International Superstar Soccer Pro '98 review
Soccer Pro '98

The good:

The controls, the settings, the day and nighttime, and the players.

The bad:

The graphics aren't really that good. Music (6/10) - The commentator is really calm and quiet in this game, and I actually like that. Instead of talking and screaming the players names all the time, he just sits there with his small comments about the gameplay. He gets a bit monotonous after a while though, but what commentator doesn't? The sound effects is as bad as always in ISS games. The ball sounds like a paperbag and the crowd is boring.


The players doesn't have authentic names, and has cause of that lost against Fifa 99 in some peoples opinion. But Konami has made it possible to for you to edit the names in to real ones. So after an hour of editing you have real names, and even looks like there role models. 32 teams, a lot of tournaments and a wonderful control makes this the best soccer game outhere, go catch it! The graphics are pretty good for most people but not for me really. They are ok.

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