[edit] Background

JUTLAND seeks to push the envelope of real time 3D military simulations with one of the most realistic ballistics ever created in a commercial wargame.

Jutland also features an unprecedented 3D naval game environment, featuring hundreds of highly detailed, historically accurate 3D WWI Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Torpedo Boats from the countries of Germany, England, and France.

[edit] Features

State of the Art 3d Real Time Strategy Game Engine - including multiple, dynamic light sources on properly equipped game systems. Play in full screen or windowed mode at any color depth or screen resolution your computer can support.

Expanded Battle-Space - 4x more ocean to push your huge dreadnaughts though! Battles are fought in a 200km x 200km battle space, with the North Sea as the back drop.

Realistic Ballistics Model - every shell fired is tracked, from 37mm and up, including armor penetration calculations.
Dynamic Lighting and Weather changes during battles. Weather and lighting affect ship and weapon performance. Heavy seas slow ships down, and interfere with the use of guns mounted near or below current wave heights. Dynamic wave meshes, high frequency light maps and dramatic improvements to ocean appearance.

3d Surround Sound - Full 3D Directional Battle and Environmental game sounds. Everything from the clanking of the ships engines to shells flying overhead, to explosions in the distance.

5 Star Musical Score - A Rich original sound track created to enhance a captivating gaming experience.
User selectable 3D Camera Controls � 5 user-selectable 3D camera controls, based on popular 1st person shooter controls.

24 Hr Astronomical Engine - Historically accurate astronomical engine tracks proper position of the stars, the sun, the moon position and phase for any location and time of year of each battle.

Detailed 3d models of 900 historical ships - The 1916 North Sea navies of Germany, England, and France, featuring Battleships, Dreadnaughts, Armored Cruisers, Battle Cruisers, Destroyers, and Torpedo Boats! Hull Armor is historically placed and rated for quality and thickness.

32 Player Multi-play - JUTLAND features exciting multiplayer clashes on both LAN and internet multi-play. Drop out rejoin, in game assign/re-assign ships, integrated Order of Battle display. Game speed will depend on the users internet connection speeds, lag time, cpu speeds, and total number of players.

Searchlights & Star shells - Realistic night time effects with ship board search lights and star shells.

Extensive Navigation Assistance Logic - including automatic torpedo and collision avoidance, helps you keep your forces organized during a battle.

Shell Cam - Shells and torpedoes are visible on the way to their targets. Shell-cam allows you to see the battle as viewed from flying shells.

Detailed Resolution of Damage and Repairs - improved crew based damage control for on-board flooding and fires.

Limited Intelligence - Realistic limited intelligence integrated throughout the game environment. You only see enemy forces that can be seen from your own ships.

Campaign game & Stand alone scenarios - A May 1916 North Sea Campaign game is included with the JUTLAND Standard Version. A complete yearlong 1916 North Sea Campaign is included with the JUTLAND Pro Version. Both versions include many historical and hypothetical variant stand alone scenarios.

In Game Players' guide - an extensive player's guide is included inside the game.

Try Before you Buy - Download the game and play the introductory battle for free! If you decide you want to play the full game, online registration is fast and easy and most important, the complete game is already installed. Just unlock and go!

[edit] Hardware Requirements

PC Intel Pentium 4 1700 mHz or AMD Equivalent - 1GB Ram - Nvidia Gforce 3D Card or ATI Equivalent

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  • North America: Q3 2008
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