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Ju-On: The Grudge cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Unlocking the fifth level
To access the fifth (and final) level, you must first collect all the paper fragments in every other level. The fifth level automatically unlocks once you find all scraps.

Easter eggs

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Hidden items (almost complete)
Level 1 Abandoned Factory: 3 newspaper article fragments
Walk in when you pass try to open the door to get to your dog a scene will occur go past the door. Get the Battery then go get the key that’s past it. TO the left of where you get the key there will be lockers open the two closed ones one will contain the first fragment. The middle on the right side to be precise.
Where you get the second key by the flashing red warning light play with the drawers of the desk to get your second fragment. The middle drawer will hold the fragment.
In the desk in the far back right corner of the inspection room find the last fragment in the bottom drawer, to open this door you must go up the stairs to the elevator to get the key.
ABANDONED HOSPITAL LEVEL 2 ( scribble fragments [6])
FIRST THINGS FIRST BATTERIES ARE FLASH LIGHTS ON THE WALL! Ok after the scene go past the phone across the hall and grab your 1st battery. After wards start all the way down by the elevator by making a right out of the nurse station ( as we will call it) now go to every single room ( including the bathrooms) in the rooms with TVs turn them on and off again once if you get attacked by the woman in any of these rooms MAKE SURE to check the ground of the room after you win to get a scribble fragment. When you walk into one room if you see the cat go behind the curtain of the far left bed fallow it and open the curtain the boy will be there look at the bed table to get another scribble fragment. After the scene where the tv cuts on in the hallway still turn on all the TVs and the phone will start ringing in the nurses station. Go answer it then successfully complete the fight thing that follows to get another scribble fragment ( each time playing this part afterwards will get you a battery if you successfully complete it) now it’s a game of follow the leader, turn right out of the nurse station and follow the boy into the boy’s bathroom remember the stall that previously had hair under it? Open that stall where the cat will be on the toilet with another scribble fragment ok 2 more left! After going down the stairs and again fighting the women turn straight back around returning to the room with coffins, the one where the hair retreated into holds your next fragment. Go upstairs fighting the hair along the way when you get to the roof and the table thing wheels itself off the roof check the little space it was in front of on the ground to gather your last fragment, now continue onwards and enjoy the ending!
This is not complete yet we ( me and my friends who put this together) have not found the other diary fragment… ok go throught the level when you get to the first set of apartments after the whole thing with box, go downstairs making sure you go up to the boy who is the source of the annoying doorbell rings he disappears go down and go to the mail boxes ( to the right of the stairs in that alcove) this holds the first Diary Fragment.
( if anyone has found the last fragment please let me know, as for the last level i haven't seen anything!)