Jungle Strike (GENESIS)
Jungle Strike FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Jungle Strike FAQ/Walkthrough

by Apathetic Aardvark   Updated to v1.0 on

                                Jungle Strike

Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark            Email: sinenomine@gmail.com
All rights reserved                           Version 1.0      12/21/2004

                         Index/Table of Contents

   Before You Start...................................................ii
   Walkthrough and Story..............................................iii

At this point this walkthrough is not complete.  Only the first four levels
complete with any amount of depth.  Most enemies are listed, not all vehicles
and their weaponry are yet.

                       i)  Disclaimer (Legal stuff)

Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark
All rights reserved.

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                            ii) Before You Start

Jungle Strike takes place in a helicopter for the most part, however, other
vehicles will be used throughout the game.  The controls remain very similar,
but I will spell out the various types of weaponry and then list the vehicles
and which weapons each carries.  Some vehicles can also carry people around, in
events of rescue or capture.

Weapons List
Hellfire [Missile]: Hellfire's are huge missiles which the Comanche may fire.
They have a slow reload rate and do not travel very fast, making them quite
ineffective against moving targets.  They are bulky, and because of this very
few can be held.  They do 100 damage to anything which they hit.  They are also
the most powerful projectile weapon in your arsenal.


Hydra [Missile]: Hydras are probably the best all around weapon in the game.
They can be fired in quick succession and travel fast.  They do 25 damage, but
can be held in much larger quantities than the hellfire's.  These make
excellent choice against most enemy ground vehicles.


Chain Gun [Bullet]: The chain gun is the standard weapon of most vehicles.
They fire extremely quickly, but do very little damage.  As bullets take up
almost no space, chain guns have a very large supply of them.


Sea Mines: Holy God, these things rock.  They do 1000 damage.  Use them to sink
the Nuclear Subs.  Once deployed, they can not move, so just get directly in
front of whatever is following you and lay one.  Unmatched power.  You get a
very limited supply of them though.  They will detonate a few seconds after
they are deployed.  The Hovercraft seems to be immune to the explosion of them.


Rockets: Rockets are fired by both the XL-9 Hovercraft and the Motorcycle.
They are virtually identical to hydra missiles, doing the same damage at
roughly the same speed.  They do come in smaller quantities though.  They are
also a bit harder to aim, possibly because they shoot on the same altitude as
the target.


Land Mines: similar to sea mines, except they are on the motorcycle for use on
the ground.  They deal 1000 damage, which is more than a match for the poor
armored cars.


Iron Bombs: These are hellfire-like bomb/missiles fired by the stealth.  They
move quite slow, but pack an amazing punch.  500 damage or more, and they come
in unlimited supplies.


AIM-92: These are the faster, smaller missiles of the stealth.  They deal 25
damage and move like hydra missiles, though fire more rapidly.  These weapons
are great.  And as an added bonus, unlimited supply!


Comanche - This is the vehicle in which you will spend the most time in.  It is
a chopper as you may have noticed.  This vehicle is extremely mobile and should
rarely if ever stop moving.  It has a large arsenal of weapons to fire with.

Armor: 1000
Hellfire: 9
Hydra: 60
Guns: 1000
Maximum Load: 6


XL-9 Hovercraft - This baby is fun.  It takes a bit of getting used to though.
For one, the "winch" is merely the back of the craft.  You have to go slow in
order to use it though, or you will blow up the item you are trying to grab.
The Hovercraft packs a mean punch, though aiming the rockets is much harder
than aiming a hydra missile.

Armor: 800
Sea Mines: 9
Rockets: 50
Guns: 1000
Maximum Load: Beats me, not many people to rescue in the level you can use it.


Motorcycle: The bike takes some getting used to.  It steers like a slug at
first and obviously has no ability to move backwards at a pace faster than a
man walking it backwards.  To pick things up, run them over at a slow speed.
Once learned well, the bike quickly becomes a great vehicle since it is fast,
small and very destructive.

Armor: 500
Land Mines: 9
Missile: 30
Guns: 1000


F-117 Stealth: This is a great vehicle.  It has unlimited fuel and weapons,
which make for some real fun adventures.  It also has no winch, but as you need
to pick nothing up, I suppose it does not matter.  A collision will blow this
vehicle up, which makes it very touchy at first.  Firing from high elevation
increases the range of projectiles and makes it easier to avoid things.
However, at the speed the stealth moves, you will need to fly low frequently to
hit close targets, though you run a high risk of collision by doing so.

Armor: 1200
Ironbombs: 9 [Unlimited]
AIM-92: 99 [Unlimited]
Guns: 1000 [Unlimited]


AAA: Anti-Aircraft Gun.  This weapon's rapid firing rate compensates for its
low accuracy.  the Armscor G4 155MM Howitzer is stationed on a rotating turret.

They have only 50 armor, but deal 25 damage per shot.  The rapid firing rate
which the game says it has is less rapid than Halley's Comet coming around the
solar system.  They barely ever shoot, especially when you engage them in the


Abrams M1 Battle Tank: M1 Abrams tanks are terrifying opponents, panther quick
and armored like rhinos.  They hit you three ways -- Quick, hard, and often.
They have 250 armor and deal 75 damage per shot.  Their only real weakness is
having to point the gun at you.  Use your mobility to sneak up behind them and
then spin around them at super close range.


AK-47: These are just units which hold the Semi-Automatic AK-47 guns.  They
have only ten armor, so nearly anything will kill them.  They only do ten
damage back to you.  They do fire fast, but unless they appear in bulk pose no
real threat.


Apache Helicopter: These are enemy helicopters.  They have 300 armor and do 150
damage per shot with their hydra-like missiles.  They shoot fast and often.
Consider these to be very dangerous, as they are about a third as good as your


APHID:  These nice people fire rocket launchers shots at you.  The projectiles
they fire are slightly less powerful than hellfire missiles, but still do a
solid 75 damage.  As they are just people standing in the streets though, they
have very little armor, only 25, and die quickly.  If blowing up enemies is an
objective, these guys can help if you get behind the enemy and they hit it


Armored Car: Tires in place of tank treads make these ideal urban assault
vehicles.  Good armor, damage, and fire rate, too.

These are heavily modified tanks.  They move around at a good speed and fire
very fast shots dealing 35 damage.  They are not as armored as some tanks, but
nevertheless they can take 150 damage before blowing up.


Attack Van: These innocent looking vans have infiltrated Washington and
converged on the Jefferson Memorial.  They must be stopped!

Attack Van's remind me a lot of the larger HARV's.  They only have 100 armor
and do only 20 damage, though they fire faster, are much smaller, and are able
to move with relative ease.  These do not pose much of a threat though.


Gatling Gun: Gatling guns are automatic Anti-Aircraft guns which spin on a
platform attacking you if you get to close.  They only do ten damage, but they
fire fairly quickly and their projectiles are often difficult to dodge.  Avoid
them if you can, fight them if you must, they have 150 armor.


Gun Boat: These armored boats patrol the Drug Lord's coastline, seeking
intruders.  They attack with shoulder-launched rockets.

