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: : : : Jak 3 Vehicle Challenge FAQ

Jak 3 Vehicle Challenge FAQ

by Peacemaker532   Updated to v1.1 on
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By Peacemkaer532

Help, guidance, and "Jak 3" ASCII art given by Justin Thakar, aka Jigganis.
Countless additions donated by Cheetoz.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Updates
1.3 The goal of this guide
1.4 Types of vehicles
1.5 I have orbs, what should I buy?

2.1 Zoomers or hover cars, which to steal?  Hmmmmmmmmm. Choices...
2.2 A zoomer's guide for idiots
2.3 Weapons while riding zoomers and other advanced techniques
   2.3.1 What gun should I use?
   2.3.2 Gun Strats and helpful techniques
2.4 Glitches and other fun stuff.

3.1 Jet Board; when to and when not to use it.
3.2 Tony Hawk's Jet boarding lessons and basics
3.3 Complex maneuvers and Jetboard challenge hints.

4.1 Dune Buggy School
4.2 Types of dune buggies
4.3 Dune buggy stats
4.4 "Stupid racing challenges! ARRRGH!"
4.5 A pro's guide to all the other challenges (Ex. Roll, hang-time)
4.6 Maximizing your driving skills.
4.7 Fun stuff to do with buggies

5.1 All that legal jargon that no one ever reads
5.2 Credits
5.3 How to contact me
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/1.1 Introduction\

First off, this is my first guide.  It might suck miserably, but who cares, I'm
new to this!  My name is Peacemaker (as far as you know), and I live in the 
dreadfully boring state of Iowa with my family of two parents, an older brother,
and a younger brother.  But you don't care about me, do you?  You just want to
get on with the guide, right?  Well, here goes.

/1.2 Updates\

Version 1.0: Original
Version 1.1: Grammatical Errors Corrected, addition to "Fun Stuff" section.
             E-mail address updated.  Real name omitted.
/1.2 The Goal of this Guide\

The goal or more appropriately, goals of this guide are:

A:  To help you get through the parts of the game that require vehicles.
B:  To help you get orbs from the side-quests in which you need to use vehicles.
C:  To get you more acquainted with vehicles and make getting around not as much
    of a hassle.
D:  To get you going further, staying up longer, and rolling more...even after
    completing the challenges.
E:  To have you having fun with vehicles long after completing the game!
/1.3 Types of Vehicles\

There are two major types of vehicles with several sub-categories each.

1. Aircraft

   A:  Zoomer.  These are the small, one-seated little vehicles that are all
       over the place in Haven City.  They are fast, and my personal favorite.
   B:  Hover Car.  These are the bigger, slower, more armored vehicles in Haven

2. Ground Vehicles

   A: Dune Buggies.  A must in the Wasteland.
   B: Jet-board.  This is what Jak carries around on his back.  You get it after
      the 'Defend Ashelin at Oasis' mission.  You can glide around on it faster
      than you can walk.  You can also grind certain rails and if you get the
     'Turbo Jetboard in Desert' secret, you can go very, very fast while in the
   C: Leaper Lizards. Useful little buggers, only available in Spargus.
/1.4 I have orbs, what should I get?!\

Definitely get the vehicles sooner or later.  I strongly suggest first buying 
the 'Turbo Jetboard in Wasteland' because you won't really be able to use the 
new vehicles until you beat the game or stop playing the story.  The turbo jet-
board will really help when getting orbs in the "go to this place in this amount
of time" challenges in the desert. It is even better sometimes than the dune 
buggies as it's very maneuverable. Then get the Desert Screamer.  In my opinion
it is the best.  After that get unlimited turbos.  Then get the Dust Demon, and
finally, the Heat Seeker.
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/2.1 Zoomers or hover cars?\

