Jak II Glitches

Alright, this is a bit hard.

Stage I: The Red Wall

From the very beginning of the game, grab a zoomer. Fly to the red clearence. There's a pipe next to it. Jump from the zoomer onto it. Execute the high jump to get to the top of the pipe. Now jump into the wall. And you'll be in a hollow space. Becareful of this part. If you're not, the red wall will blow you up or you'll fall of and die. So try to roll-jump into the Industrial Zone, but be sure you're far from the red wall.

Stage II: The Yellow Wall

If you get killed in the Industrial Zone, you'll end up right in front of the red wall, but you'll still be inside. Grab another zoomer. Make your way to the port. When you're half way there, check the map. Apparently you're in an uncharted area <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/oO.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />? Continue to the port way to the port.
Once there continue to the other side of the port. The yellow wall in front of the Garden. Those two spear things on the left side of the wall, jump ontop of them, executing a double jump-spin combo, twice, until you get over the wall behind them. Be sure you jump to the right. Once again, you're in a hollow space. Roll-jump to the otherside of the wall, and try your best to get to a further range of the wall without getting blown up or falling off.

Stage III:

Now you're very close. Grab a zoomer, and fly to the Mar Statue. Use the zoomer to jump on the ramp like things on the statue side. Once you get high enouge to see under the statue, jump off the zoomer and you'll land under the statue. Be very careful here, roll-jump into the tan colored wall, and BAM, you'll be going to mars tomb. Jump on the designed formations that are on the walls, you'll crouch and you'll slide a little, but the minute you stand up, execute the double jump-spin and jump over the door. You'll be inside the tomb. But right now you wont be able to get out. Proceed with a mission and comeplete the no man's canyon test 1. After you've done it, you'll gain every weapon you would gain at this period. And also the JetBoard. Now do no mans canyon test 2. Defeat Baron Praxis, and leave the tomb. AND YOU'RE NOW AT ACT 3. In a matter of at least 30 minutes. Thats how long it took me.

Note: Sorry if you don't understand much.