The boats have 100 armor and deal 75 damage with hellfire-like missiles.  Sink
them quickly!


HARV: Facing these RVs is no vacation.  Good armor combined with strong
firepower.  But fire rate is slow.  Catch 'em while they reload.

HARV's have 150 armor and attack with hellfire missiles.  They are ground based
and look like large trailer homes.  Do not be fooled, these things, while
virtually immobile, pack one hell of a punch.


Humvee: Humvee's are brown cars which fire hydra-like missiles at you.  They
have 100 armor and deal 30 damage per shot.


MLRS 23MM Cannon: MLRS are very quick, even with their thick armor and their
rocket launchers fire with intimidating speed and accuracy.  They have 300
armor and deal 30 damage per shot.


Mobile Battle Cannon: Not very speedy, and fire rate is slow.  But they do
near-critical damage when they hit and they're armored like bank vaults.

Mobile Battle Cannons have 400 armor and do 200 damage per shot.  As with most
tank vehicles, they have a rotating turret up top, take advantage of this.


Sheridan: Sheridan's are speedy, tough-skinned behemoths.  They don't do
exceptional damage, but their rapid fire rate makes up for it. They have a 23MM

Sheridan's are tanks.  They have 150 armor and fire off very fast moving shots
which will cause 30 damage.  They do however use a turret type gun, meaning, if
you get behind it, the gun will need to spin before it may lock onto you.


Speedboat: These boats are not as deadly as gunboats, but are still a threat.
They fire quick shots and have 150 armor.  They still do twenty damage, which
can stack up pretty quickly.


Tactical: Pickup [trucks] with an attitude, full of trigger-happy terrorists.
Mediocre armor, but don't take them lightly!  They have 100 armor and deal 30
damage per shot.


The captain needs to have a co-pilot, who will control shooting the weapons and
dropping the winch and ladders.  All co-pilots are different with their
abilities, so choose one which fits your style of play.  However, at the start
of the game, most of them are missing in action.


Mike Sierra: Mr. 3-D

Still smells like the academy.  Mr. 3-D can pluck the pimento out of an olive
with the winch, but can't hit a white whale on a black background.


Scott Antonio: Ego

Ego is the most focused copilot of the group.  He doesn't have a life, doesn't
want one.  He's average with the gun and winch.  Always ready, Ego never


Grant Foster: Faceman [MIA]

He's a hot gunner but his winch skills could freeze a campfire.  Recruited from
a local arcade: Every mission is a game to him.  He was last seen off the coast
of South America.


Rosalind D: Annihilator [MIA]

She's a tough, tenacious copilot that's a force to reckon with.  Roz is good at
everything except her aim's shaky.  She was last heard from over a dark jungle.


J. W. Fennel: Wild Bill [MIA]

Wild Bill's the best of bunch, just ask him.  He's the top gunner and he uses
the winch like a lasso.  He learned the rules so he could break them.


As you only get two pilots available at the start of the game, I recommend Ego,
as target acquisition is a lot more important than using the winch in the first

Hey, got any passwords?

Sure, here's a few from www.gamefaqs.com

Start the level of your choice.

Level 2: RL6GYKBX6GG
Level 3: 9V6CR9WNMCZ
Level 5: VNPDTL6HDB6
Level 7: THGR7NS6MCJ
Level 8: 7GRSD9WT7SS
Level 9: N4SF3X7NLMS

Start the level of your choice with 10 lives.

Level 2: RXVWT74S6KB
Level 3: 9WT7NL6MHBV
Level 4: X7NL4SHPG94
Level 5: VL4S6MGCZVH
Level 6: W6JB9TL4SYW
Level 8: 7PGCZJYK34X
Level 9: NCZJFD3BR67

Start at the beginning of the game with 23 lives for every level and access to
all copilots other than Faceman.


                           iii) Walkthrough and Story

All the levels are always exactly the same, in terms of where things are.  As
such, most useful items are able to be spotted on a map, such as fuel, ammo and
armor.  Because of this, I find no need to tell you where to get it, as it is
easily seeable.  Also, missions which are presently active for the most part
show you exactly where to go.  Because of this, I will expect you to read the
map instead of me trying to futilely describe it.  Missions which are not yet
available, do not show a particular spot on the map.

Also, some buildings must be kept in tact during the level.  If, for instance,
you, or something else, blows up the White House, you will be called back to
base.  Otherwise failing any mission in a level will fail the entire level.


Jungle Strike is the sequel to Desert Strike, thus the events of this game take
place after the events of that one.

Somewhere in the Pacific.  On an island of monkeys and other animals.  Carlos
Ortega watches from afar.

Three... Two... One... Fire!  The island is encompassed in a nuclear explosion.

Carlos Ortega: Impressive

Ibn Kilbaba: As I said, I still have nuclear resources.

Carlos Ortega: So, can you deliver the components to my jungle fortress?

Ibn Kilbaba: With ease.  Is 72 hours soon enough? I cannot wait to avenge my
father's death.

Carlos Ortega: Destroying Washington D.C. will teach the yankees to stay out of
my drug trade.  At least they will suffer greatly for the trouble they've
caused us!

The scene switches to a news cast on EANN.

Anchor: We interrupt this broadcast for a special report...  Moments ago, a
nuclear explosion was detected off the coast of South America.  As of yet, no
one has claimed responsibility for the blast.  We will keep you informed as the
story develops.

In the home of the pilot, who is watching the newscast, the phone rings.

Captain: Hello...

Voice on the line: Captain, There's been an incident.

Captain: I saw it.  Somebody's showing off.

Voice on the line: There's a special forces briefing at the White House at
08:00 hours.

Captain: I'm there.

Level 1: Washington D.C.

The scene shifts to the briefing at the White House.  The Captain is in a
meeting with some sort of General.

General: Here's the situation: We have spy satellite photos of the blast area
simultaneous with the detonation.

Captain: Good thing Congress didn't cut the space program.  Much.

General: This imperial yacht was spotted near the destroyed island.

Captain: Any idea whose toy boat that is?

General: We further enhanced the picture and identified these two suspects.

Captain: Boy, these guys look familiar... Ugly, but familiar.

General: They should.  Carlos Ortega, the notorious South American drug lord.
His huge private army just sprung him from a Florida Prison.  A lot of good men
died to put him in that prison.  This is Ibn Kilbaba, son of the Desert Strike
Madman, and more ruthless than his father ever was.

Captain: Birds of a feather.  What's the Plan?

General: You will take command of the super Comanche Attack Chopper.  Your
first mission is to stop the terrorists threatening the capitol.

Captain: Good.  I was afraid this was gonna be easy.

General: Next, the President's motorcade will arrive soon.  Make sure it's
safe.  And last, Ibn Kilbaba's men in D.C. know where the drug lord's jungle
fortress is.  Find them.

Captain: No sweat.

General: Just select your copilot and you're ready to go.


This level is actually quite hard considering it is the first level in a game.
There are a great deal of ammunition, fuel and armor pickups around the map
though, making it a very safe level.  Blowing up buildings such as the White
House is not a good idea.  The streets of the city make navigation easy, you
should only need to glance at the map every so often.


