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Jump Super Stars review
Every Jump Fans Dream

The good:

Well everything about this game is good. The controls are easy, they have all the characters you want from Shonen Jump, and it is unique.

The bad:

Well I would have gave this game a perfect score, but I can't speak Japanese, so it took me a while to get used to it and remember all the stuff about the game.Oh, and if you don't read shonen jump manga, you probally won't know any of the characters. Except the ones with a anime on t.v or something.


I will just do this the old fashon way:

Graphics 4/5:
The graphics, are ok. People like Naruto look pretty good, except Sasuke when he is just standing there. The moves look pretty good, but don't expect some super DS grapchics like Metriod Prime. But when they do some of those cut scenes, they look great. The manga panels also look good.

Story ???:
Well I don't really know whats going on in the story becuase I can't read japenese, but I can tell that it has something to do with saving these worlds or something. It probally is pretty cool though. You should be able to find out what happens on some internet site.

Game play 5/5:
This is were the game shines. You see, you fight like you would in Smash Bros, but fighting in manga style. It is pretty easy to pull of combos and you can do specials with one button, X. The really cool thing about this game is the bottom screen action. You make a manga sheet at the bottom and use that for combos and things like that. You make the manga sheet with Koma's that you unlock in the story mode. There is multi-player with using only 1 cartridge or more than 1 cartridge, if you want to use your own deck.To understand the koma system more, you will probally need some kind of help .

Sound 4.2/5:
The sound is pretty good. What you would expect. The hit sounds and all that stuff. It could have been better, like with music from the anime's but you don't really need that kind of stuff.

Replayability: 5/5
There is so much stuff to do is this game it's crazy. There is like over 600 Koma to unlock, the story has lots of missions and it has a good multi-player mode.

Well thats it, I recomend that you import this game if you can. If not, find someone who did and get it from them, but get this game!

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