Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (PC) Cheats

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Rookie Legend (10)Completed all Rookie goals
League 7 Legend (10)Completed all League 7 goals
League 6 Legend (10)Completed all League 6 goals
League 5 Legend (10)Completed all League 5 goals
League 4 Legend (10)Completed all League 4 goals
League 3 Legend (10)Completed all League 3 goals
League 2 Legend (10)Completed all League 2 goals
League 1 Legend (10)Completed all League 1 goals
World Class Legend (10)Completed all World Class goals
Elite Legend (10)Completed all Elite goals
Online Rookie Legend (10)Completed all online Rookie goals
Online League 7 Legend (10)Completed all online League 7 goals
Online League 6 Legend (10)Completed all online League 6 goals
Online League 5 Legend (10)Completed all online League 5 goals
Online League 4 Legend (10)Completed all online League 4 goals
Online League 3 Legend (10)Completed all online League 3 goals
Online League 2 Legend (10)Completed all online League 2 goals
Online League 1 Legend (10)Completed all online League 1 goals
Online World Class Legend (10)Completed all online World Class goals
Online Elite Legend (10)Completed all online Elite goals
Trader! (5)Bought or sold a car online
Dealer! (10)Traded five cars online
Tycoon! (15)Traded ten cars online!
Nice Bodywork! (5)Traded a decal preset online
Lookin' Smooth! (10)Traded five decal presets online
Style King! (15)Traded ten decal presets online!
DNA Collector! (10)Downloaded somebody's DNA
Millionaire! (40)One million dollars!
Loaded! (60)One hundred million dollars!
Tuned! (20)Maxed out a car!
Revved! (30)Maxed out five cars!
Juiced! (50)Maxed out ten cars!
Feelin' Lucky! (5)Entered a pink slip race
Risk Taker! (10)Entered 10 pink slip races
Daredevil! (15)Entered 25 pink slip races!
Flawless Drift! (50)5,000,000 point drift
Drift Marathon! (100)20,000,000 point drift
Unstoppable Drift! (150)50,000,000 point drift!
Nailed! (100)100% completion
Prestige (50)Completed all celebrity challenges
HIN Champion (50)Completed all HIN crew challenges