Mission 1: Monuments

Protect the Washington Monument, The Library of Congress & The Jefferson
Memorial from Terrorist Attacks.  These buildings are historical shrines and
must be saved!

The monuments are spread out fairly well across the entire city.  They are
under attack from HARV's and Attack Van's.  Both of these enemy types can cause
a lot of damage considering it is the very first mission.  Most of the
monuments can take a fair amount of punishment, but do not take too much time
in saving them.  The Washington Monument is guarded by Attack Vans, however,
the last two seem to appear only after the first three are defeated.  Make sure
not to rush off before all the enemies around one monument are defeated.  It is
also a very good idea to NOT fly behind a monument when an enemy is aiming for


Mission 2: Terrorist HQ

Locate and destroy the terrorist headquarters.  They've occupied several
government buildings.  Capture the leaders for information about future
terrorist plots.

There around four buildings around the town which are all guarded by some type
of soldier with anti-aircraft weaponry.  Also, there are a lot of vehicles to
aid them.  Once the building is destroyed, a few more soldiers will come out
along with one unarmed man.  The unarmed ones are the leaders, do not kill
them!  Defeat all four of the HQ's and this mission will be complete.

Only one of the leaders actually has information, he'll tell you the following:

I know how the embassies are going to be attacked....  The carbombs you are
looking for are green station wagons.

While car bombers may seem urgent and you may think to break off this mission
at this point, there is not a need to.  The bombers will not start moving
towards their target until you get very near them.


Mission 3: Car Bombs

Find and Neutralized the terrorist car bombs before they detonate in front of
the 5 embassy buildings.  Model car used is unknown [Green Station Wagon].
Don't target innocent cars!

As stated above, the car bombers will not start driving until you get near
them.  After that, should you die, you are probably going to lose because they
start very close to their targets.  People in the car will shoot at you as you
go after them, so make sure you're well armed and NOT low on fuel before you
engage one. This is probably the hardest mission of this level.


Mission 4: Agent Akbar

Once the bomb threat has been stopped, the next mission will open itself up.

Find and rescue Akbar, our secret informant.  We believe he is being held
captive in a basement.  He knows how and when the President will be attacked.

Akbar is being held in the residential part of town in one of the many
identical houses.  As you may have guessed, it is the house in which people are
shooting at the police cars.  Make sure to clear the area before blowing up the
house and saving Akbar.  You will also get a fuel drum for blowing up the house
in which he was held.

He will have some information for you:

I found out that the President's Limo is going to be attacked!  It will be
entering the city from the south-west corner at any moment.


Mission 5: Motorcade

Protect Presidential Motorcade from terrorist incidents.  Defeat any attacks
along the route and assure that the presidential limousine reaches the White

This one is also quite hard.  The limo will enter at the lowest yellow dot and
proceed on a very round about path to the White House.  Other yellow dots along
the way are places where the limo will be attacked.  If you hover over the limo
it will stop moving.  If you leave the screen it will also stop moving.  Note:
if you clear all the yellow dots before the limo ever moves, enemies will still
come up and attack the limo as you make your way with it to the White House.


Mission 6: Enemy Sniper

Capture the sniper to learn details of the Madman's plan.  He will attack from
a U-Shaped Government building.  Blast the building, but capture him alive!

This mission is simple.  The building they speak of is the C.I.A. Building,
which is directly along the path you took in mission 5, and probably killed
everyone else around the area and let this guy get into the open.  Just make
sure you do not kill him, this is a long level to do over again due to

After you pick him up, he'll tell you:

Don't shoot me, I'm just a patsy.  The Drug lord gave me a map and told me to
meet him in his Jungle Fortress...

Return to the landing pad at the White House.  Inside, your General and the
President, who looks very much like Bill Clinton, are waiting for you in a

General: Good work Captain. Your mission was a success. You saved the

President Clinton: Which I appreciate. Sorry about those defense cuts.

General: You helped us locate the Drug Lord's jungle fortress, too.

The General brings up the information onto a nearby monitor.

General: The sniper you captured had this map that details the area's main

Captain: I love what he's done with the place.

General: While you attack the fortress, I'll be flying overhead in the AWAC
feeding you the latest mission briefing.

Captain: Let me know if you see any good surf up there.

Level 2: Sub Hunt

In the helicopter, the captain receives a transmission from the General's AWAC.

General's AWAC: How are we feeling this morning? Here's our mission:

There are two Navy SEALs stranded on an island south of the bridge. Rescue them
for intelligence info. The sector is also covered by a large number of anti-
aircraft guns. Our downed F-15 pilot is proof of this. Luckily we've spotted a
prototype hovercraft in the area that may aid you in beating these weapons.
We've also learned that the Madman is smuggling stolen crates of plutonium into
the jungle fortress. Get them before they're shipped inland. And we believe
that the Drug Lord's fleet of nuclear submarines is stationed nearby. Destroy
them before they are armed for attack.


This level is blocked by a huge bridge, which does not allow the Comanche to
fly over.  It is possible to use some glitches to get over and back, thus doing
the entire level in the Comanche.  I honestly don't see the point in it.  Yes,
it is slightly better armed and is easier to move around, but it lacks the
sheer fun factor of ramming into ground troops shooting at you as you can in
the Hovercraft.  The missions in this level are quite easy and there is not
much in the way of enemies.


Mission 1: Navy Seals

Rescue the 2 Navy Seals and fly them to our Coast Guard Chopper.  They have
spotted the the [that's a double word in the game, not on my part] stolen XL-9
Hovercraft and have a cod to jam the alter zone.

These soldiers are stranded on a small island being held by a few people with
guns.  Rescuing them is a breeze.  Once you bring them on board, they will have
information for you:

We have the code to jam the alert zone on the Hovercraft.  And we've spotted
the plutonium shipments.  Fly us to our chopper and we'll punch in the

Their helicopter is about a half inch from where you started the level, so fly
over to their copter and let them off near the landing pad.


Mission 2: Elec Fence

Wipe out all the enemy weapons protecting the Hovercraft.  Once the island is
secure, land the Comanche to take control of the XL-9.

Another heavily guarded area...  Four guys with rocket launchers protect this
godly XL-9 Hovercraft.  Take them out and land on the nearby pad.  You will now
have control of the Hovercraft.


Mission 3: Plutonium

Stop the Drug Lord's speedboats from reaching the trucks on the shore.  Then
pick up at least 8 plutonium crates.  Do not destroy the Crates or a
catastrophe will follow!

This mission can be a real pain in the ass, especially if you are not used to
the Hovercraft yet.  There are ten boats moving around the far end of the map
which carry plutonium.  They will slowly make their way to shore and unload
into some trucks.  If the trucks make it off the map with the plutonium, it is
gone.  You only need to get eight of the ten crates, so there is some margin
for error.  Remember, you need to back the Hovercraft into items slowly to pick
them up.  The plutonium will appear once the vehicle in question has been


Mission 4: F-15 Pilot

Rescue our downed F-15 fighter pilot.  He knows the secret locations of the
Drug Lord's nuclear attack submarines.  Don't delay, his plane may sink at any

This mission seems to make it sound like it is urgent.  In my experience, I
have never seen the plane sink, but hey, maybe you ought to rush.  Anyway, the
island will be guarded by an AAA and an enemy soldier.  Once clear, slowly back
into the pilot.  There will be a short scene.

