Jurassic Park III: Park Builder Cheats

Jurassic Park III: Park Builder cheats, and Codes for GBA.


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100% confidence
For people to have 100% confidence in your park make your park name Confidence100.
Type in Bonus-Park as your park name and you will start with 10,000,000,000 dollars insted of 1,000,000.
To enter one of these codes, when starting a new game enter one of the following bolded phrases as your Park Name to activate the corresponding effect:

Bonus-Park - You start the game with 99,000,000 Gold.

Zero-Park - You start the game with no dinosaur DNA.

Confidence100 - You start with 100% confidence.

Items-Park - You start the game with all shop items.
Get 99,000,000 Grand

Put Bonus-Park as the name of your park.
Have no trees in your park.

Enter Isla Sorna as your park's name.
High Opinion from Men

To have a high opinion from men, enter ''Men's-Park'' as your park name.
High Opinions From Couples

To have high opinions from couples, put ''Love-Park'' as the name of your park.
More Veg

Name your park 'Isla Nublar'.
No Dinosaur DNA

Enter Zero-Park as the name of your park to make it have absolutely no dinosuar DNA.
Park Name Codes
Isla_Sorna - Clean park

Luckybus20 - Lots of buses

Mens_Park - Only men like park
Start with 20 Buses

Name your park ''Luckybus-20'' to start with twenty buses.
Start with all Shop Items

Enter ''Items-Park'' as your park name.
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