Jurassic Park (SEGAMS) Cheats

Jurassic Park cheats, Tips, and Codes for SEGAMS.


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Password inside the game manual
Inside the game manual, in the bit explaining the password screen usage, is a screenshot with a password in it. This password takes you to the Volcano stage of the game as Grant.

The password is: AVVUP8EL


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Additional Options Menu
Select Grant and the easy difficulty on the options screen. Use the controller configuration option to return to the default settings. Then hold A and press Start and the additional options menu will appear.
Cheat mode
Enter NYUKNYUK as a password.
(This is a reference to the 3 Stooges, by the way.)

Enabling this code allows you to use player 2's controller to move (fly) Grant or the Raptor around the screen. A, B, and C have various effects, like restoring health and restoring all items.