}: HUH!?

{Master}: Well you know whenever you're not around to help, the fact that things
get busy troubles me. So if you didn't go to school I figured you could work
here every day.

{Kentaro}: Now listen.....Didn't you say that my Pop and my mother asked you to
take care of me earlier?

{Master}: However other then taking care of you, what I do with you is my

{Kentaro}: .........

{Master}: .........

{Kentaro}: Umm uhh, now listen old man.

{Master}: Hahaha....I'm only joking. Here's your pay for this week.

{Kentaro}: Geez paying 400 yen an hour in this day and age is too awful.

{Master}: Oh well, if you didn't want it you should have just said so.

{Kentaro}: Wait, I do want it, give it here!!

{Master}: Kentaro-Kun I'll be counting on you again when Summer vacation

{Kentaro}: No thank you, who would want to want in a concentration camp
disguised as a coffee house?

{Master}: If you tell me that you don't want to work.....
I'll just send a letter to your parents saying you're becoming a vegetable from
inhaling too much thinner. 
-(He's implying using paint paint as a narcotic)-

{Kentaro}: Ar-Are you threatening me?

{Master}: Ah Oh yes.....You're off work on sundays but make sure you come to
work during the holidays. 
Our establishment doesn't take breaks other then on New Years day after all.

【けんたろう】……。お、鬼っっ、悪魔ぁ!! ……。ちくしょう、いつか店に火をつけてやる。
{Kentaro}: ........You, You Demon, You DEVIL!! ........ Damn it Someday I'll set
this shop ablaze. 

..... Ahhhhh it's already this late. That damn Master, he's always making me
work too close to my curfew.
{Kentaro}: Whew.........It looks like I made it in time. Man don't you think the
dorms  8 o clock curfew is too strict?

{Girls voice}: Exactly what is strict?

{Kentaro}: Ah....Shizuka-Sensei.

{Shizuka}: You must be talking about the curfew aren't you?

{Kentaro}: Oh how did you know?

{Shizuka}: Because that's what you're always complaining about.

{Kentaro}: C'mon Sensei, use your power to turn the curfew into 11 o clock. 
You live in the same dorm too so this would involve you too wouldn't it?

{Shizuka}: The 8 o clock curfew is only applys for students, what's more on
Sundays and on holidays you get to have until 11 PM don't you?

{Kentaro}: What I'm trying to say is, I want to have until 11 PM every day.

{Shizuka}: That would be impossible, this is what the highest authority of the
school board decided after all.

{Kentaro}: Tsk So that bald guy came up with this.

{Shizuka}: You shouldn't speak in such a tone about your school's president.

{Kentaro}: If you ask while flaunting your body, I think that bald guy would get
a nose bleed and then agree to it.

{Shizuka}: And why should I resort to flaunting my body for your curfew?

{Kentaro}: If you think of it as for my sake then there wouldn't be a problem
with using your body now would there?

{Shizuka}: Yes there would be a problem.

{Kentaro}: Okay okay, I get it.

{Shizuka}: If you don't obey the curfew we're going to have to chase you out of
the dorm. 
While Uzuki campus may endorse a free public moral system we're quite strict
with our time limits.

{Kentaro}: Tsk, Everyone's threatening me.

{Shizuka}: You're also living away from your parents, and Uzuki Campus does not
approve of Students living alone.

{Kentaro}: I wanted to come back earlier, But that damn Dogeza's Master worked
me to death. 
He always makes me works close to past the curfew.

{Shizuka}: The Dogeza's Master is a peculiar man isn't he?

{Kentaro}: What about you Sensei, where were you up until now?

{Shizuka}: We hold staff meetings every day around here. 
The president would be attending as well so I couldn't very well skip it could I?

{Kentaro}:Hmmmm even though we were on spring break?

{Shizuka}: Yes, You could say that we were having the greatest emergency ever in
the history of the school.

{Kentaro}: Yo-you don't mean..

{Shizuka}: Eh?

{Kentaro}: Like did the school president commit suicide?

{Shizuka}: Like I mentioned before, the school president was attending as well.

{Kentaro}: Then then, did the vice principal commit suicide?

{Shizuka}: That's not it.

{Kentaro}: Well then well then, someone from the school staff committed suicide

{Shizuka}: No that's not it.

{Kentaro}: Then then, Did the students all commit a mass suicide during spring
break or something?

{Shizuka}: Hold on.

{Kentaro}: Yes?

{Shizuka}: Do you harbor a grudge against Uzuki campus?

{Kentaro}: None....for now at least.

{Shizuka}: You have such an ominous choice of words.

{Kentaro}: Sensei, c'mon tell me.

{Shizuka}: I'm afraid right now It's forbidden to speak of.

{Kentaro}: You tightwad.