Captain: Looks like we found Faceman.  Now let's see how fast a top gun he
really is.


Mission 5: Nuke Subs

The Drug Lord's fleet of 4 nuclear subs is in this sector.  Destroy the subs to
eliminate their threat of attack.  Caution: They are well armored and

The subs have 500 armor, making them weaker than your Hovercraft <_<.  They
fire Rockets at you which do 25 damage.  One sea mine will take each of the
four subs out.  Lay them on the near side of the sub, otherwise they tend to
miss, oddly enough.  Once they are sunk, the mission will be complete.

Return to the Hovercraft area and pick up your Comanche, then fly back to the
pad you started the level on.

Ibn Kilbaba: You told me your army could protect my plutonium!  One pilot stole
most of it back from me and sank your subs like they were rubber rafts!

Carlos Ortega: It is beyond explaining!  My gunships should have neutralized
him before he even came near the transfer zone.

Ibn Kilbaba: He must not interfere any further!  I want him to be obliterated,
burned like the trash he is.  I want the jungle vermin to feed on his charred

Carlos Ortega: I will put my ground troops on alert.  If he dares to attack my
camp, he will be greeted by a sky full of fire!

Level 3: Training Grounds

The scene shifts to the plane carrying the General.  He and the captain are
talking over monitors again.

General: Good to hear from you, Captain.  Continue your progress inland!
Unfortunately, the enemy has been tracking you on their radar, so most of this
sector will be alerted to your presence.  The headquarters here is a listening
outpost for the Drug Lord.  We need to establish a wire tap to track his
movement.  The communications expert we sent in on this mission has been
captured and is being held in a POW barrack.  Rescue this expert and airlift
him to his objective.  Then capture the enemy commanders to get their radio
passcodes.  Once the area is secure, recover the nuclear reactors that the
Madman is planning to use to make his weapons of destruction.


This level is somewhat hard.  It introduces danger zones.  In a danger zone,
all enemies have double armor, fire much faster and do increased damage.  In
addition, they get greatly improved range.  This makes them all the more
deadly.  There are many Sheridan Tanks in this level, it is best to stay very
mobile while confronting them so that their turret gun can not get a weapon
lock on you.


Mission 1: Training Camp

Wipe out the enemy training camps.  Eliminate any enemy guard towers and troops
you encounter.  Tents may hold supplies.

There are four training camp areas.  They mostly have troops and towers, which
are manned by troops.  Nothing here does a huge amount of damage, but mass
little things = instant win.... or something like that.  You only need to
destroy the towers to complete the mission, but the tents will give you a great
deal of supplies and they are easy to destroy as well.

Mission 2: Landing Zone

Secure the enemy landing zone.  You must clear the area, then airlift a green
beret to defend the zone.  Look for your man in the jungle clearing.

Okay, you should have no problems finding him, but, on your way to him, there
are two tents near a tower and an oasis.  DO NOT BLOW THEM UP.  Once you have
him, land at these tents and the mission will be complete.

Mission 3: Mobile Radar 1

Knock out the 3 radar sites protecting the tank depot and barracks.  These
radar units are mobile, so they may be hard to track on your map.

You can see all six mobile radars on your map, but you only need to be
concerned with the three in the left region of the screen.  They are well
guarded by Sheridan's, so be careful.  You can usually attack them from the
back and kill them with hydras before they are able to turn their guns on you.

Mission 4: Comm. Expert

Rescue the communications expert from his barrack jail and airlift him to the
telephone poles.  He'll establish a wire-tap to monitor the Drug Lord's calls.

The communications expert is in one of the barracks buildings.  There are
however many buildings and many people.  They take up room quickly, but you can
always return them to the area you set up in the end of mission 2 in order to
get some extra armor.  Along the way to the communications expert, you will be
attacked by Sheridan's, towers and Gatling Gun's.

Once you have him, take him to the telephone lines, but be careful, there are
some danger zones on this map and you will not last long in them.

Mission 5: Tank Depot

Destroy the Sheridan tanks as they prepare for battle.  Knock out these weapons
before they become operational.

There are several tanks in the area.  Most of them are not yet operational, but
some are.  Also, a few cars will attack you as you blow up the tanks.
Some people will run from the tanks as you blow them up.  You can save them and
return them to the oasis tents for extra armor.  Also, the tank depot will keep
flashing on your map if you do not.

Mission 6: Mobile Radar 2

Knock out the 3 radar units protecting the enemy HQ and warehouse.  This will
provide you with undetected access to these two areas.

Similar to the first mobile radar mission.  This one has cars helping
to defend the mobile radars as well as Sheridan's.  If you play anything like
me, taking the shortest distance between two points.  You will actually
traverse the next two missions, probably blowing up most of the things there,
getting from radar to radar, completely eliminating the point of going in

Mission 7: Training HQ

Destroy the Training HQ.  The mobile forces receive their orders from this
station.  Capture the 3 field commanders to get their radio passwords.

It is probably best to allow the turrets and soldiers to blow up their own base
while you hide behind the buildings.  That way, you can make certain you do not
kill the commanders you are going to save.  Once you have all three commanders
and have smashed the place up real well, the mission will be complete.

Mission 8: Nuke Reactor

Retrieve the nuclear reactor from the enemy warehouse.  Watch for ground troops
inside.  Do not destroy this reactor!    It must be returned safely.

The reactor areas are not guarded all that well.  The buildings they are in
have about 250 armor, the crates another hundred or so.  Each building has
either troops or Gatling guns inside of them.  Do not blow up the reactor and
do not blow up with the reactor.  Recover the plutonium from the lower
warehouse as well and then return to the pad you began the level at.  The
mission will end and the scene will shift to Ortega's place.  A scientist is
being held in front of Kilbaba and Ortega by a terrorist soldier.

Ibn Kilbaba: So Dr. Fowler, how are you finding conditions in the newly unified

Dr. Fowler: I was enjoying my new freedom before you storm troopers abducted me
and brought me here.  I demand to know: What is this place?

Carlos Ortega: You're in my jungle fortress.  We are giving you a chance to be
helpful and build nuclear weapons for us.  We will be generous...

Dr. Fowler: Ach!  That can never be!  I shudder to think what rabid beasts like
you would do with such destructive power!

Ibn Kilbaba: Fool!  You will waltz with the tarantulas in the jungle pits until
you bend to our will!  I'll teach you to shudder!  Several of your colleagues
await you in the darkness.  One of you may change your mind...  The rest of you
will rot!

Level 4: Night Strike

Word spreads quickly to the United States though, before long an attack plan
has been formed.  They wait until night to discuss it.  The General contacts
the Captain over their famous chat monitor.

