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[edit] Background

From Russia WIth Love is the videogame adaptation of the second James Bond movie. Sean Connery reprises his role as James Bond who is sent into Turkey to confiscate an encryption device, but instead walks into a trap contrived by SPECTRE. You will be able to shoot, use vehicles, and even employ stealth to kill your enemies. Gameplay will involve using your unique assortment of gadgets.

[edit] Features

  • Play as Connery's Bond—Step into the shoes of the legendary Sean Connery, the original James Bond.
  • Enter the World of Classic 007—Drive the vintage cars, meet the beautiful women, and visit the exotic locales, all beautifully rendered in authentic '60s style.
  • The Best Bond Experience Yet—Fully integrated stealth and driving missions, non-linear level progression, the new zoom and focus aiming mechanic, and a deeply immersive living world add up to innovative, non-stop Bond action.
  • Brand-New Multiplayer Mode—Third-person, split-screen deathmatch mode offers an engrossing social multiplayer experience.
  • Control 007 Like Never Before—A new scoring and rewards system allows you to deeply customize the equipment, skills, and abilities you'll use in action as James Bond.
  • Classic Gadgets Made Modern—Equip yourself with an array of classic weapons and gadgets updated with unique 21st century twists.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

1-2 Players

Memory Card (for PlayStation2) - 126 KB

Analog Control - Vibration Function

Multitap (for PlayStation2) - 4 Players

This game is also known as 007: Russia Yori Ai o Komete in Japan.

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Mar 20, 09 12:07pm
Had some better gameplay in areas than the previous offering, EoN, but lacked the flair and became repetitive. JamesBondFromRussiaWithLove
Mar 7, 09 8:55am
ok JamesBondFromRussiaWithLove
Jan 21, 09 11:56pm
6.1/10 JamesBondFromRussiaWithLove
May 7, 06 12:46pm

007 From Russia with Love is based off of the second 007 movie. The game...

Apr 15, 06 3:38am
10/10 JamesBondFromRussiaWithLove
Apr 6, 06 10:34am
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Nikolai Diavolo
Nov 20, 05 6:23am

Okay, so where are we now with EA and the James Bond licence?

We've had "Tomorrow Never...

Super Saiyan Goku
Aug 27, 05 11:46am
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Super Saiyan Goku
Apr 30, 05 12:28pm
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Super Saiyan Goku
Apr 14, 05 9:31pm
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Apr 4, 2006 (PSP)
    • Nov 15, 2005 (GC)
    • Nov 1, 2005 (PS2)
  • Japan: May 11, 2006
  • Europe:
    • Apr 13, 2006 (PSP)
    • Nov 18, 2005 (Xbox)
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