I strongly recommend zoomers as they are more agile (and they look cooler).  But
it really depends on the situation.  If you need to do a mission that involves 
riding around and not getting your car blown up (Ex. The mission where you 
escort Jynx and he plants the bombs), then you should get a two or three seater.
Sometimes, a two or three seater is the only thing available or you must use it.
But when just traveling around town, I recommend the small, one-seated zoomers.
If these are not available, then get whatever you can, as it's better to be in a
car than a jetboard in a city plagued with war.
/2.2 A zoomer's guide for idiots\

To commandeer a zoomer/car, press triangle while underneath it.  Once on the
vehicle, you can go forward by pressing the X button.  You break and reverse by
pressing the square button (hold to reverse).  You can fire your weapon by
pressing R1, jump by pressing L1 (only works on zoomers), and R2 controls which
hover zone you're in.  Pressing R3 (the right analog stick) will make you go in-
to first-person mode.  Pulling back on the left analog stick will make the front
of the vehicle rise, while pushing it forward will make the nose go down.  Dis-
mount by pressing triangle.
/2.3 Advanced Techniques\

To start this section, I want to say this.  Try to avoid using the Super Nova
while on a vehicle!!!  The reason is that it destroys EVERY vehicle around, in-
cluding yours.  Below are some weapon strategies and helpful techniques.
2.3.1 Which guns should I use? \

-Scatter Gun: Almost completely useless when riding.  Most of the time, when you
 shoot it, you already ran over whatever you were shooting.
 Summary:  I don't recommend this weapon.

-Wave Concussor: Almost as useless as the Scatter Gun when moving at full speed.
 Although it could come in handy when you aren't moving and are surrounded.
 Summary:  I don't recommend this weapon unless you stop alot (keeps enemies
 from hitting your car).

-Plasmite RPG: A good weapon.  Use this if you need to hit a ground target or if
 you need to ride through a pack of enemies.
 Summary: A good weapon, can be used in many situations.

-Blaster: Very good for taking out lone enemies that could pose a problem. The
 fast fire rate, fast-moving bullets, and long range make this an overall good 
 Summary:  I recommend this weapon while riding through parts of town that don't
 have loads of enemies.

-Beam Reflexer: Excellent for almost all situations.  The bouncing bullets keep
 following you, and if you fire constantly (with unlimited ammo), almost no ene-
 my will stand in your way.
 Summary:  I strongly recommend this weapon.  It can be used in any situation.

-Gyro Burster:  Not very good, as it doesn't stay up with your vehicle.  Plus it
 eats up ammo.
 Summary:  Don't use it unless you need to destroy a group of enemies and want
 to stay on a vehicle.

-Vulcan Fury: A great weapon for the zoomer!  It can easily clear a path through
 many enemies.
 Summary: A great weapon that can be used in many situations.

-Arc Wielder: Even better than the Vulcan!  This, I dare say, is the one of the 
 best weapons for the zoomer.  It is especially good at clearing enemies in your
 way from a pretty big distance
 Summary: Very good.  I recommend using it when confronted with wave after wave
 of enemies.

-Needle Lazer: An impenetrable weapon!  Probably the best here!  It can mow down
 enemy after enemy.  If you keep firing, nothing should ever be able to hit your
 car.  A perfect combo with unlimited ammo.  And the best part is, you don't 
 even have to aim!
 Summary: Use it when there are tons of enemies.  I strongly urge you to become
 accustomed to this gun.

-Peacemaker:  Very good for taking out multiple enemies in your path.  Clears
 groups well and makes a neat little path for you to ride through.  The long 
 range can be good, but is often unreliable.
 Summary:  Useful for taking out groups far away

-Mass Inverter: Practically useless because by the time it affects enemies, you
 are gone.  Decent if you stop a lot.
 Summary: Useful in one situation that I've found.  See 2.3.2 Gun Strategies and
 useful techniques.

-Super Nova: Good for taking out huge groups of enemies except...IT DESTROYS 
 Summary: Don't use it unless you are very close to being screwed or just having

2.3.2 Gun Strategies and helpful techniques\

-Mid-air Vehicle Switch: An extremely useful technique.  To do it, go forward 
 very quickly to another car.  When you are close to it, press triangle to 
 launch off of your vehicle, then press triangle again to jump on the other 
 vehicle.  This will save you precious time and health.  I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH

-Sweep Technique: This may seem basic, but when using a rapid-fire gun, sweep 
 back and forth.  This will clear more enemies.

