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The Legacy Continues...


One day, back when I was the proud owner of a Dreamcast, I was browsing a game store, and one game caught my eye. It had a big sticker on it, notifying me that it was reduced. It wasn't that which caught my eye however... It was the picture of some kind of demon on the front. I thought he looked cool, so I picked up the box and had a look on the back. The game was Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I decided to buy it, since it was reduced, and I had some spare cash at the time. I continued shopping, went home a little while later and figured I'd try my newest game out.

From that moment, I was addicted.

The game was a great game, but still more than that. To me, it seemed more like an interactive story - the twists and turns in the plot kept me hanging on, wanting more - as if I were reading a good book, or watching a great film. The gameplay itself was great, and the voice-acting was perfection at its finest. Truly Amazing! I was totally hooked...

Then came Soul Reaver 2, and I bought it as soon as it hit the shelves, needing a fix to satisfy my hunger for the continuation of the Legacy of Kain plotline. By this time, Raziel had become an old friend to me, and I enjoyed every moment of his hunt for Kain. While Soul Reaver 2 was flawed in ways, the plotline kept me playing - to find out what would happen next in this amazing story.

I completed Soul Reaver 2 shortly after buying it, and was actually annoyed. I loved the ending, but I was annoyed that I'd have to wait years for the next part of the story.

At this point, I have to say that I have never played either of the Blood Omen games - I was nurtured into the LoK series from Raziel's point of view, Kain was my enemy, and I grew to dislike him. So playing as Kain in the Blood Omen games never really held any interest for me... I did, however, find out as much about the story as I could - to help me understand better the workings of Soul Reavers 1 and 2.

And so after my completion of Soul Reaver 2, the years passed... I played many other games, and - dare I say it - forgot about Soul Reaver... Yes, I played SR2 again - by this time I had sold my Dreamcast (and my copy of Soul Reaver 1) - but I knew that Soul Reaver 3 (as it was believed to be then) wasn't anywhere near release.

And then suddenly, I came across a trailer on the net for a game known as Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Curious, I downloaded it and watched. And once again, my addiction hit me. This game brought Raziel and Kain together, it looked good, but more importantly, the story would continue!

From that moment, I hungered for more information, pictures and trailers... Until, eventually, the day I had been waiting for. The release of Legacy of Kain: Defiance. And I didn't buy the game... I was unemployed, and couldn't afford it. So I waited until my birthday, having hinted very clearly that I NEEDED that game... My birthday came, and I opened the game I had been waiting for, placing it into my Xbox, feeling like a giddy schoolboy all over again. I played it almost continuously, eagerly taking in every scrap of the story as it unfolded through my progress in the game.

I was amazed once more, the graphics were great, the voice-acting once again perfect, and the story unfolded seamlessly, giving me more insight into the LoK world, and giving me better understanding, and even new views, on things I had learnt from the previous games.

The combat is great, making it easy to fight multiple opponents at a time - which you will be doing, and pull off both basic, and advanced combos (which you'll learn as you gain experience through the game). The telekinetic abilities that both characters show only add to the fun of combat in Defiance. Having a bit of trouble with some enemies? Hold one in a telekinetic field, or even throw him off the edge of a cliff or bridge - or into other enemies, bowling them over too...

But it's the story that really makes the game shine.

I watched as I finally caught up with Kain, and Raziel managed the act that had eluded him for the past two games.

And then, the event that left me in shock... I won't say what happens, as you need to play the game to truly comprehend.

I completed Defiance the other day. They're making another LoK game, but it's going to take a while to create of course. So once again, I re-enter the cycle, waiting for the next installment in this amazing story...

All I can say is that this is a game that you truly need to play. It can be understood by newcomers to the series, although those who have played the previous games will, of course, have a better understanding of various points.

All in all, games this good are special, and very rare indeed - and well worth your money.



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