ISS Pro Evolution review
The gameplay is excellent

The good:

This game is one of the best!

The bad:

nothing bad


I am 17 and ive been playing soccer games for more then 6 years now and ive seen the worst and the best, the best is definetley iss except for 1 minor detail this game needs more crowd action to make it more realistic. For example the crowd could be jumping up and down while the game is being played, they could be frowing flares on the ground so the referee could stop the game for the ball boys to pick it up. This sort of stuff could make a huge diffrence in videogame history. But we all haveto except the fact that ps1 has not got the capable graphics to these things so what im excepting from konami are an iss on ps2 that does all these. They should have crowd violence as well as before, and aftergame interviews whith individual players. But first priority is that the crowd should go wild and crazy. i hope one of the konami staff read this and consider doing it. Cos what i reckon makes you wanna play the game more is the crowd hyping you up, this makes the game more interesting and exciting.

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