-High-zone in the war-zone: Again, very basic.  If you are trying to get some-
 where, than stay in the high zone.  This will save your car damage, and of
 course, you never want to be without a car in a war-zone.

-The "CALLING ALL BAD DRIVERS!" technique: Always have the Mass Inverter or Wave
 Concussor ready or ready to use if you run into alot of things.  This is
 because while you are stopped, enemies will attack the car.  If you use these,
 they won't be able to.

-The RPG how-to: If you need to hit a specific ground target, go into the high 
 zone and launch a Plasmite Grenade in the general direction.  Practice getting
 the grenade to go where you want to.  If you master this, you can save time on
 some missions.

This section could use some additions, so if you have any ideas, contact me.
/2.4 Glitches and Fun Stuff\

Since we all like to have fun, I thought I'd put this in here.

-Upside-down vehicle (submitted by sandy_feet):  Get a vehicle, drive it in the
 upper hover zone half-way over a bridge (so the back is sticking out from the
 bridge), then change hover-zones.  If done correctly, you can drive upside
 Cheetoz' Method:  Steal a two seated zoomer (not the ones that look like two 
 single together) then go to the port over the water and leave it, transform in-
 to dark jak and make the car to fall upside down (you will need some luck, pra-
 ctice, and infinite dark because you will maybe need to make more than one dark
 bomb before you get it correctly), if you destroy your vehicle just get a new
 one. When your zoomer is upside down just swim near it and press triangle to
 drive it, you will now be driving the zoomer upside down with jak & dax under-
 water.  Note:  Going into high zone will right the vehicle.

-Hit your own grenade: Completely useless, but, here it is.  Go into the low
 hover zone and get out the Plasmite RPG.  Go into high zone and on the way up,
 launch a Plasmite Grenade.  It will hit your car, but not do any damage.

-Possessed Vehicle: Get a big two seater hovercar (not the ones that look like 
 two cars stuck together).  Then go into Dark Jak mode, hop on the car, and walk
 into the crevice where the seats are.  Then face forward (the direction the 
 vehicle is facing) and punch.  The car will jerk backwards, and you will be
 tossed out of it.

This section is also lacking so please give me some additions!
Fun Stuff\

-Higher than high zone strat (submitted by Press X 2 Jump):  Around the port, 
 there are ramps leading from the water to the street.  Go full throttle at one,
 and just before you leave the ramp, press L1.  You will go very high for a 
 short time. (My addition) You can also pull back on the left analog stick and
 you will tilt up.  This will give you more air time.

-DESTRUCTION!!!:  If you have unlimited ammo, go around on a zoomer and just
 launch barrages of Plasmite Grenades.  It can be very entertaining seeing a
 group of Freedom league guards get thrown all in different directions.  It is
 also fun to head off a vehicle and send a grenade where it's going...it's so
 satisfying seeing it run into the grenade and explode.

-Zoomer Bowling/Fireworks:  Get a big two seater, not a three seater or the two-
 seater that looks like two zoomers fused.  For 'zoomer bowling', go full-speed
 straight into a little zoomer.  It should explode and fly forward.  You can try
 to hit Freedom League guards or civilians with the hunk of flaming metal.  For
 'zoomer fireworks', shoot or bump a vehicle until it is flaming or smoking
 heavily.  Then go into low zone, and let them get a head start.  Once they are
 a little way away, go full throttle.  Once you are underneath them, quickly go
 into high zone.  They should fly up and explode!  A few seconds later the
 shrapnel will fall down onto the street.

-Possessed Zoomer (submitted by Cheetoz): Just use the mass inverter and quickly
 fire the Plasmite RPG at a zoomer, you will see the destroyed zoomer flying
 away and be lost of sight (maybe you'll need to use first person view if it
 goes completely up), it's very funny to see it flying away.
 Note: Try doing it at the port, as there is more space.

