Judge Dredd (SNES) Cheats

Judge Dredd cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Make Judge Dredd Slide
Crawl for a while, then press Up and the direction you are moving and he will slide on his knees. Note: This trick takes a while to master and can be diffucult.


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Cheat Mode
Press Left, Up, X, Right, Y before the copyright information screen disappear. The names of the development team will appear near the bottom of the screen to confirm the correct code entry. Press A+Y when the phrase "say no to cheats" is displayed. The phrase Level Select activated will confirm correct code entry. Press B+X. The Phrase Energy Gain Activated will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to begin game play. Press select to display a level selection screen. During game play, your energy will be resored after every hit. Pause the game while fighting a boss to fully restore the life bar.