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Jet X2O Makes a Splash for Racing Games

The good:

~Good graphics immerse you in your surroundings without too many graphical errors.
~The race type is more unique than the standard car racing game.
~The trick system is entertaining and easy to use.
~Multiplayer functions allow you to race with up to three other people.
~The music is upbeat and catchy, provided you like techno music.

The bad:

~No stellar graphics or effects; everything is a bit dull and generic.
~No back plot, except for some vague background on the sport and some player bios.
~There aren't enough unlockables to be had in the game, which subtracts from ply time.
~Customization is kept to a bare minimum.


If you're into racing games but don't want to buy another game with race cars or ATVs, have you ever considered Jet Skis? Sure, you've probably seen them on store shelves - the PS2 rack is full of them - but how do you know which one is the best? Allow me to introduce you to Jet X2O, a game that will seem new and refreshing after many renditions of the same old tired racing formula - that is, if you aren't expecting anything out of the ordinary.

Though there isn't really any sort of explanation in the game WHY this sport is the one you should be playing, the main gist is that it's become t...

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