Jagged Alliance 2 Cheats

Jagged Alliance 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Keep unhired merc from being killed:
Use the following trick to keep a certain unhired merc from being killed. When that merc is on-duty, leave a message, but do not answer the e-mail. This will prevent them from dying, and they will not leave A.I.M. because you have not replied to them. They will e-mail you repeatedly, but it is well worth the aggravation.
Wielding items
Duct Tape + Steel Rod + Glue = Range Extended.**
Spring + Aluminum Rod = Burst Quicker.**
X Ray tube + Fumbleboy + Gum = X ray Device
Lameboy Display + Copperwire = Rigged Device
Rigged Device + X ray Device = Radar* **
Can + String = Can and String(duh)


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Give me more cheats!
To activate DEBUG MODE, hold Ctrl+ Press G-A-B-B-I
It should say Cheats Level 2 loaded, or something like that. Here is a list of cheats you can do while its on (tactical screen):
Ctrl+K=Bomb, Alt+K Mustard Gas, Alt+B Enemy, Alt+T Teleport, Alt+D Action Points, Alt+R Reload, Q= Enemies+Items Shown, Ctrl+U Heal, Alt + Enter = Ends Enemies Turn
(verified) /\
The following can be restored by firing then hiring the mercenary affected
Alt F1 Monster, Alt F2 Big Monster, Alt F3 Wheel Chair Guy (not verified) /\
The following can be used on the laptop screen
+ = $100,000, - = -$10,000
*DO NOT PRESS Alt + Y it Turns off the game
*EVERY time you turn on the game, the Ctrl Gabbi debug mode cheat has to be done