{Shizuka}: You'll find out sooner or later whether you want to or not. 
In any case, Class begins tomorrow so hurry up and get some rest.

{Kentaro}: ....... Just what is this.....greatest emergency?
{Kentaro}: .......Tomorrow.....The Boring classes start again. 
I've been......doing nothing but work all during my spring break.

The only times I had free time were on Sundays, so it was exactly as if I was
going to school.

-Ring Ring-

{Kentaro}: Damn, shut up.....I'm in a really bad mood right now.

-Picks up phone-

{Minoru}: Hell--ooo, is this Kentaro?

{Kentaro}: (Oh....it's only Minoru.)

{Minoru}: Hey this is Kentaro right?

{Kentaro}: Hmph even you should know that I live alone Minoru. 
Plus who would pick up the phone besides me?

{Minoru}: Don't sweat the details, it was just a careless "hello." 
Plus there's always the chance that I may have called the wrong number isn't

{Kentaro}: Then let me ask you, Where are you calling to?

{Minoru}: The Uzuki Campus dorm, to Kentaro's room.

{Kentaro}: Wrong.
-Hangs up!!-

{Kentaro}: Whew....
-Ring Ring-

{Kentaro}: Man such a hard headed guy,
-Picks up phone-

{Minoru}: Do-Don't just hang up the phone like that!!

{Kentaro}: Who are you calling to?

{Minoru}: To Kentaro's room!

{Kentaro}: Wrong.

{Minoru}: Wa-Wait, cut that out already!!

{Kentaro}: Listen Minoru.....Right now I'm in an extremely bad mood.

{Minoru}: Bad mood......Did something happen?

{Kentaro}: It's the opposite of that, Because I've been doing nothing but work
nothing happened, thats why I'm in a bad mood.

{Minoru}: Haah?

{Kentaro}: Hmph, You won't ever understand how delicate and fragile, like the
black, metallic body of a car, my heart is.

{Minoru}: You say such incomprehensible things ya know that?

{Kentaro}: You sure got it easy Minoru........Living under your parents
protection, not needing to work, get to sleep all you want, and leading a life
of indolence. 

{Minoru}: Now you don't have to put it like that.Besides I got a part time job
too you know.

{Kentaro}: Like Massaging your mother's shoulders?

{Minoru}: No!

{Kentaro}: Then are you making umbrella's?

{Minoru}: What am I, a ronin of the Edo Period!?
-["Kasa-hari" is piecework popularly associated with masterless samurais
(ronin) who pasted oiled paper on wooden umbrella frames to earn money. 
(Umbrellas did not last long because of the material, and there was quite large
demand for them.]

{Kentaro}: Anyway Minoru, what is it that you wanted exactly?

{Minoru}: Nothing big, I just wanted to talk to you.

{Kentaro}: Tsk, I'll hear you out so just hurry up and spit it out.

{Minoru}: Starting today we're seniors now aren't we?

{Kentaro}: Yeah....Time sure does fly.

{Minoru}: Both me and you are in the 3rd year group, it would be nice if we got
the same class again.

{Kentaro}: You think so?

{Minoru}: Don't be late tomorrow.

{Kentaro}: .....

{Minoru}: What's the matter.....You got all quiet on me all of a sudden.

{Kentaro}: Hey Minoru is that all you wanted to say to me?

{Minoru}: Yeah, pretty much.

{Kentaro}: Hmph, what's this " It would be nice if we got the same class again"

......... I get the feeling that last year.....Didn't Minoru said almost the
exact same thing? 

If only I could repeat the time from then up until now.....I guess I'm already
going to graduate from Uzuki campus. 

.......I wonder what I'm going to be doing one year from now.
                            	         		     You, one year from now
					  Just what are you going to do?				     
		       			The only one who can determine that			         
				  		       is you.		    
	                 		That's correct the future isn't something you wait for	
                            	                           It's what you create.

{Kentaro}: ........ -Yaaawn-.......It's morning already. ......
Starting today..Those Boring classes are starting. 

...... If I just hang around I'll gonna be late. I guess I'll hurry up and get
dressed and head for school.
{Minoru}:Kentaro, Don't just hang up on me like that.

{Kentaro}: It's because you called me saying such confusing rubbish.

{Minoru}: With that aside our Classes this time,looks like it'll have a lot of
cute girls.

{Kentaro}: Now look, you always do this but don't go trying to just change the

{Minoru}: Mizuho's here, and even Reiko's here.

{Kentaro}: I don't mind that Mizuho's here at all but, Reiko being here doesn't
really make me all too thrilled.

{Minoru}: Come on now, You can just say you're glad that Mizuho's here. 
There's been a rumor going around that you've liked Mizuho since we were

{Kentaro}: Like I've been saying, that was all a misunderstanding.

{Minoru}: Oh.....speak of the devil and all that.