The above section is seriously lacking and any ideas would be very much
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/3.1 Jetboard Do's and Don'ts\

The jetboard is very good for moving faster than usual.  It can grind and has a
jet repulsor that can come in handy.  But enough about that, here are some exam-
ples of when to and when not to use this piece of equipment.

Good times to use it:

1. When there are little or no enemies around and there is no other means of
2. When you need to reach a place via grind or hyper jump (Note: Hyper jump is 
   when you use the jet board and launch off of an air-duct). 
3. In the desert for a 'get here in this much time' mission (only if you have
   'turbo jetboard in desert')

Bad times to use it:

1. There are many enemies or it is very crowded
2. You could use something faster (Ex. Dune Buggy, Zoomer)
/3.2 Jetboard Basics with Tony Hawk\

Get on or off the jetboard with the R2.  X is jump, O is the Jet Repulsor.  It
gives a short burst of energy to exterminate an enemy in your way.  L1 makes you
crouch, if you hold it, then press X, you get a boost jump.  You can also get a
boost jump by jumping, waiting for Jak to crouch (by himself), then jumping 
again.  By pressing triangle, you will do a very quick turn-a-round.  I haven't
found it extremely useful, but you might.  While in the air, R1, L1, L2, or any
combination, will pull off a trick.  You can combine button presses and analog
stick movement to execute awesome stunts.  I will go more into detail below.
You can also grind by holding square when you hit a rail.  In some parts of the
game, you can only progress by grinding across a pipe/rail.
/3.3 Complex Maneuvers\

These are performed by pressing certain combinations of R1, L1, and L2.  They 
are essential to get past the jetboard scoring challenges.  Here is a list of
the more basic tricks.  Press the following button combos to perform the move
described.  ^ means push up on the analog stick, > means right, < means left,
and \/ means down.  I don't know much about boarding, so the terms aren't very

   ^=Forward Flip
   >=360 Clockwise
   <=360 Counterclockwise
   \/=Backward Flip
   ^=Kick flip forward.  On water, or very high in the air, Jak will do a super-
     man (holds board in front of him).
   >=Board Spin.  The board spins around while Jak is in the air.
   <=A very cool board flip.  It's hard to explain.
   \/=Method.  The board rotates on an axis running from the front to the back.

All the L2 tricks are really cool, hard to describe board grabs.  You have to
see them.  During scoring challenges, combine button presses of R1, L1, and L2,
along with analog movements (diagonals will yield different results too) will
result in huge amounts of points.  Also, be sure to execute stunts before and
after grinding a rail to get ultra-bonus points!  Jumping off a grindrail, doing
a trick, jumping on again, and repeating can get massive amounts of points.
Just a few more things, you can execute different grinds by pushing the analog
stick in different directions when you begin grinding.  And the last, and most
JETBOARD SCORING CHALLENGES!  This makes the trick become worth less and less.

 ___       ___  _____   _   _
| _ \ /\  |___||_   _| | |_| |
|  _//__\ |  \   | |   |___  |
|_| /    \|   \  |_|       |_|

/4.1 Dune Buggy School\

The dune buggy's controls are quite straight-forward.  You can get in and out by
pressing triangle.  Once in a dune buggy, press X to hit the gas.  If you need 
to stop, press square (hold it after stopping to back up).  If you want to, you
can get a rear view by pressing L2.  When holding L2, you can get a side view by
pushing right or left on the right analog stick.  This can be very useful, but
I'll go into that later.  You can also jump (L1), shoot your weapon (R1), or use
a turbo (R2).
/4.2 Dune Buggy Types\

Dune buggies can be put into any one of the three categories.  These categories
1. Tanks; this category includes the Gila Stomper, Ram'rod (Slam Dozer), and 
   Dust Demon.
2. Light-weights; this category would be the home for the Dune Hopper and Tough 
3. Speed Demons; these cars get it done when it comes to getting around quickly.
   They include the Desert Screamer, the Sand Shark, and the Heat Seeker.
/4.3 Dune Buggy Stats\

