Juiced (PS2) Cheats

Juiced cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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If u say.... bet all your money on someone and lose it.. u actually dont go bankrupt and have to start again... it comes up on the main screen something like "your friends have put on a charity for you and raised some cash" and then u get given 30,000 everytime!
Character Test Mode
Enter the cheats screen and enter "CHAR" to enter character test mode.
Completion Bonuses
Aquire a 100% in career mode to unlock all the prototype mods for all the cars in career mode and in Extreme Nitrous Series in Arcade Mode.
Easier Money
The absolute easiest way to get money without having to restart your game ever follows this simple quick guide. Select a day where you can host a race, pick Sprint. Set the Class of cars to 1, then spend the $1k to start, then watch the race. There should only be 2 cars racing, TK and BIGGS. There are only 2 cars they will race, the Viper or the Corvette. If the race has one viper and 1 vette, bet all the money you can on the Viper. 8:13 odds means for every $100 you spend you will get your $100 back and $61. If the cars are equal, just watch the race and start a new one on a day you can host.
Easy money in sprint
Find a place were you can make a race.
Make it sprint.
in any level.
Biggi and TK sould be the racers.
Biggi normaly have a viper TK normaly has a corvette
BET on biggi.
on the race.
press X and watch tk.
Biggi sould nudge into TK and then Tk will crash or slow down
Biggi goes for the win.
Easy Respect
To get easy respect for players go to any race and bet on any player (or the one that is low on respect) and place the highest bet. Then you should get around 60 to 70 respect points.
Easy Sprint Wins
If you have just got the game and not very good at sprints this will help you. Once you have started the game there will be people that ring u up asking to be in your crew, once u have vito in your crew buy a volkswagon beetle then use vito and the beetle in level 8 sprint races

P.S U will win every time!!!!!
free repairs
Damaged card get free repairs after you leave the auto-shop.
Heaps More Money (read this it'll work perfectly)
On a free day on the calender, host your own sprint race on your own turf (superspeedway). make sure the car class you want to race is class 1 (800-1200hp) then go a bit after that, go 'watch race'.The two cars racing will be a Corvette Z06 and a viper GTS. Bet all your money on whoever has a viper GTS (even if it has less horsepower than the corvette Z06) because it will always win.
NOTE: if the two cars ae both Vipers or both corvettes DO NOT bet on one because if you lose all your money I guarantee you'll want to snap the game in half.
ALSO NOTE: I have got over $10 million dollars all up now becuse I've been using this technique!
lost a lot of money
if you lost a lot of money or came last place on a hard race and lose sum respect that you don't whant to lose just restart the PS2 before it saves then load your game and start again and try and win
Make a LOT of Cash
First u will need to buy a viper gts. this will take a long time but it waill be worth it. instead of getting it to class 1 set it to 799 BHP so it is top of class 2. First to test it enter a sprint. Everyone else should be using a Corvette z06. In any race in class 2 no one will use a GTS and you can beat anyone by miles. in a sprint, if you are skilled enough, you can win without using nos because i can =).be careful in circuts in biggis and jacks turf because the viper has a lot of power and its hard to control. this isnt a cheat, so nothing can go wrong. it works wonders with me i have 90% respect, a full crew, 4 GTS's and over $6 million. Good Luck =).
prototype car
1. buy a VW Beetle in class 8, it would be a g8 drifting car with godd handling.

2. Buy a CR-X and make it a prototype the cost of car should go up to atleast $100,000
To get all the prototype parts you must have all respect from everyone meaning 100% in respect.Also your respect for them must be 1,500 or higher.
Race without loosing money or cars
Just after loading the game for the first time buy a vw beetle.This car will win every sprint if under 200 HP. Put the speed about 85 % and the acceleration about 15 %.
Race for sprints and upgrade your car.
When you have about 100.000 credits do a pink slip race.
Befor you do that remove your memory card.
The ps2 console gives a warning that the autosave will be disabled. enter for yes.
When you win a race leave the carreer mode and go to extras.
put back in your memorycard and enable autosave.
Now the console will write the gameprogression to the card.
If you race for pink or big money again repeat this procedure.
If you loose you will have to reset you're ps2 and load your presaved datafile.

transforming cr-x
Buy a cr-x.Then race and install hood 3 rear bumper 2 or 3 and take it in a race its mods will change.
Win every sprint Race
.First but an inprezza 228 or whatever it is upgrade to class 5 to get all mods it shud cost around 200.000 no matter what sprint race you do u will win start shift up to 2nd and keep nitrous on into 5th to it runs out i bet you will beat them by 1 or 2 secs thats why i have 30.000.000 yeah tht right so enter pink slip race,s along as its a sprint you will win ever against poppa lordz yeah take advice just do it.


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All Cars
Enter "PINT" as a code at the cheats screen to unlock all cars in arcade mode.
Cheat Mode
Enter the cheats screen and enter "ALL." to unlock all of the bonuses.
Everyone Respects You
Enter the cheats screen and put in "RESP" to make everyone respect you.
Unbeatable sprinting car
To win every sprint that you enter buy a Subaru Impreza 228 STI and make everything prototype then enter a sprint where the track is no longerthan 3 km and while the numbers are counting down change it into gear 5 and hold down accelerate and nitrous then you will pull ahead of everyone and beat them well and truly.