{Mizuho}: Good morning.

{Kentaro}: G-Good morning.

{Mizuho}: Since we were in seperate classes last year, It's great that we're in
the same class again don't you think?

1.Say "Of course I'm happy being in the same class too." 
{Kentaro}: Yeah, of course I'm glad to be in the same class as you too.

{Mizuho}: Since this is our last year, let's make tons of fun memories.

{Kentaro}: Uh huh, I want to make TONS of fun memories.

{Mizuho}: Ah.....Class is getting ready to start.

2.Respond like it's no big deal to you.-Affection points +3-
{Kentaro}: Is that right?

{Mizuho}: Is that right? Is that all you have to say?

{Kentaro}: Yeah...pretty much.

{Mizuho}: Hahaha....you haven't changed.

{Kentaro}: Wha- what do you mean?

{Mizuho}: You've always been like that.

{Kentaro}: Hm-Hmph.....That's not your concern.

{Mizuho}: Ah.....Class is getting ready to start.

3.Don't say anything just laugh.
{Kentaro}: Ha ha ha...ha.

{Mizuho}: Wha- what's the matter?

{Kentaro}: No-nothing big...really.

{Mizuho}: You're weird.

{Reiko}: ........

{Kentaro}: (Ugh...It's Reiko.)

{Reiko}: Being in the same class as you again is the same as a Funeral and a
Buddha's death combined in one day.

{Kentaro}: If you really think so then don't talk to me.

{Reiko}: As always you're an impertinent man......First of all since we're in
the same class shouldn't you be the one greeting me first?

{Kentaro}: Because Reiko is the princess of the Shindo house right?

{Reiko}: Would you kindley stop addressing me without adding "San"......You
calling my name just gives me goosebumps.

{Kentaro}: .......Hmph, I'm in the same class of Reiko again. This years gonna
{Shinji]: Uh, Hello.

{Kentaro}: Oh what are you doing here? 

{Shinji}: I'm....in the C group too.

{Kentaro}: Oh yeah?

{Shinji}: I'm so glad to be in the same class as you. 
After all with the exception of you I don't have any close friends you see.

{Kentaro}: Close friends??

{Shinji}: So-sorry.....I meant friends.

{Kentaro}: Well...I guess I can tolerate the friends part.

{Shinji}: Come to think of it....Minoru's in the C group too isn't he?

{Kentaro}: Yeah, that would make this our third year together.

{Shinji}: He's so lucky.

{Kentaro}: Why you say that?

{Shinji}: Because he's so close to you.

{Kentaro}: (Hey now, are you a homo or something?)

{Shinji}: Kentaro.....Let's get along well during our year together.

{Kentaro}: .......Tsk, Just looking at that guys pale face just irritates me.
{Miko}: Ah....

{Kentaro}: Oh what's this, It's Miko-chan.

{Miko}: Good afternoon.

{Kentaro}: Weren't you in the B group class Miko-chan?

{Miko}: .......

{Kentaro}: Uh, Hello Miko-chan....Are you listening?

{Miko}: Eh?

{Kentaro}: Like I said you're in the B group class right?

{Miko}: Yes.....I'm so disappointed that I'm not in the same class as Mizuho.

{Kentaro}: (I see.....Well Miko-chan and Mizuho are close friends after all.)

{Miko}: But if I come here like this I'll be able to speak to Mizuho.

{Kentaro}: Ha ha ha....You won't talk to me too?

{Miko}: Is there something you want to talk to me about?

{Kentaro}: We-well when you ask me that I don't know how to answer.

{Miko}: Ah....class is about to start.

{Kentaro}: .......Miko-chan...left the class room.
{Girl}: Good afternoon.

{Kentaro}: Eh?

【真由美】私、《橘 真由美》……よろしくね。
{Mayumi}: I'm Tacibana Mayumi.....nice to meet ya.

{Kentaro}: Ye-Yeah, like wise.

{Mayumi}: Ha ha ha....I'm finally in the same class as you.

{Kentaro}: (Hmph....What an overly friendly girl.)

{Mayumi}: I've known about you since our first year.

{Kentaro}: Oh is that so...

{Mayumi}: As for me you can just call me Mayumi.

{Kentaro}: (Is this person even listening to anything I'm saying?)

{Mayumi}: Say say, You're a pretty strong fighter aren't you? 
You fought with tons of upperclassmen when you were a freshman right?

{Kentaro}: I've forgotten all about those times.

{Mayumi}: You know, I'm very attracted to strong guys.

{Kentaro}: Well then how about you start going out with a Gorilla?

{Mayumi}: Ah ha ha ha.....Let's chat sometime okay?

{Kentaro}: ....What was up with that weirdo chick?
{Kentaro}: All right it's finally the day I've been waiting for, Saturday after



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