Jak II Tips

Easy Wins On Haven City/Haven City Races
Ok, you know how you've got bot the Port Race and the City Race? Well, the easiest way to get an easy win on either of those, start one of them. Now do you see the Underground's best racer? Memorize his position. Now, after you memorize his position, walk as far away from him as you can to fail the mission, and when it asks if you want to restart, say NO. Now, Find 5 Zoomers (preferably 2-seaters), and bring them to that general area. Now, after you do this, put one of them on the Underground's best recer's position, and put the rest in front of it. Now go start the mission, get on your zoomer, and race. You should get a very BIG head start, because the Underground's best racer will either be stuck under the zoomers ffor about 30 seconds, or else he'll try to go underneath them, which'll take about 25 seconds.