*=Awful, **=Decent, ***=Good, ****=Great, *****=Excellent, 1/2=half a star, N/A=
zero stars, #1=the best in that category

~Tough Puppy~
-Classification: Lightweight
-Speed: **
-Handling #1: *****
-Jump: ***1/2
-Boost #1: *****
-Weapon: N/A
-Coolness (opinion): ** (Coolness not included in overall stat)
-Overall: 3.1
-Other Notes: This vehicle is near impossible to spin out.  It's useful in the 
 first race, but not much anywhere else.

NOTE: The overall stat may not accurately represent usefulness.  Boost rating
      indicates the duration of the boost.  The average overall score is 3.3125
      (so you have something to compare to).

~Sand Shark~
-Classification: Speed Demon
-Speed: ***1/2
-Handling: ****
-Jump: **1/2
-Boost: ***
-Weapon: **1/2 (Front mounted machine guns)
-Overall: 3.1
-Other Notes: Good for earlier missions, but gets outclassed very early in the 

~Dune Hopper~
-Classification: Lightweight
-Speed: ***1/2
-Handling: ****
-Jump #1: *****
-Boost: ***
-Weapon: ***
-Coolness: **
-Overall: 3.7
-Other Notes: Hold L1 to charge a super jump.  Can be used to get across gaps
 that you normally wouldn't be able to cross.  Great for orb races because the
 balance of speed and control is very good.

~Gila Stomper~
-Classification: Tank
-Speed: **
-Handling: *****
-Jump: **
-Boost: ***1/2
-Weapon #1: *****
-Coolness: ****
-Overall: 3.6
-Other Notes: If you go into rear/side view, the gun will shoot in that direc-
 tion.  This is very good if you are being chased.

~Slam Dozer~
-Classification: Tank
-Speed: **1/2
-Handling: *****
-Jump: **1/2
-Boost: 1/2
-Weapon: *****
-Coolness: **
-Overall: 3.1
-Other Notes: The weapon is great, more powerful than the Gila Stomper's, but it
 doesn't rotate 360 degrees.  

~Heat Seeker~
-Classification: Speed Demon 
-Speed: ****1/2
-Handling: **
-Jump: ***
-Boost: ***1/2
-Weapon: **1/2
-Coolness: ***
-Overall: 3.1
-Other Notes: Very fast.  It is good for the roll, distance, and hangtime
challenges.  Especially the roll challenge.

~Dust Demon~
-Classification: Tank
-Speed: *****
-Jump: *
-Boost: ***1/2
-Weapon: ***
-Coolness: ****
-Overall: 3.1
-Other Notes: Despite the overall score, this is a great car.  Even though the
 jump is bad, you can still go very far if you figure out how to hit a ramp
 correctly.  This car is also good for getting from A to B quickly and safely.

~Desert Screamer~
-Classification: Speed Demon
-Speed: !*****
-Handling: ***1/2
-Jump: ****
-Boost: ***1/2
-Weapon: **1/2
-Coolness: !*****
-Overall: 3.7
-Other Notes: Excellent vehicle for the distance/hangtime challenges.  This car
 is my favorite, and is good for almost everything.  I like to go into the
 Wasteland with this car and see how far I can launch it.

/4.4 Argh! Stupid racing challenges!\

The trick to the racing challenges is...hehehe, NOW I've got ya!  Okay, the
trick is to use the Dune Hopper.  The Dune Hopper along with unlimited turbos is
the key!  Also, for the very first race challenge, if you use the Dune Hopper,
you can take a shortcut that'll shave about 2-5 seconds off your time.  When you
come to the first set of ramps, launch the Dune Hopper to the left and over the
water.  Align yourself with the track a bit, then use a turbo.  If you do this
correctly everytime, it should be easy to get gold.  Also, when you get to the
mud puddles, use a turbo and a charge jump to clear them all; shaving off 1-2 
seconds.  The second course isn't very hard.  Just learn the track, and use
turbos whenever you can (you'd better have unlimited turbos on).  Other than 
that, try to get ahead of all the marauders before you get to the broken bridge
that leads across the river.  

