Iron Storm Cheats

Iron Storm cheats, and Codes for SATURN.


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Cheat Code
When the status screen appears, that shows the date after you begin your turn, press Up, Down, Up, Down, L, A, Z, Y. You will hear a sound to confirm this code. Start the turn and you'll now be able to use the ''Make'' or ''Allocate'' commands at any place on the map.
Cheat Options
Start a battle and enter the systems menu. Select the sound option aand play sounds 5 and 66. Leave the sound menu and highlight the system option and press: Start, A, Down, A, X, Z, Start. If entered correctly you will hear a horn. Cheat options such as unlimited money and turns will now be in the options menu.
Control the Dinosaur
1. During the 8th opening demo when the dinosaur appears press X+Y+Z on
Control Pad 1
2. The screen should pause
3. Pressing the D-Pad and L and R buttons will change the point of view
Hidden Attack Configuration Menu
Whenever you start an attack, a screen showing different statistics will appear right before the animation of the attack being carried out. As soon as the statistics screen appears, press the A button on Controller 2. A hidden configuration menu will appear. This secret menu will allow you to change the appearance of the animated sequence.
Multi-Player Campaign
1. Begin a game in Campaign Mode
2. Open the system file and enter the Sound Screen
3. Set the BMG to 5 and play every sound effect using the D-Pad and button C
(you don't have to play the whole sound, just start it)
4. When you're done, exit the Sound Screen
5. Go to the Options Menu
6. You should now be able to select a Multi-Player Campaign game