Jak II Cheats

Defeat Baron at Mar's Tomb
After watching the cutscene, you will face the Baron's spider-mech. He is quite a bit harder than the first boss, IMO. The arena is in this shape.

1\ S-M /5
  1. - Bombs (I'm getting to that)
S-M - The Baron's Spider-mech

First, he will send out several robot bugs. Don't touch them! They are electrified. After they are all gone, he will fire out bombs, each landing on the numbers labeled above. Go behind the bombs and kick them at the Baron, taking off 1/12 of his health. After four bombs have successfully hit him, you'll move on.

Now, when he sends out his robot bugs, he'll be sweeping with machine guns. Stay behind the pillars to stay safe. Now, when he fires the bombs again, kick four more back at him.

He won't send out the bugs this time. He'll get the precursor stone and use its energy to make holes. Just avoid everything and kick the last four at him, and enjoy another violent explosion.