/4.5 A pro's guide to all the other challenges\

Having trouble with those stupid jump challenges?  Well too bad!  I'm not goin'
to help you!  What do I look like?  A miracle worker?  Just kidding, I gotta 
have some fun once in a while.  Here are all my secrets to those annoying 
Use the Desert Screamer for this one.  Start off by turning around, and
boosting off the big broken bridge.  Be sure to jump.  If that didn't get you a
good score, then look around for a steep dune protruding from the ground.  There
are only three or four of these babies in the whole Wasteland, and ND was kind 
enough to put one right by the starting point of the hangtime challenge.  Back
up as much as you can, go full throttle into it, and use a turbo.  DO NOT, I 
REPEAT DO NOT, use the turbo right as you go off.  Instead, use it so it'll shut
off about 1 sec after you take off.  When you are in the air, tilt the car so 
the nose points upwards so it looks like this.
     Dune----->_/ \_______ <----Ground
   Then repeatedly tap R2 to boost.  If you do this correctly, the boost will 
act as a rocket, and keep you up for anywhere from .25 to 2 seconds longer.  If
you don't want to or can't use that jump, find the following  area beforehand, 
and use it instead.
   Start where you would normally start, turn around, go off the jump, and take
a right when you land.  Go up the hill, and look to the right.  You should see a
big dune, and a bit further should be an island.  This is the hill you want to
take.  Practice going off the dune, and making it all the way to the island (you
should go across quite a bit of water).  You will have to use the strategy of
boosting mid-air to make the jump.  If/When you can make the jump, you will get
gold for sure.  Of course, there is a cheating way...but you don't want to 
cheat, do you?


Again, use the Desert Screamer.  The reason for this is because it is extremely
fast and has a good jump.  You can try the strategy above for distance, it 
works, but it is slightly harder.  You can also try some smaller ramps, but make
sure that the car is about 45 degrees to the ground when you boost.  That way,
you will get thrust AND lift.  I recommend finding some less inclined ramps for
distance, because you will go forward more (This is distance, remember?).  The 
jump(s) you use should look kinda like the diagram below.  You could also use
the ramp described in the Hangtime section (the one where you ramp over the 
water).  If you want to cheat, there is another method in my guide...somewhere.
      #####    <------This             ###
   ###########                        #####
 ###############    Not this------>  #######                                    


Be sure to use the Heat Seeker for this one!  It is less stable and will roll 
more.  Start off by turning around, and going off the same jump that you used in
the hang-time challenge.  But this time, when you are in mid-air, turn as 
sharply as you can to the right.  That way, when you land, you will get 1-3 
rolls.  Then take a right, and head to the oasis (over the hill then take a 
left).  Find a tree where the trunk looks like this.
  |    |
  |    |
 /      \
/        \
  Hit the incline with just your right/left tires.  You will do a cool inline
twist, and hopefully you will get a few more rolls.  Just keep hitting trees 
like this until you reach nine rolls.  It might take some practice.  If hitting
trunks doesn't work for you, keep going off dunes and turning mid-air

/4.6 Maximizing your driving skills\

The first key to getting better is mastering the mid-air boost.  Learn the
perfect way to position the car if you are going for distance.  Also figure out
how to do it if you want hang-time.  The second key is to learn the jumps that
are good for distance, and the ones that are good for hangtime.  Getting better
is mostly about learning.  Learning which car is best for which thing, learning
where that perfect jump is, etc.  Other things you should learn are: how to use
the skid turn, how to boost out of turns to get up to max speed quickly, and the
exact time to jump off a dune so as to get great air.  There are no little
secret things that will make you great instantly, you have to work.  Another
good way to become better, is to keep trying to get better times, more distance,
more hangtime, more rolls, etc.  Just driving around can also improve your 
skills (and teach you how to deal with marauders).  If this information doesn't
help you, you can email me (peacemaker636@aim.com) and specify what you need 
help with. I'll tell you how to get better.

