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Bonding With The CIA

The good:

- This is the largest game in terms of map size ever created for PlayStation2...)*
- A nice range of unlockable weapons and vehicles which all handle pretty well.
- Interesting concept for a storyline and some great supporting characters.
- Lots of action: this is basically an interactive Steven Segal film.
- The re-usable parachute is just as much fun as it sounds...
- Mid-air hijacking of planes and helicopters, plus hijacking cars by landing on their roofs.
- Heavy Drops!

The bad:

- *...meaning you'll get lost or spend lots of time walking rather slowly.
- Graphically not so strong on textures or detail, but distance shots are nice enough, I suppose.
- Dull central character.
- Terrible and limited music, and the sound effects could do with a decent overhaul.
- Repetative side missions.


Taking a glance at the Bad column above, you might wonder why I've still given JUST CAUSE on PlayStation2 such a high score.

The answer is simple: while the game doesn't look like Miss Hawai'ian Tropics and it sounds like all the sound has been developed inside a rusty can of baked beans, it's so much fun. Just as GOLDENEYE 007 and the original SONIC THE HEDGEHOG games have been superceeded by better-looking titles yet still retain their playability, JUST CAUSE will keep drawing you back for the sheer fun factor alone. This is thanks to several key gameplay features that place the adventures...

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