General: Beautiful night, isn't it?  Here's our plan of attack: The Madman has
taken seven of our troops and is holding them in some prison pits.  He has also
captured three nuclear scientists.  All of these people must be saved.  The
Drug Lord's weapon assembly plant is also nearby and must be destroyed before
his attack planes are built.  But keep a sharp eye: There are enemy choppers on
alert and troops with night sight goggles [they do nothing, ah!] defending the
area.  Stay cool.


This level takes place at night.  As such, most things are very dark.  Enemy
armored cars are very difficult to see and can cream you in a fast hurry.  The
left side of the map is damn near pitch black as there are not many trees over
there.  Because of this, you may have to fire the occasional hydra missile to
light up the map.  Supplies are no where to be found on this map.  Only the
enemy commander can tell you where to find them.  He is actually part of the
final mission of this level.  If you would like to skip ahead, he is hidden in
a barracks on the mid/lower left area of the map, it is well fortified though.
Most of the missions are so easy, until you get to the Weapon Plants, at which
time you fly near or through many danger zones... Bad.

Mission 1: Watch Towers

Destroy the 8 enemy guard towers surrounding your position.  This'll keep the
enemy choppers from detecting your attack.  Look for their infrared night

This mission is easy as pie.  You only need to kill the troop on each tower
rather than destroying the tower if you so desire.  A couple of bullets will
take them out.  Also, the mission completes once the seventh one has been

Mission 2: Green Beret

A Green Beret scout is waiting to guard the landing zone.  Look for his flare
in the jungle then fly him to the LZ at the village.  Secure the landing area

Alright, this one may seem simple, take the Green Beret from the left to the
pad on the right.  You could not be more wrong.  The pad in the village is a
danger zone.  As such, the Armored Car guarding it will have insane range and
firing rate.  Since you will barely be able to see it, the damn thing will
probably kick your ass.  The improved armor and damage they have is not very
fun either.  If you manage to secure it, the mission will be complete.

Mission 3: Chopper Pads

The Drug Lord has hijacked a squadron of Apache Choppers and is hiding them in
the jungle.  Ice them & their helipads before they hunt you down.

As I said in the enemy list, these things are quite deadly.  They do 150 damage
and have a boatload of life.  However, thanks to poor visibility, you can
usually kill them without them firing back.  It takes great use of the map and
sneaking just into sight range for yourself, and then just pound away on the
Apache's with whatever.  Once gone, the pads will be easy targets.  To do this,
you need to attack from the bottom, and start shooting when you see the pad.
If you get any closer the choppers will fire back.

As with before, it only seems to be necessary to blow up the choppers, but the
pads take very little ammunition to destroy.  Also, a couple pads are within
range of armored cars.

Mission 4: Scientists

Three Kidnapped German nuclear scientists are being help in sweltering prison
pits.  Blast open their bamboo cages and fly them to the secured LZ.

Mission 5: POWs

These American troops are being held prisoner in the other 7 pits in the area.
Blast them out and fly them to freedom.

As these two missions are in the exact same place, it seemed wise to discuss
them as one.  There are ten people in total whom need saving, you can carry
only six at a time.  Do the math, two trips.  Remember, you will get your army
replenished as you take them to the landing zone which the Green Beret secured

All ten prison cells are poorly guarded, by one to four ground units.  They are
not even that hard to spot either.  Once you have the last of the POWs, a
friendly face will greet you, it will be Annihilator.

Look here, it's Roz.  Now we can annihilate the Weapon Plants!

Annihilator takes the old adage of shooting, if you fire enough, you're bound
to hit something.  She has no shortage of firing rate!

Mission 6: Weap Plant

The Drug Lord has taken over a complex of 11 buildings to assemble fighter
planes.  Destroy these structures and the planes and parts before they become

I recommend starting from the northern end of the chain of plants and working
your way down.  This will also put you right in the area you need to be in for
the final mission, provided you did not read ahead to find out that would have
been a good starting one.

Anyway, all of these areas are dangers zones and they are guarded heavily by
armored cars.  This means you are quite like to die as they will lock on and
start blasting away before you can even get a weapons lock.  Try to avoid them
if you can, fighting the unnecessary ones is just not worth it.  Other than
them, there are just a few troops standing around to shoot at you.

The Weapon Plants have different designs.  Most are buildings, some are fields
of planes and boxes containing engines.

Mission 7: Commander

Capture the armaments expert from his enemy barrack.  He knows the locations of
the ammo and fuel supplies in this area.

Once you are near his area, blow up the barracks and rescue him.

This commander cracked like a safe.  He gave us the locations of all the fuel
and ammo.

Once they are all completed, head back to the pad you started the level at.

The EANN news is on again, the anchor explains the situation.

Anchor: Help will arrive today for the besieged residents of San Puloso.  A
lone special forces pilot has cleared the way for United Nations supply trucks
to bring relief supplies to the residents who have been living under the
oppressive rule of the infamous Drug Lord, Carlos Ortega.

Level 5: Puloso City

The General and Captain are talking in the way they always do.

General: I hope you get enough rest last night. [ha, ha] Here's out situation:
The Drug Lord has taken over the city of San Puloso, his warlords are ruling
the city and are holding the local civilians hostage in a group of missions.
Your success has cleared the way for our United Nations vans to bring food and
medical supplies to these people.  But we need you to free them from captivity.
[Seems like a minor detail, don't it?].  The Drug Lord has counterfeiting
operations and drug processing factories in the city as well.  They must be
shut down and the Madman will be transporting nuclear detonators out of the
city in armored cars.  We've spotted these cars near two lab buildings.  These
detonators must be recovered!


Puloso City is my favorite of all the levels.  I'm not sure why, the missions
are fairly easy, the map is spread out with very little action.  I suppose I
like the view of things.  Anyway, this mission features a lot of danger zones,
but often with low damaging enemies, so they aren't a huge concern.  This
mission is the only one to feature the motorcycle, probably the coolest vehicle
in the game.

Mission 1: U.N. Rescue

Innocent civilians are being held prisoner in the three missions.  Blast them
free and airlift them to the safety of the U.N. Supply trucks.

There are 20 total civilians being held in three different missions, you only
need to save 18 of them.  That's three full loads though.  Guarding the
missions are tactical pickups and troops, some of which have assumed cover in
towers.  They are not too much to take out, though, you may wish to use them to
blow up the missions so you can save a bit of ammo.  Once destroyed, the
civilians will run out one or two at a time, continue picking them up until no
more come out of the building.  They sometimes like to stand very close to the
remains, which means you may bump off, especially if you have momentum on.
This mission is quite easy.

Mission 2: Drug Plant

Seek and destroy the Drug Lord's processing plants.  Blast the drugs &
processing equipment but rescue any friendly scientists you find working

There are three drug plants which need to be blown up.  There are three
friendly scientists who need to be saved.  The plants are guarded by tactical
trucks, gatling guns and some troops.  They do not pose much of a threat, just
make sure not to mow down the scientists while taking out the ground troops
inside of the buildings.

Mission 3: Counterfeiting

The Drug Lord is running an international counterfeiting operation in his new
downtown buildings.  Stop the presses permanently.

There are three factories printing fake money.  There are also some scientists
you can save here if you want to.  The areas near the factories are danger
zones, filled with humvee's, tactical's and MLRS.  Take caution, this mission
may take a while.  It seems easiest to attack from the top side of everything.