/4.7 Fun stuff\

I have compiled a list of glitches and other fun stuff to do in Jak 3.
If you have a suggestion, feel free to email me (ADudeS3@aol.com).

-Driving around: Sometimes it's fun just to ride around in a fast car and enjoy
 the gorgeous environment that ND has given you.

-Dune Hopper Hyper Jump: Using the Dune Hopper and the strategies I gave you for
 the hangtime/distance challenges, you can get serious, OMG FREAKING SERIOUS,
 air.  It's really fun to be suspended in air for so long.

-ET Style Flying (submitted by Cheetoz): In the Wasteland, use the Mass Inverter
 while Marauders are heading toward you.  They will lift off the ground and keep
 moving; just like the bike in E.T.

-Mega Vehicle Missile (submitted by Cheetoz): Do Flash Freeze.  Quickly shoot 
 from 1 to 4 times a full-charged shoot from the wave concussor.  Quickly 
 shoot the mass inverter as many times as you can before Flash Freeze stops.  
 Now see your vehicle fly through the wasteland at high speed.
 Note:  This is a very cheap method to win the distance challenge (Cheetoz got
 1,000 feet!).

-Car Cannon:  Get the Desert Screamer and go off a big jump.  At the peak of the
 jump, get out of the vehicle using triangle.  Watch as the car goes flying in
 the direction you were going.  It should blow up before you hit the ground,
 restarting the mission.

-Tough Puppy Trampoline:  Get the Tough Puppy.  Position yourself on the cross-
 beam of the rollcage.  Now jump up, and as soon as you land, jump again.  Keep
 doing this and you can jump very high!  Please note that the timing must be
 perfect and this may require some practice.  

-Tough Puppy inside Spargus (again, submitted by Cheetoz):  Park the Tough Puppy
 in front of the little door in the garage that leads to Spargus.  Use the Mass
 Inverter.  Transform to dark jak and do a dark blast trying to make the car to
 go in the direction of Spargus and trying to avoid the wall.  Stay near the 
 little door to be sure that spargus loads and the car has something solid to
 land on.  If done correctly you will see the Tough Puppy inside Spargus, and if
 you go to spargus and the garage door closes the vehicle will disappear (to 
 "ride" it do a flash freeze, run to the car and press triangle, the door will 
 close and the car will disappear, but you will be sitting in the car for about
 .25 seconds inside Spargus!!!
 Note:  While you try this the other cars will maybe be affected too and if one
 lands on the wasteland or outside the map it will explode and the failed 
 mission message will appear.

-"Glitch World" (courtesy of igor.seabra@uol.com.br)
 After finishing the game, go back to the palace ruins and go to the end of the 
 level. Use infinite light flight (2) to fly over the wall and the invisible 
 barrier that is on the wall. Instead of landing in heaven city ruins that you 
 passed with the Slam Dozer you land on a new world that I named 'Glitch World'.
 There is a big and wonderful surprise here. DONT SAVE YOUR GAME IN THE GLITCH 
 WOLRD OR YOU DON'T BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF HERE because you need to reset the 
 playstation to get out of here.
-Infinite Light Flight (also sent by igor.seabra@uol.com.br)
 Simply enter into light jak with wings and instead of press X-X-X-X-X press 
 X-O-X-O-X-O-X-O-X or X-X-O-X-X-O-X-X-O-X-X and you start flying (sides and up) 
 without landing. You can't go sides and up at the same time and sides is just 
 if you start from a high ledge.

Submit your ideas!  If you think you know a cool move, email me at 
ADudeS3@aol.com, with the email subject "Vehicle Faq Addition"
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/5.2 Credits\

The Jak 3 booklet
Jigganis for the "Jak 3" ASCII art
Cheetoz for 
sandy_feet for the 'upside-down vehicle' glitch.
Press X 2 Jump for the 'higher than high zone' strategy.

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