Jurassic Park III: Park Builder review
You bet Jurassic, it's Jurassic Park

The good:

Collecting the hundreds of dino DNA
Seeing how long your park wiill last
Manipulating people.

The bad:

Small variety of buildings compared to dinos


This game's the best Jurassic Park for the GBA that's out there... Too bad it's not that great.

Gameplay: You start out with a large plot of land, an island actually. You have to clear out some space for your park using the build menu, then you can actually do something.
There are only about 5 or so shops and hotels available, but you can build about 8 of each. You need to make roads, pathways, and rotaries to drop people off and have them spend some cash. This game's pretty realistic in the fact that the people won't eat unless they're hungry (walked 15 spaces or more), won't stay at a hotel unless it's the best and cheap enough, and complain about how the park's always the same thing.
To start, basically build whatever you want, but don't go crazy, since you'll need the money for expeditions. You'll also need to advertise and meet the demands of customers in various ways.
Once you get some DNA, you can make dinosaurs and then, well, just sit back and watch. As you can see, there's not much to do in this game except for build stuff and make money. Sometimes, however, there are events such as rival park builders out to steal dinos, etc. but it's not really much to get excited about.
The game's over once you're deep in debt for a certain period of time.

Sound: Terrible, what else can I say?

Control: Easy. R is to open up the build menu, L is to open up the park management menu, A is selsect, and B is cancel. One of the few upsides to the game.

Replayability: Pretty ok. You can trade dinosaurs with your friends, try out new park tactics, or just try to keep your park up as long as you can.

Closing Comments: Nothing much to marvel about, this game's pretty short, and not worth $20, let alone $15. If you're into repetitive park builders, then go for it. It was a mistake for me to go for it, however, as I was greatly disappointed after the first 5 or so hours... and that's all the time you'll need to create a good park. The rest of the 20 hours you'll probably be spending would be invested in leaving your GBA on and waiting for the money to come in. Quite boring actually.

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