Mission 4: Power Grid

Short out the power grid.  Destroy the transformer towers.  This will take down
the power to the downtown labs.

This one is quite easy.  The power lines are guarded by ground forces with
rocket launchers.  They are considered danger zones though, so you will take
150 damage a pop should you be hit.  Other than that, they are entirely
unguarded.  The lines themselves take very little punishment before falling.

5. Armored Cars

Blast the 2 tall labs in the center of the downtown area to flush out 5 armored
cars.  These cars have special armor for invincibility against air attacks.

Now, you may have noticed that invincible word.  Yeah... about that.  Blow up
the buildings at least, then go to the police station which you may have
noticed between the power lines you just smashed and your landing zone.

6. Detonators

Take command of the attack motorcycle at the police station north of your LZ.
Use the cycle to stop at least 4 armored cars, then pick up the nuke

Ah, so this is how you smash the cars in mission five.  Why they didn't have
you get this first is anyone's best guess...  There aren't many enemies guarded
the armored cars, nor do they post much of a threat themselves.  Use the land
mines, literally bump into the armored cars and drop them, it will die
immediately and you will pick up the detonators.  Once you have them all, or
only the four you need, it's time for the next mission.

Mission 7: C4 Explosives

You'll need plastic explosive to destroy the Drug Lord's warroom.  Peel open
the armory and take what you need.

Well, you have to return the motorcycle now *sob sob*.  Get in the copter and
be careful as you approached the explosives area, the place is a danger zone
with a tactical and two MLRS.  Let the upper MLRS blow up the building by
hiding behind it, then pick up the C4.  The mission completes with one, but as
all three are right there...

Mission 8: DL's Warroom.

Drop off your copilot to set the plastic explosive charges at the Drug Lord's
warroom.  Keep the area clear of enemy weapons to assure his safe escape.

The complex has three buildings, initially guarded by about five tactical's.
Once you let the copilot in, another tactical and some soldiers around the
buildings will appear.  Make short work of them, pick up your copilot.

Mission complete, head back to the start of the level!

The scene shifts to Ortega and Kilbaba with a Soviet General.

Carlos Ortega - Congratulations, General.  Your deliveries of Soviet technology
have been orderly and on time.

General - You're welcome, comrades.  Or should I say, partners?  This has been
a profitable transaction for all of us, nyet?

Ibn Kilbaba - And my nuclear warheads?  I trust they have arrived?

General - They are being transported to the underground snow fortress as we

Carlos Ortega - Excellent.  Go oversee the operation and make sure everything
is secure.  If this Yankee pilot appears, bring me his head packed in snow!

Level 6: Snow Fortress

The U.S. General and the Captain are having their daily chat once again.

General: There's a chill in the air.  Here's our first move: Our best pilot,
Wild Bill was shot down by a group of M-1 battle tanks.  The wild one is now a
prisoner in one of the nearby snow barracks.  After rescuing Wild Bill, you
need to find the Russian weapons general.  We believe he has the locations of
all incoming weapons technology.  Our agents believe that the Drug Lord has
built an underground snow fortress where he is hiding these weapons.  But be
careful, we've spotted some gainful rockets that look ready to launch.  And
keep moving.  We wouldn't want your guns to freeze up.


The Abrams Battle Tanks are strong.  Combating them is damn near suicide.
Because of the sheer quantity of them, this is the hardest level in the game,
by quite a bit.  If you insist on fighting them, I recommend going in from the
direction their turret is not pointing and blasting them, then stopping
directly above them and spin tight circles while finishing them off with
whatever.  The rescue helipad is guarded with a small force, including a battle
tank.  The buildings near by all give some sort of power up, a winch speed one
included.  Just about everything on this map can be blown up, so do not hold
back shooting.

Mission 1: Wild Bill

Wild Bill's been shot down by enemy fire!  He's being held prisoner in a nearby
icy prison camp.  Rescue him & at least 5 other POW's.

The area around the POW camp has many towers and gatling guns.  It is also
apparently a danger zone, but if you enter it from the southern side the alarm
never goes off and the units do not receive their bonuses.  Many of the
barracks also contain supplies.

Howdy, Wild Bill!  You look a little frozen... Lucky for you the guns are
warmed up.  good to have you aboard!

Mission 2: Radar Sites

Knock out the 3 radar sites.  This will clear the way for your next mission.

This one isn't so bad.  Two of three radars are protected by Gatling Guns and
towers.  The third is protected by a battle tank which is in a danger zone.
Though, you do not actually have to fight your way past it, you can sneak

Mission 3: Missile Depot

Blast open the five missile depots.  Then destroy any missiles you find.  This
will limit the number of reloads available for the gainfuls.

This mission is in the fence which was near the radars you just blew out.
There are five buildings, each containing two missiles.  All of it needs to be
destroyed.  There are two battle tanks inside of the fence as well as some
towers.  Most of the buildings can be hit from outside of the fence.  Those
that can not, will be in range of the towers, but avoiding the battle tanks is
very possible.  It is highly recommended to play it safe rather than get caught
in the crossfire between two battle tanks.

Mission 4: Sovt General
Rescue the Soviet weapons specialist who's working for the Madman.  He knows
the locations of the gainful missile launchers in this area.

Oh joy, another danger zone with battle tanks and gatling guns.  Noticing a
trend yet?  Anyway, this one isn't so bad, once the defenses are gone, blow up
the buildings nearby and pickup anything you need... and obviously the people.
Try not to shoot them on accident.  You'll get the Soviet General, and he'll
have something to say:

I request political asylum!  Take me back to the U.S. of A!  Here... I can give
you the locations of the incoming shipments of gainful missile launchers...

Mission 5: Launchers

Hunt down and destroy the 6 gainful missile launchers.  The Madman must be
deprived of this valuable technology before it is used against Washington D.C.

Well, once again the game only makes you do a half assed job and blow up five
of them.  They are for the most part heavily guarded, often by tanks.  They are
also quite spread out, making you run the entire map to get them.

Mission 6: Power Lines

Knock out the enemy's sub station and four power towers.  This will cut the
power to the underground complex and shut down their air ventilation system!

Yeah, um, about knocking them down.  This is in my opinion the hardest mission
in the game.  Something like eight battle tanks are cruising along the power
lines, in a danger zone no less.  If you can sneak around them as long as
possible, you may only lose a life.  The lines themselves do not take that
long, the power station does though.  Once everything is down, run out of their
like a snowball leaving hell.

Mission 7: Fortress

The Drug Lord has built an underground fortress in this snow-covered mountain.
Located at least six sub-level chambers and destroy any weapons.

Mission 8: Warheads

The Madman is hiding stolen soviet nuclear warheads in underground sectors of
the snow fortress.  Locate at least six of them and reel them in.

These two go together.  Now, you may notice, the map does not know where they
are!  Luckily, terrorists are not too bright.  They stationed a fleet of
choppers in the area, so search for choppers on the map.  The Fortress
entrances are mounds of snow which stick out of the ground.  The ones with
chimney's are the ones with the Warheads.  The others have supplies in them.
Make sure you do not smash the warheads with a crazy attack, as most of the
fortress areas do have ground troops.  Use bullets on them if possible, the
missiles have too large of a splash range!

