Juiced review

The good:

-Variety of Cars.
-Pink Slip races.
-Show off mode.

The bad:

-No free roam! ;'(
-A lot of loading screens.
-Respect meter gets annoying.


At first I thought this game was going to be kind of stupid. But after I played it for awhile I forgot about how there is no free roam mode. I love the show off mode, for those that do not know what the show off mode is, it's basically what the title says, "Show Off" you get to show off your car by doing 360s, 180s, donuts, drift and all the goodness in between. The pink slip races are very suspenseful, because if you lose you lose your best car. But if you win, you win the opponents car. The modding in this game is OK, it's not that great like other street racing games. There's not much to pick from when it comes to bumpers, but every car has a different set of bumpers. The cars in this game are very, very awesome. I don't think there's any game that has a Honda CRX in it, and there's not one street racing game that has a Honda NSX and a Acura NSX.

Overall, I would recommend renting this game if your not sure about it. But if you love street racing, I'd say pick it up.

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