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[edit] Background

Richard, the game's main protagonist, and The Prince if Sabure have shared a royal rivalry since they were small children. The two are often found competing against each one another, even about the most trivial things. One thing both young men take seriously is fencing, however, and Richard always bests The Prince of Sabure. One day, a messenger arrives from a small neighboring kingdom, warning the Princes of an Evil King who has invaded the Mille-Feuille Kingdom and captured the Princess, Tiramisu. In an attempt to best The Prince of Sabure Kingdom, Richard steals a boat and runs off to the Kingdom ahead of him, hoping to rescue the Princess first. And the adventure begins...

[edit] Game Play

The game is played from a top-down perspective, using sprites, much like the early and handheld Legend of Zelda games. Some side-scrolling platforming segments are included in dungeon, cave, and other similar locations exploration.

Richard can use a single item at a time to help aide him in solving puzzles or combating enemies.

Richard can also transform into a Frog or Snake, both of which allow the him to reach areas he couldn't normally.

Combat: when the player touches an enemy sprite on the overworld and occur automatically.

[edit] Features

[edit] Notes

Informally known as For the Frog the Bell Tolls

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  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Genre: Adventure (GBC)
  • Theme(s): Fantasy
  • Perspective(s): Top Down,Flat side view
Release Dates
  • Japan: Sep 4, 1992