Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles review
Star Wars: Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles

The good:

Non stop action and using the force to guide you through the toughest times. Having the energy to move forward through difficult tasks and to complete complicated levels. The music matches the theme and the special graphics and effects make it look to engrossing at times.

The bad:

At the very end of the final battle, I may had a glitch on my game, when Ben was trying to get through the moving energy rooms that show a bright red layer of a shield of some type. I couldn't find a way through until I had to keep forcing the character to run through the wall and eventually he got in. There seem like no other way.

When you went to Tatoonie? to free Anakin SkyWalker, destroying the monster in the cage was not an easy task because of the time involved. If you kill too many of the wrong people, the game is over.


This game is full of non-stop action and based on the movie. If you had not seen the first movie of the Stars War log, then you may have a difficulty of understanding how to play the game. Its based on the entire movie only your the one acting out the main role. The music is beautifully done, and the graphics are rich in detail with computer technology, you almost seem to forget where you are sitting at.

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