Jackie Chan Adventures Cheats

Jackie Chan Adventures cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Battling the Earth Demon
Make him go underground so he knocks himself out on the wall then go over to the pillar and knock it on top of him.
battling tohru
While battling tohru hold R1 to lock on him and let him get close to you.When he is near you he will sometimes punch press O to block it.When he would try to lift you press O and Jackie chan will throw him down.Do it three times and the battle will finish.
defeating the wind demon
When fighting the wind demon run in to one side of a cave and then when he starts sucking run out graba rock and throw it into his suction from the side. He will then suck in the rock setting you up for a free hit. Repeat this until you beat him it should be 3 times like all the other demons. The rabbit talisman can come in helpful if you start getting sucked in. You dont really need to use a cave to avoid the suction but I'd say thats wat they are made for.
Enter The Japanese Castle
This is for people who have problems entering the Japanese castle. First of all, you have to go to the area from where you can see the castle gate. Then go down the leftmost stairs. Then keep going left on the ground till you find a passage going left. Go in and you will see a house with grass [I mean lot of bushes] on its door. Go towards it and fight those chaps. After that go to the door and press the O [circle] button. Then you can explore the house and activate the bridge. Then go again to the area from where you can see the castle gate. Then you can go to the castle from the bridge. Defeat the fat guy and go in the castle.
talsiman powers
when playing be carefull as your powers will fade quickly if you run out of chi, but if you break a couple of jars you will find chi in the jars which will repenish your powers and give you the ability to use the talismen


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Chi Recover
When you are out of chi, you should make a combo (doesn't need enemy) and hold the last button(example: square, square, press and hold square).
Jackie will make a fighting position, and recover 1 full chi bar.