Once you have finished both of the missions, head back to the place you started
the level.

Level 7: River Raid

The General and Captain start their briefing again.

General: Glad to see you made it back from the cold.  The Drug Lord's secret
airstrip is located in this jungle sector.  Reclaim the stolen F-117 Stealth
Fighter from the airstrip and blow away their operations.  The stealth has
automatic propulsion with a nuclear generator so there's no need to refuel.  It
is also equipped with unlimited ammo loads.  Once in command of the stealth,
the enemy's alert zones will stop tracking you.  Then proceed to blast the Drug
Lord's growing fields and greenhouses.  Our agents have spotted a group of
stolen patriot missile launchers in the area as well.  We also believe that the
Madman has set up a missile assembly operation somewhere in the jungle.  Find
it and destroy it.


While the stealth is truly kickass, it has one disadvantage compared to every
other vehicle.  Running into just about anything will cause it to blow up
instantly, rather than take 15 damage and bounce off.  Fortunately it is the
first mission, so you can get comfortable flying it and lose as many lives as
you wish and try again, without wasting too much time.  If you are unable to
get good with the stealth, it is possible to do the entire level without it, of
course, you will still have to take off and land in it at some point.  You will
also have a severe shortage of fuel and ammo, but both are available in
sufficient quantities, provided you do not keep going from one end of the map
to the other.  Also, there are a lot of enemy Twin Gun's in totally useless
positions across the map.  Just an observation.

Mission 1: F-117 Stealth

Find the secret airstrip and clear the area of enemies.  Expose the stealth and
take control of it.  The stealth has unlimited fuel and ammo loads.

This one is easy enough.  A few troops nearby, a pair of anti air guns.  Mow
them down, blow the tarp off the stealth and park in the helipad which shows
up.  Mission complete!

Mission 2: Troop Bridges

Take out 6 of 'em.  That'll stop the enemy tanks from reaching your Comanche at
the secret airstrip.

Mission 3: Drug Fields

Burn the Drug Lord's growing fields and greenhouses.  Eradicate this harvest of

Missions 2 and 3 go hand in hand.  The objectives are located near each other,
in a large semi-circle around the area you got the stealth.  Only six of the
eight bridges need to be blown up.  Most are guarded by humvee痴 or Sheridan痴,
neither of which pose any kind of threat to you.  As for the drugs, you only
need to destroy 10 crops fields/greenhouses for that mission to complete.  The
fields are hardly defended at all, the greenhouses have some Twin Guns near
them, but they pose no threat to the stealth.

Mission 4: Patriots

Hunt down and destroy the 6 patriot missile launchers.  This valuable
technology must be taken away from the Madman before it is used against our

The patriots are also in the same general area as the previous two missions
were.  They have 500 armor, so you'll want to use iron bombs.  They are still
not well guarded, often by troops, Twin Guns and Sheridan's.  A couple are
hardly guarded at all.  Be careful taking out the northern ones on the middle
island area, there are some tall structures you can easily collide with.

Mission 5: Fuel Depot

Destroy the Drug Lord's fuel dump and bring his army to a standstill.  But
beware: it is heavily defended.

One of the harder missions of this level.  The fuel tanks only have about 75
armor or so, but they are very difficult to hit and bunched together in groups
of three.  Sheridan's, and a lot of them, guard these.  The hard part is not
colliding with the fuel tanks.  Try circling in front of them and launching the
B-button missiles at them as you fly in your circle.  This will keep you from
crashing into them as well as make you a bit harder to hit.  If you really can
not do this one, remember where it is on the map and start the level over and
take them out with the Comanche before doing mission 1.  There is fuel and ammo
here, once you blow out the Sheridan's, so the helicopter should be able to do
this mission.

Mission 6: Nuke Missiles

The Madman has components to build nuclear missiles.  They're concealed in
pyramids the Drug Lord has erected to look like the ancient ruins.

There are five ruins which are man made and hold the nuke supplies.  They are
small ruins compared to the huge pyramids.  They do not take much to destroy
and are guarded mostly by Sheridan's, who pose no threat to you.  Blow up the
detonators, plutonium and reactors if you like, though I do not think it is
necessary.  Killing the scientists will lose you some points.

Mission 7: Stealth Hangar

Return the steal to the airstrip.  Transfer back to the Comanche and head back
to home base.

Probably the hardest mission to do correctly on the first try.  You must go
back to the airstrip and land the stealth.  Start from the end of the airstrip
furthest from the Comanche, though.  Watch out for the ruins as you come in,
they're bad news.  Anyway, to land the stealth, you must be moving along the
airstrip perfectly parallel to it and a very minor bit to its left side.  As
you approach, lower your altitude and hopefully your F-117 will land.  Aside
from prayer, there seems to be no sure way of doing this.

Once done, take the Comanche to the start of the level.

Kilbaba is rather upset with Ortega with this turn of events.

Ibn Kilbaba: That pilot has the Devil's own luck!  Thanks to him, what is left
of your private army could fit in a phone booth.

Carlos Ortega: Entire regiments have been unable to defeat my forces.  Now one
pilot crushes them... This can't be happening!

Ibn Kilbaba: Your last line of defense just melted before him like ice
scattered in the desert.  Now he comes for us!  We must take refuge in the
secure shelters we have prepared.

Carlos Ortega: I agree.  I will retreat to my villa.  My guards will keep me
safe there.

Ibn Kilbaba: Bah!  Your famous guards have protected nothing so far!  I shall
go to the reinforced bunker in the mountains.  I doubt that even this accursed
pilot has enough firepower to blast open that iron oasis!

Level 8: Mountains

Guess who's talking to who?

General: Ready to do some mountain climbing, Captain?  The Drug Lord and Madman
have fled to their hideouts.  The Soviet Commander you captured gave us their
locations.  But first you'll have to knock out the control towers at the
entrance to the hideouts.  We are still scanning the area for clues to your
remaining missions.  We will send status info as soon as we get it.  But
whatever happens, the Drug Lord and Madman must be captured alive!  Good luck.


What a waste of a level, it seems the Snow Fortress was the last real challenge
of the game.  The first mission is the only difficult one here, but it has some
bugs which allow you to make it through almost entirely untouched.  The layout
of this place is cool, many ancient pyramids offer supplies inside of them.
There are also a lot of ground forces in this level.

Mission 1: Control Tower

Knock out the control tower.  This will drop the alert zone around the bunker
and decrease the enemy's ability to track you.

There are four control towers and they are all guarded by our old friends, the
battle tanks.  Most of these are danger zones and each tower is guarded by two
or three tanks.  Sneaking around is a great option, as three of the four towers
can be blown up without the tanks ever seeing you.

