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[edit] Background

Genki has a new monster-breeding and battling RPG. Jade Cocoon 2 takes place a few hundred years after the original game and has a new hero named Kahu. Kahu's mind has been plagued by 'Kalma' which is driving him to insanity and eventually death. Setting off with the minion he raised he must find the 4 orbs that can take away his 'Kalma'. Command over a hundred minions, and experience a huge number of events in this adventure.

[edit] Features

  • A full-featured RPG set in a rich 3D polygonal world
  • Innovative combat system
  • Create an army of fighters from over 200 species of monsters
  • Capture and cross-breed these monsters to create billions of your own ultimate warriors
  • Battle with up to 8 monsters at a time

This game is also known as Tamamayu Monogatari 2 in Japan.

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teodortenchev blogged
Mar 03, 09 5:20pm

First my ubber leet modem cat:

It's been a long day. I did some drawing, check it out. I suck I know but goofy came out alright. Now for some custom game covers :D

Kingdom Hearts Cover

Jade Cocoon 2 Cover

playstation 2 musingsthoughts kingdom hearts drawing modem cat

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Jul 07, 13 5:17am

Jade Cocoon 2 is one of those games that took the idea of other series such as Pokemon or Digimon, and gave it brand...

Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 5:29am
Not nearly as good as the first but still great fun JadeCocoon2
Pang Liang
Aug 09, 04 8:26am

This game is Excelent for all, It's friendly and light hearted approach to becoming an...

Aug 17, 03 9:11am

i found this game very interaining and enjoyable. the fact that there was hybrid of...

Feb 27, 03 2:50am

The idea of merging is no longer true to the meaning of the word (unlike the...

Zero The DarkSTALKER
May 30, 02 5:18pm

In my opinion this does not stand up to the original. This kid will always live in...

Jan 04, 02 11:35am

I really enjoyed this game and I still do after beating it. I like the ability to...

Apr 26, 01 12:08am
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  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Genki
  • Genre: Fantasy Role-playing (PS2)
Release Dates
  • North America: Dec 18, 2001
  • Japan: Aug 30, 2001
  • Europe: Jun 14, 2002
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