Just Dance 4 Achievements

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Just Sweatin'(5)Complete a Sweat Class
First Dance(10)Complete your First Song
I Work Out(10)Complete a full 10 Minute Sweat Class
Perfect Finish(10)Get a Perfect on the Last Move of a Song
Wheel… of… Gifts!(10)Unlock an Item from the Wheel of Gifts
3 Star Performance(15)Get 3 Stars on a Song
Golden!(15)Perform all Gold Moves in a Song
Let's do the Time Warp Again(15)Dance to Time Warp Twice in a Row
RickRoll'd(15)Win a Battle as the Never Gonna Give You Up Coach
Stuck on Replay(15)Dance to the Same song 3 times in a row
5 Star Performance(20)Get 5 Stars on a Song
Baby is in the Corner(20)Dance to (I've Had) The Time of my Life Alone
Bring it on!(20)Complete a full 25 Minute Sweat Class
Dancing Friends!(20)Dance to We No Speak Americano with 3 Others
Highway to the Stars(20)Get 3 Stars on 5 Songs
Mixing it up(20)Get 5 Stars on any Mash-Up
On a Quest(20)Complete 5 Dance Quests
Streaker!(20)Get 10 Perfect Moves in a row in any Song
There's no I in Dance(20)In any Dance Crew Song, All Four Players Get 3 Stars or better (Four Coaches)
Winning!(20)Win a Battle
Blind Ambition(25)Get 5 Stars on a Song with Pictograms Disabled
Dynamic Duo(25)Finish a Duet with 2 players getting 5 Stars on both choreographies
Getting Warmed Up(25)Burn 500 Calories in Sweat Mode
Looking Good(25)Perform only Good Moves or better in a Song
New Sheriff in Town(25)Get 5 Stars on the Extreme Version of Wild Wild West
Solid Gold Baby!(25)Perform all Gold Moves in 5 Songs
Epic Winning!(30)Win each Battle Once
Musical Statues(30)In any Dance Crew Song, All Four Players Stay Still for 30 seconds
Reflection of Perfection(30)Complete a Song with 80% or more Perfect Moves
Rising Star(30)Get 5 Stars on 5 Songs
Superstar!(30)Get 3 Stars on All Songs (No Alternate Versions, Mash-Ups or Battles)
In-Sync(35)In any Dance Crew Song, All Four Players Get 5 Stars (Four Coaches)
You got the Moves!(40)Perform only Good Moves or better in 5 Songs
Spartan(45)Complete a full 45 Minute Sweat Class
Feel the Burn(50)Burn 1000 Calories in Sweat Mode
Megastar!(50)Get 5 Stars on All Songs (No Alternate Versions, Mash-Ups or Battles)
The Complete Package(50)Complete at least one Class from each of the 5 Sweat Programs
Burn Baby Burn!(100)Burn 2000 Calories in Sweat Mode
Secret Achievements-