There is an alternate way, which will allow you to combat the enemies.  Sneak
around all the towers and attack from the southwestern most one [bottom left
one].  The Danger Zone alarm will not go off, allowing you to battle the battle
tanks taking far less damage.  If you want to do the combat, this is highly

Mission 2: Tomahawks

The Drug Lord has stolen a shipment of tomahawk missiles and is planning to
launch them without warning.  Hunt them down now before he strikes!

Oh no!  The map does not know where they are!  Just search for the Mobile
Cannons.  Near the lower left there is a pack of six or so of them.  The 4
mountains hiding tomahawks are right there as well.  The cannons are extremely
slow and have a poor firing range.  Because of this, you should be able to
cream them without getting hit too much.  If you do get hit, seek repairs, 200
damage adds up fast.  The mobile cannons tend to drop ammo and armor pickups.
The mountains and cruise missiles can take quite a bit of punishment before
blowing up.

Mission 3: Power Supply

Destroy the power supply that protects the Drug Lord's villa.  When the power
source is on, his hideout is indestructible.

This area is a danger zone, though it houses only a few Gatling Guns.  Aside
from the extra life and range they will have, they do not pose that large of a
threat.  Enemy choppers sometimes fly over to aid the plant as well.  They do
pose an actual threat.

Mission 4: Villa

Smash the Drug Lord's Private Villa.  You'll need max firepower, the walls are
lined with armor plate.

The villa does take a lot of punishment.  However, there is an ammo truck right
next to it.  Look at the challenge!  There are a few tactical pickups and
battle tanks to accompany a large ground army.  Still, this is one of the
easiest missions in the entire game.

Mission 5: Drug Lord

Once you've wasted his Shangri-la.  Capture the Drug Lord so he can be brought
to justice.  Watch for any escape attempts.  It is crucial you take him alive!

One would think he would be in the villa... nope.  Follow the river which runs
along the upper right of the map.  Blow up the only boat you see on it.  A raft
will appear, airlift Ortega from the raft.  Do not let that boat get out of the
river!!  Do NOT KILL Ortega, you need him alive!

Mission 6: Air-Strip

The Madman's jungle airstrip has planes and choppers readied for take off.
Knock out these vehicles to cut off his escape.

Another easy mission.  Two mobile cannons and an enemy copter make up the
defense in the area.  The strip itself takes about five seconds to destroy.
The truck nearby has fuel if you need it.  There's an extra life in one of the
pyramids a bit south of here as well, not as if you will need it, nothing
shoots back in this level, it seems.

Mission 7: Bunker

Once you've breeched the outer shield.  Blast open the underground shelter.

Well, this ones fun.  Head a bit east [right] of the airstrip.  You'll see a
huge one floor building with four little ones around it.  One at a time the
little ones pop up gatling guns. Blow them up first, they leave fuel, ammo and
armor.  Now blast everything you have on the bunker, you will need to refill
and continue.  Once it blows up once, head a bit south east [down right] to a
landing pad.  Clear the area, get the ammo and land.  Your co-pilot will get
into an ammo truck.  Follow the truck.  When he gets out, pick him up.  Make
sure you have full armor, health and ammo and then blow up the truck.  The
building will blow.

Mission 8: Madman

Collar this Mad Dog.  He must be capture alive so justice can be satisfied.  Do
not fail!

A chopper will leave the building in a hurry.  Shoot it down.  Do not over fire
though, or you risk killing Kilbaba once the chopper is destroyed, which would
end the mission.  Once it is gone, pick him up.  Return to where you started
the level.  In case you forgot, the landing pad is just the patch of dirt next
to the U.S. Flag.

Ah, game over... right?  Wrong!

Level 9: Washington D.C. [Again]

Back on the EANN newscast, the familiar anchor is summarizing what happened.

Anchor: We are now live at the White House.  The President is shaking hands
with our heroic pilot.  Thanks to him, the Drug Lord and the Madman go on trial
today in the Federal Courthouse down the street.  The President is now

An Apache Chopper blows in and attack the White House grounds.

Anchor: Ladies & Gentlemen, the White House is under attack!  I've just been
told that a small force has entered the city and has helped the Drug Lord and
Madman to escape from the courthouse.  They are now at large in Washington and
are terrorizing the city.


Similar to the first level as it takes place in the same city.  This view of
the map is more northern and eastern of the previous trip here.  Many more
weapons and fuel packs sitting around.  Very few of the missions show you were
to go on the map, unfortunately.  As usual, do not go around letting the IRS
and Justice departments get blown up.  This is a very simple level on the
whole.  Most of the time spent is trying for find the contents of mission 2.

Mission 1: Air Force One

Protect the President as he flees the city for Camp David.  Assure he has clear
airspace from the White House to the north-west sector.  He must not perish!

An easy start, Air Force One has to got about four street blocks.  Not much
other than bazooka shooting men and a few enemy tanks, most of which will hit

Mission 2: Enemy Weapons

Washington is under attack!  Remnants of the Drug Lord's army seized the city,
busting the Madman & Drug Lord from the courthouse.  They must be eliminated!

The enemy weapons are all armored cars.  They're all over the place, you will
probably hit a few protecting Air Force One.  Others attack buildings like the
IRS or just roll down the streets.  Sadly, they are not on the map so you get
to piss away fuel finding them all.  There are 13 in all.  You may find some
overlap between this and mission 3.

Mission 3: Generals

Locate and capture these scum alive: They know how the Drug Lord and Madman are
making their escape from the city.  Look for their armored command cars.

These cars can take a huge beating.  They also do 50 damage a shot, but they
take forever to do so.  Once destroyed, pick up the Generals and they'll spill
what they know.

"I surrender!  I just saw Carlos Ortega Hijack a tour bus...  He's headed for
the edge of town."

"I will tell you what you want to know!  The Madman Kilbaba just commandeered a
fuel truck and is trying to escape the city!"

Mission 4: Drug Lord

Hunt down Ortega and prevent his escape.  The use of extreme force to stop him
has been sanctioned.  Don't let him get away!

He's in a large bus.  It takes a few hundred damage so make sure you have some
heavy weapons.  A few Armored Cars will try to protect it.  Murder him in cold
blood... it is the best way.

Mission 5: Madman

Track the Madman and stop him from escaping.  Use any means necessary to stop
him cold.  Don't slip up!

Well, he is trying to escape in a truck full of gasoline.  A few hundred damage
and he be doused in it for his trip to hell.

Mission 6: Nuke Missiles

It's not over yet!  Stop the 4 18-wheelers headed straight for the White House.
Bring lots of Ammo: These bruisers are reinforced with tank armor.  Stop

While they can not shoot back, they move awfully quick.  Though, they will not
start moving their short routes to the White House until you enter visual
range.  They have 1000 armor, so be certain you can stop them, there will be no
margin of error.  Once the four rigs are gone, return to the White House Launch

General: Congratulations!  You've saved the world from nuclear disaster once

Captain: It gets easier every time I do it.

President Clinton: Without your heroic efforts, the free world would have been
forced to submit to the insane demands of a dictatorial Madman.

Captain: Yeah, I hate that kind of stuff, too.

General: You and your copilot should head outside.  There's a few people who
would like to say hello to you...

They head out into a crowd while the end credits play.  You have one, the end.

                                  iv) Credits

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